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30 Fun and Sexy Long-Distance Relationship Date Ideas

Long-distance relationships require effort, but just because you aren’t together always doesn’t mean your relationship has to suffer. Yes, physical time together is still necessary, but with the right amount of creativity and effort, you can keep the spark alive even when you’re miles apart.

Most people assume that technology will be helpful in a long-distance relationship (and they are correct), but don’t let FaceTime and Zoom prevent you from finding other romantic ways to communicate. There are many ways you can still spice up your relationship even if you are apart.

Here are 30 long-distance date ideas you can try.

The Classic Video Call

FaceTime with your significant other for some much-needed video call. While it may not scream romance, a video call can spark an exciting first date. Check on your partner with phone and FaceTime calls with a weekly or biweekly designated “date” video call and talk about anything under the sun.

Here is a list of some classic and widely used video call apps:

A Great Movie Night

A movie night is an excellent way for you and your partner to bond over your shared love of cinema. You can watch a movie together and live chat using apps like Netflix Party, Amazon Watch Party, and Prime Video Watch Party. To create an authentic movie-going experience, stock up on snacks such as popcorn and beer.

Here are some apps that are well-suited for virtual movie nights:

Enjoyable Online Games

With a bit of online gaming, you can show off your competitive side. Many smartphones, such as Mobile Legend, provide virtual games via message extensions. Simply choose from a plethora of options, such as Among Us, Mario Kart Tour, and Sea Battle, and challenge your partner for a real fight. If you and your partner consider yourselves to be professional gamers, pull out your PS5 console or Nintendo Switch for some Mario Party fun.

Here’s a list of enjoyable online games that you can play with your partner or friends in a long-distance relationship:

Virtual Dinner Date

Dinner dates can be enjoyable even if you are thousands of miles apart from your partner. Dress up, light some candles, and cook the same meal over a video call. Not only will you share a delicious meal, but you will also have the opportunity to connect and share stories in a romantic setting.

Cook Together

Prepare your favorite meals with your significant other. Choose your favorite dish (bonus points if it’s romantic) and email the recipe to your partner to prepare. Allow them to do the same with their favorite recipe and indulge in their favorite treats. We guarantee that every time you eat that dish, you’ll think of them.

Here are five recipes that are suitable for a virtual cooking date

Workout Together

By doing a workout video as a couple, you can turn up the heat in an entirely new way. Numerous fitness classes are available on YouTube and through fitness platforms to suit every style and type of exercise. When you’re both alone in your rooms, you don’t have to worry about looking silly in front of the class if you’re both new to a particular workout.

Here are five workout together apps suitable for long-distance relationships:

Virtual Cocktail Party

Grab your fancy electric corkscrew, allow your wine to breathe, and then sip, sip, sip. Nothing beats a wine tasting with your partner. Toast through the screen with a smooth red wine, your favorite cocktail, and a chocolate pairing.

Play Flirty 30 Questions

It may appear childish, but a flirtatious game of 30 questions is a great way to reconnect with a loved one you haven’t seen in a while. This engaging activity lets you delve deeper into each other’s minds, interests, and preferences. Include a drinking challenge to add a fun twist that will take things to a whole new level of enjoyment. With this fun long-distance date idea that is guaranteed to take your relationship to the next level, distance will no longer keep you apart.

Online Karaoke Night

With a little help from the internet, you can bring the karaoke bar to you and your partner. Find online karaoke sites and then use a webcam or your smartphone to listen to each other, make fun of each other, or even sing a duet together. It’s an unusual way to spend a night together, even apart.

Here are five online karaoke apps you can explore:

Soak up Together

You’ve heard the expression “location, location, location.” Set up your device away from the water, take a hot bubble bath, and call from there. It’s not quite the same as soaking in the tub together, but it comes close. It also serves as self-care if you bring a glass of champagne in there with you and light a few candles. This allows you and your significant other to unwind and recharge together.

Take a Relationship Quiz

If you and your significant other are looking for some exciting introspection, prepare to be dazzled by an evening of relationship quizzes. Surf the web for various amusing quizzes designed to strengthen your bond. Find out how much you know about each other or if your lover has what it takes to be a great travel companion. Relax, let go, and have a good time with your loved one!

Here are five sources where you can access relationship quizzes and assessments:

Sexy Facetime with Sex Toys

Don’t be fooled, as previously stated, this is not your typical FaceTime call. Masturbation has been shown in studies to relieve stress and boost confidence, among other health benefits. So, before your video call with your SO, send a flirtatious text, pull out your trusty toy, and put on your favorite lingerie for a risqué surprise. Using a toy, or your vibrating panty during a spicy evening a la video can help keep that spark alive, whether you’ve already ranked your top ten vibrators or you’re not sure where to buy sex toys in the first place. Please, please!

Draft a Bucketlist

To avoid feeling disconnected, spend an evening virtually creating your future bucket lists and getting to know each other on a deeper level. Make your ideas unique and share what motivates and inspires you. Not only will you have discovered exciting new ideas to pursue together in the future by the end of the night, but you will also have created beautiful memories together.

Virtual Coffee Date

Who knew a simple cup of coffee could be so comforting and intimate? Before calling your partner, go to your local coffee shop and order that brewed coffee from your favorite barista. It will feel as if you are sitting at the same café in a similar setting. If aromatic bean talk isn’t cutting it, try some people-watching. Describe everything you see, from what they’re wearing to what they’re drinking. Take it a step further and make up a back story that will captivate you both.

