When you’re apart from your partner, everything seems different. Starting from the day, you wake up until the last minute of the day before you go to bed. The longingness never stops, and it keeps getting stronger and irresistible as days go by. I understand that. Speaking through my experience, me and my partner have been there and done all the possible things we could do to save our relationship. We tried using long-distance sex toys, but not just the usual sex toys. The couple set sex toys, to be exact. And it did its job.

Besides, we also tried the long-distance couple bracelets. People who see this bracelet couldn’t compose themselves because it is too cute and very subtle. It is also easier to let people know that someone already has my heart, and the same goes for my partner. Plus. Long-distance relationship bracelets also serve as physical reminders that we are still connected on an everyday basis.

I would share with you some of my favorite long-distance bracelets that help my partner and me. Also, it will help the long-distance relationship of other couples from other places to be stronger. It’s your time to try these as well.

About Long Distance Bracelets

Long Distance Bracelets

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Quick disclaimer, these long-distance bracelets are created with the sole purpose of making you. So your loved ones feel closer, even if you’re separated by miles, whether it’s your mom, best friend, sibling, or partner.

So, if you’re worried that you have no one by your side to give this or thinking that no one would ever give this kind of bracelet to you, worry no more because these are for everyone. Remember, “no man is on an island.”

It’s either you bought one for yourself and share the other one with your family or close friend. It’s excellent. There is always someone who would love you and love you too. That’s the most important.

By owning this pair of long-distance bracelets means that you’ll always take a piece of that person with you anywhere you go. Even when I have a little sneak peek at my bracelet, I automatically smile and remember him. So I called tat a minute of happiness, and that alone could save my day. And that’s what I want you to experience too.

Types of Long Distance Bracelets

Two types of Long Distance bracelets:

When you are in a long-distance relationship, you need to be creative about making the connection between you and your partner feel as accurate as possible. For example, some couples get similar tattoos to remind themselves of each other. At the same time, some take advantage of technology to stay in touch and keep their love alive. That is why long-distance bracelets make fantastic gifts for that reason.

That’s why, here, I’ll share with you the two types of Long-Distance Bracelets: The everyday long-distance bracelets and the long-distance touch vibration bracelets.

Let’s begin with the long-distance bracelets without the use of technology:

Distance Bracelets

The Distance Bracelets

You probably see these kinds of bracelets all over the internet. Right? It became an instant hype in social media and in-demand in all places. But do you know why this Distance Bracelet is worth the hype? If you reckon it is because of the design, you are right too. The lines and the matching color are clever, especially since they have three types of design based on their color.

The other reason is that these distance bracelets are made of 3 different kinds of natural stones. These stones amplify their purpose accordingly to make them more unique.

Material Used for Long Distance Bracelet

Healing Stones

I was amazed when I bought the black and white distance bracelets because the design is incredible, and it was my first time seeing the kind of stone that has intent. So you see, the black Matte Agate stones help you bring about spirituality and objectivity, which also help you control your emotions.

In other words, it could balance your calcium levels within your body and would prevent you from draining your energy. Especially nowadays that having the time to associate with other people in your work, or even in your community, in general, could test your patience. And the only thing that you could find yourself recharging is through your partner, which is in the other places. But with the Matte Agate stone texture, it could fill up the yearning as it did to me.

On the other hand, the white Howlite stones texture has a natural property to encourage calm which helps to quell the anxiety or anger you feel about not being together. It casts out your distress and gives you a feeling of relief. Plus, these properties mean that Howlite is often used as a sleep aid. So if you have Insomnia, it could lessen the situation, and you could expect it would help you rest soundly.

Therefore, when these two stones are combined, you can master either calmness or controlling your emotions.

Tiger Eyes Stone – Brown and Black

We are still in the Distance Bracelet, but we proceed with other available colors you see. The brown and black/white necklace. Under my caught napping, I realize that these bracelets that have a strong impression are made by Tiger Eyes stones.

Based on our first impression, my partner and I agree that this necklace has a quiet personality. But that is simply because the pretty golden color stones help to release the fear of someone who decided to wear this. You know, having a long-distance relationship could be bothersome for one’s self.

Sometimes, you might think that they are neglecting you or even wondering, “what if he/she saw someone better than me while I’m away?” Those evil little thoughts are precisely the reason why they created the tiger Eyes Stone. To cast those ideas away in exchange with the scheme of making clear decisions and understanding your situation vividly.

