5 Ways To Surprise Your LDR Partner

5 Ways To Surprise Your LDR Partner

Surprising your significant other is a great way to maintain a healthy long-distance relationship. Surprises can help to keep the excitement going between the two of you, or as they say, keep the flame alive. Most times, surprising your LDR partner is not easy. You need to consider the distance between the two of you, as well as the extra budget that you have to spare. However, don’t get discouraged! I have 5 easy surprise ideas that worked well with my own long-distance relationship, which I am going to share in this post. Read along!

Get The People in Your Life to Star in a Video for Your LDR Partner

A video can be a tool to help you express so many emotions. You can use a video to send greetings to your LDR partner. To spice it up, don’t just send an ordinary video starring yourself. Instead, you can ask the people in your life to star in the video. It can be birthday greetings, anniversary greetings, or even just a simple hello from them to your LDR partner. I did it once. My LDR partner was turning 20 when I was studying abroad so I asked 19 people in my life to record birthday greetings for him. The 19 people were my classmates, my housemates, and my friends from my part-time job. Then, I recorded a special birthday greeting and became the 20th person to wish him a happy birthday. This gift didn’t cost me much and I could easily upload it so he could watch it anytime, anywhere. All I needed was a little bit of creativity!

Send Food Delivery to Your LDR Partner’s Doorstep

My grandmother used to say that food is a way to a man’s heart, and I truly believe that it’s still valid to this day. Back then, before my LDR partner and I met for the first time, I ordered him some brownies just because he said he was craving for it. Boy, it totally surprised him! Looking back, I’m glad that I went through all the efforts to order the brownies because it made us realized that our feelings for each other were real. If you want to do the same for your LDR partner, try to look up food delivery services in their town. Most food delivery services such as UberEats, DoorDash, Eat24, and others can accept online payment nowadays so it would be easy for you to place an order. If your LDR partner happens to live in a smaller city, perhaps you can try to connect with their family or friends and ask them to make the order for you. It takes more effort, I know, but trust me, it’s going to be worth it!

Send Little Gifts for Each Other

Sending a gift does not have to expensive. Sometimes, the most meaningful gift is the one that comes from the heart, despite the price tag. There are many inexpensive gift ideas for LDR couples out there, you just have to be creative. You can send your LDR partner a love letter, a music CD with meaningful songs that you carefully curate, or some D-I-Y items. Just recently I sent my man a small voucher book filled with vouchers that he can redeem when we meet. I had so much fun designing the book and the activities that he could redeem, and he also was very much surprised when he received it. Now, we can’t wait to meet each other in person again so he can redeem the vouchers! Bottom line is, sending little gifts are always a great idea. No matter what your gift is, make sure that it has a sense of personalization, like this lovebook that will be perfect for LDR couples. I’m sure it will surprise your LDR partner and can also spice up your relationship.

Send Them Kind Notes

There’s no surprise more thoughtful than sending your LDR partner kind notes. You can choose to make it yourself if you have an eye for D-I-Y, but if not, you can get the help from companies like NoteCube. NoteCube is a company that allows you to send a box of thoughtful notes for your loved ones, including your LDR partner. Ordering a NoteCube is easy; all you have to do is register yourself in their website, choose a list of qualities that your LDR partner has, and NoteCube team will craft personalized messages that you can send to your LDR partner. NoteCube is a great way to spoil your LDR partner no matter where they are because they do worldwide delivery.

Send Flirty Texts 

It’s easy to lose the intimacy between the two of you when you are in a long-distance relationship. That’s why, it’s important for us LDR warriors to maintain intimacy though we are separated by distance with our loved ones. One effective way to maintain intimacy and to surprise your LDR partner is by sending flirty texts with each other. Imagine waking up to a flirty text from your LDR partner. What a surprise! I’m sure it can boost up your spirit the whole day. To maintain the intimacy between the two of you, keep the texts going on for a while and don’t forget to schedule a follow-up long-distance sex with your LDR partner.

So, those are 5 easy surprise ideas that you can give to your LDR partner. Do you have other surprise ideas? I’m happy to hear yours in the comment box below! Do share! 🙂

5 Ways To Surprise Your LDR Partner
5 Ways To Surprise Your LDR Partner
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