Long Distance Relationship Bracelet

Long Distance Relationship Bracelets aren’t just a piece of jewellery. They are so much more than that!

They are physical reminders of each other when you’re miles apart. They keep you close when you can’t talk, and are something that isn’t obvious to everyone else, but is a secret that you both share.  

Here is a list of 4 Long Distance Relationship Bracelets that can help you send a physical touch across the globe to your loved ones, which in turn, will strengthen the attachment and communication between you two—the two important things in any relationship.

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Our Top Picks

Long distance bracelet - black and white

6-6.5" Length

Healing Stones

5 Colors


Long distance state bracelet

7" Length

2 Brass-state charms

1 Silver-plated Heart Charm


Bond Touch - LDR Bracelet

Smart Bracelet

5 Days Battery Life

Adjustable Leather Band



The Products We Chose For You

$49.99  $17.00

This bracelet is created with the sole purpose of making you and your loved ones feel closer, even if you’re separated by miles. Whether it’s your mom, best friend, sibling, or partner, owning this pair of bracelets means that you’ll always take a piece of that person with you.

Long distance bracelet - black and white


This bracelet is made of natural White Howlite and natural Matte Black Agate stones. You each wear one, and it creates a physical reminder of each other that you can carry throughout your day.

White Howlite stones have a natural property to encourage calm which helps to quell the anxiety or anger you feel about not being together. Plus, these properties mean that White Howlite is often used as a sleep aid.

The Matte Black Agate stones help to bring about spirituality and objectivity which also help you control your emotions. When these two stones are combined they create a powerful support to help you cope better with your LDR.

The bracelets are designed in a way that one size fits all wrists. The size is 6-6.5 inches and it’s stretchable. Other colors are also available using different gemstones.

Package Information

Each package contains 2 bracelets:

  • 1 Matte black bead with one white vein bracelet and 
  • 1 white vein bead with one Matte black bracelet

Shipping Details

Domestic Shipping (within USA) is free. As per your order, the item will be shipped to you either on the same or the next day of placing your order.

Worldwide shipping is not free, and the delivery time may vary depending on the location and if there is the extra custom charge that needs to be paid.

*30-day return policy.


These bracelets are especially for those who have two places on this planet they can call home. One where you live, the other where your soulmate lives, which can be on an entirely different coast altogether. With this sweet little bracelet, you can now connect the two places, the two states in your heart.

Long distance state bracelet


Two Cute brass state charms and one silver-plated heart charm, with a gunmetal chain and clasp from where the charms hang. This bracelet can easily match the rest of your jewellery so you can wear it all the time. A cute, sweet and fun physical reminder.

The bracelet is 7” in length with each charm measuring around 1 cm. But if you need a different length chain, just contact the manufacturer and they’ll be able to help you find something suitable.

Package Information

Each package consists of 1 bracelet and the 2 states of your choice. All 50 US states are available to choose from.

Shipping Details

The item is shipped in US through Postal Service First Class Mail. Once you place your order, you will receive a shipping notice and a tracking number, and you will receive the package within 1-3 business days.

Long Distance Vibrating Touch Bracelets

Technology is a wonderful thing, and the simple concept behind the long-distance vibrating touch bracelet is to give your loved ones the feeling of touch through technology when you’re apart.

The two kinds of Long Distance Vibrating Touch Bracelet that are trending worldwide right now are:


No matter where your loved one is on the planet, you can make him or her feel your touch just like that! You keep one Bond Touch for yourself and give the other one to your partner. By wearing them you can stay connected through touch, to create the physical reminder you need in an LDR.

Bond Touch - LDR Bracelet


The Bond Touch comes with the Bond Touch App that is available for both iOS and Android platforms. With this app, you can view your touch conversation history with your partner and even replay the touches. The Low Energy Bluetooth technology allows the bracelets to keep in touch with each other via your smartphone.

Every time you touch the bracelet, your loved ones feel a little buzz around the wrist.

All bracelets come with a genuine leather band, which is authentic and genuine and is wrist-adjustable. One more thing is that the band is easily replaceable, and you can always swap it for the band of your own style, taste and design, allowing you to design your own wristband and add your personal touch to the Bond Touch. 

Regarding battery life, depending on the usage, you can get up to 5 days of charge.

Find out how we got on with the Bond Touch by reading our Bond Touch review.

Package Information

The package consists of 2 Bond Touch modules, 2 leather bands, 2 punch tools, 8 bracelet closure studs and 2 chargers. These are packaged separately.

Shipping Details

If you order the Bond Touch from the Bond Touch Store, you can choose your preferred shipping and delivery methods and times. Note that charges for shipping and handling depending on your selection will apply.


HEY bracelets are intriguingly designed to mimic a human sensation instead of a mechanical vibration. It is more of a caring squeeze around the wrist. The designers and developers of HEY claim that the bracelet is going to change long distance contact forever!

Hey Bracelet


HEY is an interactive piece of jewellery that is stylish and beautiful, which makes it more than wearable. It is designed for both men and women, and it can fit perfectly around all wrists.

The bracelet contains high-end technology that facilitates communication via Bluetooth on your smartphone. HEY is methodically designed in a way that ensures you’ll never send an accidental touch as it needs to be touched specifically in two places to send a touch. The touch is transferred directly to your smartphone and from there to the connected HEY bracelet which can be present anywhere in the world.

The technology used in HEY is so advanced that only 30 minutes of charging can keep you in touch with your loved ones for up to three weeks. Perfect for those who like to travel.

HEY bracelets are weatherproof which speaks of the quality and durability of materials used in the making of the bracelets.

Package Information

The package consists of 2 HEY bracelets, 2 chargers, 2 manuals and a Free app that can be used on iOS as well as Android platforms.

Shipping Details

The HEY bracelets are shipped to Europe, United States and Canada.


When you are in a long-distance relationship, you need to be creative about making the bond between you and your partner feel as real as possible. Some couples get similar tattoos to remind themselves of each other, while some take advantage of technology to stay in touch and keep their bond alive.

You might wonder whether a technology-backed touch feels like an actual kiss or hug! In my opinion, there is no way it can replace real romance between two love-doves! But, technology that contributes to the intimacy of loved ones is a right step in the right direction.

So, a big thumbs-up for Long Distance Relationship Bracelets!

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