I’m telling you, you might not feel the changes instantly since it is only a bracelet, not a magic spell. But, it can somehow find its way to help you.

Agate Stones – Blue and White

And lastly, if you’re lucky enough to grab the Blue and White distance bracelet (it’s unique, and the stocks are running out), make sure to seize the opportunity to grab one yours for your loved one.

The original purpose of the blue stones or the Agate stones is best to facilitate growth and stability. It provides energy for spiritual growth. It is also said that luck and protection can be brought to you when you carry them.

So compared to the other two available colors, if you think the relationship between you and your partner is matured and could maintain your fondness for each other, then the Agate Stones are perfectly fit for you. It can produce growth that could stay in the middle of your relationship.

As you know, these distance bracelets will become prominent in 2019. Now, 2022, it still maintains its spot as the most reliable and gorgeous for long-distance couples bracelets. But the Agape distance bracelets are the salt of them all. It’s unique, cute and the color is alive and easy to stand out. That’s why many couples and friendships loved these bracelets and even us too!

The Size and Color Available

Fortunately, the distance bracelets are designed in a way that one size fits all wrists. The size is 6-6.5 inches, and it’s stretchable. Thus, you don’t have to bother thinking about the size of your wrists, Whether you think you’re too thin o thick to wear these bracelets.

I’m telling you, this long-distance bracelet has nobody differences or color discrimination that needs to be considered. So as long as you have someone important to your life and want to show some appreciation through a bracelet, you are welcome to try this one.

The most popular and in-demand color that all couples want is the black and white bracelets because they say the color itself shows some balance, just like the Yin Yang symbol color. But if you are not a fan of a black and white partner, or neither believe in Yin Yan, I got you covered. Because just what I said amplifies, long-distance bracelets are available in Brown and White, Brown and Black/White, and Blue and White.

Frequently Ask Question:

But the question I usually get when I share the Distance Bracelet with people is, “How would I know which bracelet is suitable for me?”

Well, the only person that could answer that is you. It all depends on how the negotiation works with your other half. There is no color rule that these should be for the woman or to the man right. If you agree with me, color is universal. It wouldn’t dictate your gender and your role in the relationship.

Simply pick which texture and stone characteristic do you think fits your personality well. Then you are good to go. But if you want something unique matching color, I advise you to pick the Blue and White bracelet.

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You probably see these kinds of bracelets all over the internet. Right? It became an instant hype in social media and in-demand in all places.
$14.95 Add to cart

LDR Promise Bracelets

The LDR Promise Bracelets

Suppose the relationship you have with the person you want to give the other part of the bracelet is very casual, for your best friend. Then, these LDR Promise Bracelets would be an excellent idea to try. It could sole stand for a long-distance friendship bracelet,

Or if you and your partner want to keep your relationship to take the slow road, or just like what Christian Gray termed, “The Vanilla Relationship.” Just a simple date, late-night walk, movie date, and to indicate an assurance. Then I’m telling you, LDR Promise Bracelets are good for you. It’s adorable, simple, and the cheapest long-distance bracelet available in the market.

As stated under the product that says, “close your eyes and make a wish, then tie this bracelet on your wrist. When it frays and breaks in two, your dreams will soon come true.”

Materials Used for LDR Promise Bracelets

For material use, matte black agate and white howlite stones are the usual stone you would see in the LDR Promise Bracelets. This is because it can heal and unify deep and spiritual solid ties for long-distance relationships. It is also said that matte black agate stones are protective stones that could protect from the word itself.

In contrast, Howlite stones are thought to strengthen memory. It has a symbol of trust and perseverance, which has its healing and spirituality best for Long Distance Relationships. And just like the purpose of matte and howlite stones, I shared with you above. It is also said that matte black agate stones are a protective crystal that protects while Howlite stone strengthens memory.

The Size, Design, and Color Available

Regarding the availability in the design area for LDR Promise Bracelets, it has a Stone with the Black Agate and Howlite stone, a silver Infinity design made of metal, and a small heart made of metal.

Compared to Distance Bracelets, Promise Bracelets only have two fixed colors: Black and Red. And these colors are applicable in all types of designs. But consider that the suitable wrist for this LDR Promise Bracelets is 6-6.5″ inches. So if your wrist is somewhere in between, for less than $10, you will get the chance to see firsthand the cuteness and effectiveness of this bracelet.

