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Bridging the Distance, Strengthening the love

Love From Afar: Spice Up Your Long Distance Romance

Bridge the Distance and Keep the Passion Alive with Our Wide Range of Intimate Products

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24 Funny Long Distance Relationship Gifts: Ideas For Him

Long distance relationship gifts are a great way to remind your partner how much you love him, even when you’re far away. Regardless of the occasion, getting him a gift will put a smile on his face by giving him funny long distance relationship gifts.


Defying Distance, Defining Love

Distance sure makes the heart grow fonder, and in our beliefs, it also makes for a great love story! SurviveLDR truly believes that as long as you love someone, distance is just a matter of number. And with the right support system, there’s nothing love couldn’t handle for you and your partner!

Distance is just a test of how strong our love can be…

SurviveLDR aims to provide support and validation to everyone who’s having a hard time being in a long distance relationship. Our mission is to create a safe space for everyone to share their LDR stories and to get necessary advices whenever they need it.

Our team strongly upholds a few main values in our community. One of this is to always be emphatic towards people that are struggling with LDR as well as to be the positive light that they need in such a tough time. We also want to embody inclusivity in all are actions, providing a warm hug to everyone who seeks help regardless of their gender, race, and sexuality.

SurviveLDR also promises to recommend nothing but high-quality products to every love birds who might need help in strengthening sexual intimacy while being miles away from each other.

Through all our efforts building this common safe space for us who are in a long distance relationship, we wish that somehow, you’ll feel less alone in your journey to love.

Jennifer Craig
Jennifer Craig


Survive LDR
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