Send Care and Sexy Package

Send a care package to show your partner how much you appreciate them. It could be a combination of their favorite items or something they’ve been wanting for a long time. Sending them a care package provides them with a tangible gift that they can keep as a reminder of your love. You can increase the suspense by opening the package on Skype while on a video call. You can also send a sex toy to make gift-giving a little spicier for your partner.

Spa Night

Who doesn’t want to be pampered? Send your partner a box of spa essentials, such as face and hair masks, luxurious lotions, and a new robe, and then schedule a video call so you can both indulge.

Play Truth or Dare

For your next virtual date night, why not play the classic game of Truth or Dare? This is an excellent way to learn more about your partner. So bring your best sportsmanship and honesty to the table, and let the fun begin!

Stream a Concert Together

Music can be an excellent medium for romantic connection and emotional bonding between partners. Most musicians stream live or post recorded performances on social media, allowing for virtual concert dates with your partner. It’s an intimate experience that allows you and your partner to freely express yourselves through music, no matter how far apart you are.

Online Slow Walk

Put on your leggings and plan a timed walk with your significant other before heading out the door. Then you’re ready to take the road less traveled, share new sights, and describe hidden gems you discover along the way. It’s as if they’re walking alongside you.

Museum Tour

Virtual reality experiences are available at the world’s most renowned museums, allowing you and your long-distance partner to explore these exhibitions without ever leaving your couch. Discover new artifacts and artwork, share insights, and have an unforgettable experience. This is a fantastic long-distance date idea that will transport you both to a completely different world without leaving the comfort of your own homes.

Hop on an Online Sexual Game

Playing games with your long-distance partner, whether they are kinky, fun, or sexy FaceTime games, allows you to have fun, see a different side to them, and allows you to open up and be vulnerable with each other — the foundation of any good relationship. Whether you prefer sex games over the phone or dirty games to play on FaceTime, you can try the kinkiest and most exciting sex games for long-distance couples like the Lovense Game.

Here are the five foreplay apps and sex game apps we recommend for turning your sex life up a notch:

Jam to Music Together

A playlist of your wife’s favorite songs has a way of bringing people together. Listen to your favorite songs together. Begin by including some of your partner’s favorite songs, as well as some old-fashioned romantic songs. The playlist can function as a virtual mixtape, keeping your partner connected to you even if you’re thousands of miles apart.

Here are the five best ways to listen to music together:

Virtual Psychic Reading

Seeking the mystical with your significant other can be an exciting adventure. You can travel into the unknown hand in hand from wherever you are in the world with virtual psychic reading. If you go separately, the thrilling exchange of interpreting your fortunes over a video call will make for an enthralling conversation that will last all night. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, the laughter and awe you’ll share with your special someone as you embark on this out-of-the-ordinary experience will undoubtedly bring you closer than ever before.

Here are the five online psychic reading sites recommended for you:

Learn a New Skill Together

Distance does not have to impede learning something new with your partner. Find a skill you want to master and enroll in an online class to learn it. Do you want to try something out of the ordinary? Try learning how to play the ukelele with your partner by watching online tutorials. Regardless of the distance between you, embrace the opportunity to learn and grow as a team.

Get into Deep Conversations

The beauty of long-distance dating is that it often leads to a more intimate connection, and there’s no better way to achieve that than by engaging in a deep conversation. Don’t worry if it’s difficult to come up with new topics to discuss every day. Search the internet or Pinterest for a variety of engaging and stimulating questionnaires designed to elicit meaningful dialogue with your significant other.

Check Horoscopes Together

Zodiac compatibility has always piqued the interest of couples who want to learn more about and understand their relationship dynamics. Incorporating this activity into your online date is a fantastic idea. To find out what’s in store for you, take a zodiac compatibility test together or read your weekly horoscope. It’s an exciting and fun way to connect with your partner.

Here are the five horoscope compatibility test for you:

Do Yoga

To stay fit and active, join an online yoga class together for virtual dates. Exercising with your partner will keep you both motivated to reach your fitness goals. Set aside days for competitions and challenge each other; this could be fun and exciting, with the added benefit of a fit body, mind, and soul. For easy access to your virtual yoga class together, watch a yoga video on YouTube or use any yoga app.

Here are the five yoga apps for virtual yoga classes together with loved ones:

Game Night with Friends

Being in a relationship entails not only growing with your partner but also growing your connections. A game night with friends is a fun way to accomplish this. There are numerous ways to have fun with friends and loved ones while keeping the romance alive, ranging from virtual board games to gaming apps.

Here are the five virtual board games to gaming apps for friends and loved ones:

Listen to a Podcast

There are available podcasts about relationships and even sexual relationships for you and your partner to explore. On your next date night, you can also share your favorite podcasts with your partner and listen together. Schedule a time to talk about it – two date nights in one.

Here are five podcast recommendations for you and your partner to enjoy:

Reunion Countdown

Distance can strain a relationship at times, so a countdown to your reunion can make your relationship more exciting. Install a countdown app that you can keep track of and motivate to get through difficult times. Customizable countdown apps can personalize the countdown for you and your partner. A constant reminder of when you will be reunited can be just what you need to stay positive during this trying time.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a long-distance relationship can be challenging, but you both must keep your spark alive with fun and sexy date ideas. Whether it’s virtual experiences, creative activities, or sending care packages, these 30-date ideas offer you a diverse range to keep the connection strong and the romance sizzling across the miles.

Remember, communication, trust, and effort are keys to making your long-distance relationship work, and these activities can add an exciting dimension to your consistent connection. Here’s to keeping your love alive and thriving, no matter the distance!

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