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Long Distance Movie Night Guide: Feel Closer in Your LDR

A long distance relationship sees a myriad of emotions come and go, one of those is the feeling of missing your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend? A long distance relationship (LDR) is tough on both parties. But when you care about each other, you find ways to make it work. One of these is a good, old-fashioned long distance movie night.

What is a Long Distance Movie Night?

When you have a long distance movie night, you’re watching the same program as your LDR partner. You call each other up on the phone or connect on the internet. Then, you both simultaneously watch the same TV show or movie together.

It’s easy to share this experience over the phone. Personally, I like to use a webcam and a video sharing service. Whichever method you prefer is fine, but I don’t recommend texting for long distance movie night. It’s just too easy to get distracted.

The Benefits of a LDR Movie Date Night

When you don’t get to see you or boyfriend or girlfriend because of distance, you end up missing out on some of the little things. If you don’t make time to catch up with your partner, that will take its toll on the relationship.

Part of keeping an LDR alive is making sure you bring as much normalcy into the relationship as possible. Regular couples watch TV and movies all the time. This is one section of normalcy that can bridge the gap between you.

Planning a movie night is a fun way to share an activity with your long distance girlfriend or boyfriend. Set aside time to bond and virtually “go out to the movies.” Share your LDR version of this traditional relationship activity and you’ll grow closer together.

Making a Long Distance Movie Night Work?

long distance movie night

The first thing you both need is access to the same movie or TV show. This used to mean both of you having the same DVD or VHS (sorry millennials.) Nowadays, it’s much easier to share a long distance movie night. All you and your boyfriend/girlfriend need are accounts on the same streaming platform; like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video.

In some cases, if you’re both in different countries, the same streaming service is not available to the other person. For this, get creative and one person can watch the show via subscription streaming and the other person can rent the show on an international platform such as iTunes or Gooogle Movies.

When you’re both ready to watch your movie, it’s important to get your timing right. You need a way to sync up your videos. If you’re using the phone or video chat for your long distance movie night, a simple count will do. Feel free to make a cute game out of this, too.

After your show starts, double check after a line or two of dialogue to make sure your videos are both in sync. If your boyfriend seems to be laughing at nothing, his movie is probably a moment or two ahead of yours. His unexplained laughter doesn’t mean he’s going crazy… this time.

Tips for a Syncing Movies

A tip I’ve used is enabling the captions during the countdown. This ensures you’re both seeing the same screen at the same time; you can disable them later.

Webcams and video chat are great during long-distance movie nights because you can see your partner and your program at the same time. Using Skype and your preferred media player, it’s easy to display both windows on your computer screen.

Another tip is to choose some snacks together. Many couples find that snacking on the same thing, like popcorn, makes the experience better.

Apps and Sites for LDR Movie Night

LDRs are commonplace in today’s world – so of course, there’s an app for that! Check out a few of these platforms for sharing a long distance movie:

Gaze in 30 Seconds from Gaze on Vimeo.

LetsGaze lets you share videos with people who are far away. The platform offers synchronized video sharing and playback, webcam video chat, and text messaging. Invite your significant other to gaze with you here.

Synatop is a similar media player and video calling app that’s ideal for a long distance movie night. Along with using Synaptop to watch videos with your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend, you can use the platform to share music, play games and more. Create an account here.

If you and your long distance boyfriend/girlfriend use Netflix for your movie night, you can both watch together with Netflix Party. This is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser. It lets you invite a friend or special someone to watch the same stream as you.

LDR Movie Date Night Rules 

The biggest mistake you can make with your long distance movie night is not having a plan. You want to schedule a time to call each other and watch together. If you’re in different time zones, make sure to consider that during scheduling.

The day of your movie night, stay in communication with your partner. Confirm the time you will call them for your long distance movie date. Of course, last minute things might come up, but you want to stick to your plans – just like you would if you and your significant other lived in the same town.

If you and your partner are sharing a TV series together, be clear about your “show commitments.” Are you exclusively watching this TV show together? Or can you binge watch it on your own?

The last thing you want to do is accidentally upset your boyfriend or girlfriend because you watched ahead and spoiled a TV show for them – believe me, I know. 

Come up with a list of great long distance movie night programs to watch together.

How Will a Long Distance Movie Night Help My Relationship?

A long distance movie night will give you something new to talk about. Speculate with your girlfriend about where you think the plot of your favorite crime drama is going. Retell the jokes you and your boyfriend heard while watching the latest romantic comedy.

A long distance movie night gives you a little something special to share with your partner. It’s a cute, romantic virtual date that you can have while in your LDR.

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