Frequently Ask Question

For the LDR Promise Bracelet, the common question I get (hopefully it could also answer your question) is:

  1. Is the strap of the bracelet strong enough to last for years?
  2. Is it stretchable like the Long-Distance Bracelet?

To answer the first question, yes, I am confident to say that the straps of the LDR Promise Bracelet are strong enough to last for years if and only if you take extra care of it while wearing the bracelet.

But usually, based on the other reviews and my experience, it will take more than a year to wear. Even if it’s waterproof, I would still recommend you not wear it while taking a bath to maintain its color and not peel off.

While, for the second question, LDR Promise Bracelet is not stretchable. Again, it is only suitable for the wrist between 6-6.5″. Thus, if you want to consider buying one, make sure you know your wrist size to ensure that your money will not waste.

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The perfect gift for your special someone! A bracelet pair that includes matte black agate and white howlite stones.

Distance Bracelets vs. Promise Bracelets

Distance Bracelets and Promise Bracelets: Which one is better?

Price-wise, I would say that LDR Promise Bracelets is preferable considering that it’ll only cost you $9.95 compared to the Distance Bracelet that costs $14.95. But if you’re into quality over quantity kind-of-person, I would recommend the Distance Bracelets more.

Personally, when it comes to pricing, you would get what you paid for. But that’s only based on my preference, to help you pick which one is better for you, here’s what you need to know:


  • Distance Bracelets available for three different stones used and three colors.
  • The Distance Bracelets are stretchable.
  • Distance Bracelets is a 2-piece set for $14.95
  • LDR Promise Bracelets available in three designs and three colors
  • The LDR Promise Bracelets is suitable for 6-6.5″ wrist
  • LDR Promise Bracelets is a 2-piece set for $9.95


  • Distance Bracelets are perfectly fit for some people.
  • LDR Promise Bracelets are NOT stretchable.
  • Both bracelets can easily cut off without precautions.

Vibrating Touch Bracelets

Long-Distance Vibrating Touch Bracelets

Compared to the first two bracelets that we talked about. The long-distance vibrating touch bracelets are way too far. There isn’t no stones in this part. Instead, it has a high technology feature that you could feel your loved ones with the feeling of touch even when you’re apart. How? Through the use of Apps, it is possible and scrolls a little more, and you will know in a bit.

But first, two kinds of long-distance vibrating touch bracelets are trending worldwide right now are

  1. The HEY Distance Bracelet, and the.
  2. The Bond Touch Distance Bracelet.

The HEY Distance Bracelet

HEY, distance bracelets are intriguingly designed to mimic a human sensation instead of mechanical vibration. It is more of an affectionate squeeze around the wrist. The designers and developers of HEY claim that the distance bracelets will change long-distance contact forever, considering that it is not just a matter of texting and calling.

And when I tried it, they were not bluffing. So you can touch your partner and receive their presence in return as if your partner is real-close.

What is Hey Bracelet

The HEY Bracelet is probably the most stylish and beautiful bracelet you could ever see here. Indeed, it will make you wear it more often given that it looks like a watch, but it is better than a watch. It is designed for both men and women, and it can fit perfectly around all wrists.

The distance bracelets contain high-end technology that facilitates communication via Bluetooth on your smartphone. HEY is methodically designed in a way that ensures you’ll never send an accidental touch as it needs to be explicitly touched in two places to send a touch. First, the touch is transferred directly to your smartphone. From there to the connected HEY bracelet, which can be present anywhere in the world.

Materials Used for Hey Bracelets

The technology used in HEY is so advanced that only two hours of charging can keep you in touch with your loved ones for up to three days max. Yes, you heard it right. You can use these bracelets for three whole weeks without worry your battery might die.

Therefore, it is perfect for those who like to travel. And aside from that, HEY bracelets are weatherproof repellency, which speaks of the quality and durability of materials used in making distance bracelets.

If you decide to buy this, the package consists of 2 HEY bracelets, two chargers, two manuals, and a Free app that you can use on iOS and Android platforms. Plus, it is easy to follow manual guidance, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The Size and Design

The long-distance touch vibration bracelet HEY is made out of ABS plastic and silicon. It is available in two colors. Black and White. And while wearing it, you would notice that the rectangle will turn into violet if your partner gently squeezes it through apps. And the same goes for your partner. But, again, the design is too pretty to resist. Plus, it is suitable for any outfit you wear. And if I could wear each bracelet by myself, I will.

Frequently Ask Question

Since it is based on a technology bracelet, I get a common question: “Is the HEY Bracelet compatible with Windows phones?”

