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Modern technology has made it easier for us to find love. Nowadays, one can meet their soulmate through a simple click on the internet, no matter where they are. This technological advancement has created a new community – the online dating community. It is not uncommon for people today to be in a relationship with someone that they haven’t met. It is also not uncommon for them to be committed to someone that lives thousand miles away. 

Well, thanks to technology, falling in love today knows no distance. 

However, there are some risks that one must consider when they are in a long distance relationship. With online dating, it is hard to actually tell who are the person you are talking to. This is why I’m stressing out the importance of background check. 

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Why should you do background check?

I am going to share five valid reasons why you should do a background check, read along to find out more! 

  1. You don’t know the person you are talking to

This is the first reason and the simplest one. Dating online means meeting people that you don’t know. Of course you have chatted with each other and shared some information, but can you really trust the person? Although I have heard so many wonderful stories about couples who met online, unfortunately there are also a great number of fraud within the online dating community. 

Have you ever heard of catfish? Of course, you don’t want that to happen to you. Hence, it is important to check the background of the person you are talking to online, before you commit to a more serious relationship. There’s a saying in the Asian culture that goes “you can’t fall in love with someone unless you know them”, in this case, don’t fall in love before you are 100% sure that you know the person. 

With background check, you will get more clarity about the person you are talking to. 

2. Make sure that the person you are talking to is real

Everything can be so nice online. Sometimes we meet people and think that it is like a dream come true. You may be tired of finding the one within your community or your neighborhood, and you decided to go online to find true love, and there’s nothing wrong about that. 

Then you meet this person, and they seem perfect. But before you get too excited and start to hear wedding bells, it is important that you do background check first. Make sure the person is real and they are what they said.

3. It keeps you safe

Another reason to do background check is to ensure your safety. Online dating can work well but it can also lead to problems. I don’t mean to scare you off but I’m sure you must have heard of all the bad things about online dating! 

There are scammers everywhere that try to take advantage of women, and sometimes they operate so smoothly that it’s hard to tell if they are actually doing scam. This is where background check can be handy. With background check, you can obtain more information about the person you are talking to. 

4. You are going to meet the person for the first time

So you have been talking to this person for a while. Things are going well, it seems like you have a great connection. Then comes the time when you two are talking about your first meeting. 

Before you hurry and bought your plane ticket, do background check first! Double check all the information that they gave you. Check out where they live, their occupation, and most importantly check whether they have a clean record or not. 

This is crucially important if you are traveling overseas to meet the person. Don’t ever go before you are 100% sure that the person is what they say they are, and background check is one way to help you do so. 

5. You are ready for the next steps

Let’s say everything goes very well with your long-distance relationship with this person that you met online. You two started talking about the future, how to close the distance and finally be together. 

This moment in your relationship is actually a good point to do a background check. For example, with background check you can find out if the person has a criminal record. Of course not every criminal record is a deal breaker, but obviously you don’t want to be with someone who has done terrible things and might jeopardize your safety. Then you can also check financial background about this person, because it is an important aspect to consider as your relationship progresses to a more serious one. 

Bottom line is, background check is important for those of you who met their partner online. Actually, let me rephrase. Background check is important for everyone in long-distance relationship community. It gives you assurance and peace of mind, and helps you to make decisions about the future of your relationship. 

By now I hope you are ready to do background check. Now, another question arises. 

How to do a background check?

I have three answers that can help you as you are ready to do a background check for your partner. 

How to do a background check for your partner?

  1. Start with Google

    These days, almost everything is on Google. You can simply type in the keywords and you will get several, if not tons of information. In the case of a background check, you can start with searching for the person’s name.

    To ensure that you get more relevant results, try to type in “the person’s name + the town they are living” in the search bar. If the result is still to wide, you can narrow it down by adding more details that you know of, such as the name of their school or work place.

  2. Follow with it Social Media

    When you do a Google search, usually a person’s social media profile would come as one of the results. Try to click on their social media profiles, like Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter to see what they are all about.

    You can tell a lob about a person from their social media accounts. Not only that you can check their location and relationship status, but you can also check their lifestyle or thought from social media. For example, if the person is on Twitter, you can check their tweets, their likes, and the accounts that they follow to figure out their preferences.

    Moreover, through Instagram you can get a glimpse of their daily lives or the life that they portray to the world. Do you like what you see? Are the things that you see match with the things that you have been hearing from that person?

    Then there’s also Facebook. Most profiles on Facebook would list their relationship status. If not, you can check by their friends list or the post on their page.

    But what if the person you are trying to find out is not on social media, you might ask. Well, this is where I share to you my third point…

  3. Use background check websites

    When you think you haven’t found the answers you are looking for, it is time to use background check website. There are many websites out there that provide online background check. I have 3 best service for background check for dating, which are:

Been Verified offers a wide variety of services, ranging from people search, criminal records, public records, reverse address, reverse phone lookup, and email search. Subscription starts from $27/month that can be cancelled anytime. 

  • Your subscription comes with a free mobile app for easier search
  • All reports are confidential so the person you are searching for can’t know about it
  • Provides daily customer service through phone and email
  • Been in business for more than 10 years with millions user base
  • Their service is US based and they do not accept international background check at the moment
  • Reviews mentioned that some information are invalid / not updated
  • Limited information given unless you sign up for the premium membership with extra cost

Overall, Been Verified is a good service they have been in the business for long and they have a big member base, so there’s a big chance that you can find the person that you are searching for. However, be mindful that you may need to pay more to get more detailed information. 

Instant Checkmate

The website provides background check services that you can use for online dating. They can provide data about criminal records, charitable contributions, sex offender database, as well as simple people search. Subscription starts from $28/month with a chance to upgrade for a premium service that costs $35/month. 

  • Provides access to public records for people in the United States
  • Fast access, saves you the time to do a manual background check
  • May provide other information such as possible relatives, bankruptcies, vehicles driven, properties owned, marriage records, and more
  • Offers 5-day trial membership for $1
  • Their website is not too user friendly and hard to navigate around
  • The service is not available to international customers

Instant Checkmate offers a fast service that can help you to get the information that you want. However, I would love to see them revamp their website for a cleaner look that would make it easier for me to browse around.

People Looker offers background check services such as contact information, phone lookup, email lookup, address lookup, criminal records, including a notification feature so you can always have an updated result. Of all three, this is the most affordable service with subscription starting from $19/month. 

  • Fast service with 5 easy steps to get your results
  • Wide search capabilities
  • User-friendly website, easy to navigate around
  • Does not provide a comprehensive FAQ list on the website
  • Limited costumer service hours
  • Service are only available for US customers

From all three, it looks like People Looker has the best looking website, however it does not have a big member base compared to the other two. Nevertheless, this is a good service to try out especially if you have limited budget. 

What to do next?

Now that I have shared all the information I got about background check, it’s time for you to take action. I have said this many times and I am going to say it again; 

Background check for online dating is important, don’t skip it! 

It gives you an additional peace of mind as you are able to find out more information about the person you are talking to. Background check for dating also helps you to stay safe, and to give you assurance before you engage in a more committed relationship. 

Without background check, your safety can be at risk, and I’m not talking only about physical safety but also about mental safety. 

There are many ways to do background check online, you can start with a simple Google search, social media search, or you can also use the services of companies like Been Verified, Instant Checkmate, and People Looker. These three services have their own pros and cons but they generally provide great information for those living in the United States. 

I’m interested to know about your thoughts! Let me know what you think of background check for dating – do you think it’s a must? If yes, have you done it before? 

Also, for people outside of the United States, do you have a similar service in your country? Any information can be helpful for the LDR community so I’m waiting for your comments! 

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