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April Fools’ Day Pranks for Couples in Long-distance Relationships

Sometimes things in long-distance relationships can get too serious. When are we going to close the gap? Have you saved enough money to come visit me yet? Why didn’t you answer your phone last night? Well, why not inject a little fun into your relationship with the perfectly executed April Fools’ Day prank?

Also known as All Fools’ Day, the holiday is celebrated every April 1 by playing practice jokes. There are many different theories on when and why the holiday originated. One theory says in 1952, the pope issued a new calendar for Christian Europe that would take his name. This new calendar—the Gregorian calendar—moved the date of the new year from April 1 to January 1. “April fools” were those Europeans who continued to celebrate the new year between March 25 and April 1. They were mocked and the subject of pranks by those who followed the new calendar that celebrates the new year in January.

Regardless of where the holiday came from, let’s not ignore a chance to celebrate! There are many hilarious April Fools’ Day pranks for couples, but it can be harder to pull off a long-distance prank. It might be easy for close-distance couples to pull off a fake breakup or to joke about cheating, but those aren’t laughing matters in LDRs.

So here are some ideas of funny pranks you can play on you long-distance significant other.

  • Start the day off by confessing you’re going to pull a really big prank. Send him cryptic messages warning him to watch his back because he never knows when you’re going to strike. But then, do nothing at all. Your warnings will drive him crazy awaiting a prank that never comes.
  • If your significant other works in an office, call him when you know he’s out of the office and leave a message saying Mr. Lyon called and give the number for the local zoo. Better yet, have one of your friends call so there is no chance of anyone recognizing your voice!
  • If you really want to freak your man out, get a tattoo of him! Just kidding. Actually, just photoshop a picture of him on your body. Even Photoshop novices can do this one. Here’s a quick tutorial.
  • For $2, Turtlecalls will call anyone you want and pretend to be a turtle for up to two minutes. For $10, you will get the recording emailed to you. It might be a little hokey, but, hey, that’s what April Fools’ Day is all about.
  • Along the same vein, with PrankDial, you choose from hundreds of prank call scenarios. You can even send prank calls in different languages. You can send two free calls every day, but the best part is you get to listen to their reactions in real time!
  • Register their phone number on OLX, a free classified ad website in India. Make an ad saying your boyfriend is selling his bike, and get ready to stories about all of the interesting—and probably irritating—phone calls he gets.
  • Now, only you can decide if your partner will think this is funny, but if you two have seen each other recently, give him a pregnancy scare. Follow these simple steps for how to make a pregnancy test positive, and give him the good news during one of your Skype dates.
  • SurviveLDR contributor Christa Juwita and her long-distance love don’t normally do April Fools’ Day pranks, but this year, she is going to ignore him for the whole day. Then, at the end of the day, she’s going to send him a meal with the help of Eat24, a food delivery service. “It may not be much,” she says, “but I think the occasion is a good time to do something fun and out of the ordinary, something to excite us both.”

Exactly! April Fools’ Day is supposed to be fun. So know when you’ve gone too far, and expect for a little pranking in return. If the joke takes an unexpected turn, apologize immediately. And don’t forget: You can always say you’re sorry with a gift.

Have you ever pulled a prank on your long-distance love? What other April Fools’ Day jokes are good for couples in long-distance relationships?

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