Sadly, no. The Hey App is only compatible with android 4.4 and up, plus iOS 9 and up. However, if your gadget belongs to the said device, you can install the Hey App for free in Google Play or App Store.

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Human touch is vital to healthy relationships. By utilizing haptic technology to provide a soft squeeze.

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Dual motor vibrator for couples with Squeeze remote & touch-sense control.
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The Bond Touch Distance Bracelets

You might wonder whether a technology-backed touch feels like an actual kiss or hug! In my opinion, there is no way it can replace real romance between two love doves! But, technology that contributes to the intimacy of loved ones is the right step in the right direction.

No matter where your loved one is on the planet, you can make him or her feel your touch just like that through The Bond Touch Distance Bracelets. You keep one bracelet for yourself and give the other one to your partner. You can stay connected through touch by wearing them to create the physical reminder you need in an LDR.

The Bond Touch Distance Bracelets

These bracelets will be the living proof that if you can’t hold nor see your partner firsthand, you can touch them instead. The bracelets come with an app that is available for both iOS and Android platforms. With this app, you can view your touch conversation history with your partner and even replay the touches. The Low Energy Bluetooth technology allows the distance bracelets to touch each other via your smartphone.

Furthermore, you can communicate such as calls, messages, and exchanging pictures to your partner and ensure that it is encrypted and safe. Every time you touch the distance bracelets, your loved ones feel a little buzz around the wrist.

Materials Used for Bond Touch Distance Bracelets

All distance bracelets come with a genuine leather band, which is authentic and genuine and is wrist-adjustable. One more thing is that the band is easily replaceable, and you can always swap it for the band of your own style, taste, and design, allowing you to design your own wristband and add your personal touch to the bracelet.

Regarding battery life, depending on the usage, you can get up to 5 days of charge. Find out how we got on with the bracelets by reading our review.

If you grab yours now, you would expect to receive a package consisting of 2 bracelets, 2 leather bands, 2 punch tools, 8 bracelet closure studs, and 2 chargers. These are packaged separately. And If you order the bracelets from the original store, you can choose your preferred shipping, delivery methods, and times. Note that charges for shipping and handling, depending on your selection, will apply.

Frequently Ask Question

Besides technology compatibility, I get the usual question: “Can I connect with more than 1 person?”

Right now, the bracelets only work in pairs. But the bond-touch brand is contemplating a family solution for the future. Until then, I would really recommend you to enjoy the bracelet for your long-distance relationship, whether it is your boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, or anyone in your family.

Buy on Bond Touch our pick.

A bracelet for the two of you. Send your loved one your touch. Anytime you want to, anywhere they are.

Hey Bracelet vs. Bond Touch

Which is Which?

When it comes to Long-Distance Touch Vibrating Bracelets: Hey Distance Bracelets and the Bond Touch Bracelets, I would say that Hey Distance Bracelet is preferable for me based on its design. In addition, each of the bracelets has its unique feature.

For example, HEY distance bracelets have gentle squeezing. In contrast, the Bond Touch Bracelets have a vibration feature that your partner would feel. Thus, to explain their differences in a detailed manner, here are their advantages and disadvantages that would guide you to pick which one.


  • HEY Bracelets are designed to fits perfectly to your wrist.
  • The HEY Bracelets has a Waterproof Repellency
  • HEY Bracelets do not vibrate or buzz but produce a gentle squeeze.
  • HEY Bracelets take 2h to full charge. Battery life is 3 days max. Battery life with use is 1-2 days.
  • Bond Touch Bracelets can customize the color of the steel loop.
  • The Bond Touch Bracelets have a Waterproof Repellency.
  • Bond Touch Bracelets has natural vibration that mimics your partner’s touch.
  • Bond Touch Bracelets can enjoy a battery life of up to 4 days.


  • Both Bracelets could be expensive for some people.
  • The Bracelets could affect the connectivity without WIFI.
  • Both Bracelets are for two people only. It’s not recommendable for family use.



Personally, investing in long-distance bracelets could help me strengthen my relationship with my partner; it is practically part of my wise choice. Those little happy moments we feel could fill in the gap of the distance that separates us: the touch, the talk, and connection. You would feel them all through long-distance couple bracelets alone.

The materials that made each bracelet, and the idea of giving importance to your partner, all those things work together perfectly – that’s the spark that only you and your partner could understand is worth the risk.

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