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Conversation Starters for Long Distance Relationships

If you want to talk more to a person you just met both online and offline, these little chats can be great conversation starters for long distance relationships!

Talk About Your Daily Life

I know sometimes our daily life can be so mundane that we think it’s not worth sharing. But trust me, talking about each other’s daily life can mean a lot to your relationship! Even if you are keeping a routine that you think boring, you can still talk about it with your significant other. Try to focus on the little things, let’s say tell them about the song that you heard on your daily commute. Or it can be as simple as talking about the weather in your city. 

Another great thing about talking about your daily life with your significant other is you can make them get used to your surroundings, even only by your description. That way, when they got to visit you one day, your significant other will already know what it’s like because you have talked about it on your daily chats! 

Tip: try to send pictures along with your stories. For example, when you are talking about your daily commute to work, send them a picture of the streets, your usual coffee shop, etc. Don’t forget to ask your significant other to do the same thing!

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Another conversation starter that can be useful for LDR couples is talking about your memories. I’m sure both of you had a lot of stories before you met each other. You can talk about your childhood, your teenage years, or even other fond memories from the time you were still single. 

One of my favorite activities that I like to do with my partner is to pick a year and tell each other stories about our life on that year. We have a slight age gap so it’s fun to see how different our lives were on that very same year! For example, he was already in college when I was still in high school. So when we talked about my junior year in high school, he shared his senior year in college. Surely this brought a lot of topics to discussed with each other. Without us realizing, we already spent hours just talking about our memories! 

Tip: Although talking about the past is fun, try not to bring up anything about your past relationships! Trust me, it will only do you no good.

Discuss Current Affairs as Conversation Starter

Talking about current affairs does not always have to be talking about the news or politics, I know that can be boring to some! After all, we all live a busy life and sometimes when we are talking to our significant other we only want to relax and not have to think, right? 

But if you are out of topics to discuss, I suggest you talk about current affairs with your significant other as conversation starters for long distance relationships. If you are into politics or world affairs, you can share your thoughts and discuss with them. In return, you can also ask them their view about a particular issue. However, if you are not into those kind of things, you can talk about current celebrity news, latest cultural events, and others. Really, the topic in this case is limitless!

Talking about current affairs will hopefully lead to an insightful discussion, and also broaden your horizon especially when the two of you are coming from different parts of the world. 

Tip: Try to be level headed if you happen to have a different view about a certain topic, because you don’t want to end up having an argument!

Share Stories About Each Other’s Support System

Sometimes talking about other people can be a great conversation starters for your LDR chats. During our early days of LDR, my significant other and I like to tell each other stories about the people in our lives. 

I would start by telling stories about my family, because I think it is important for my significant other to know them. I told him what my parents like, told him stories about my brother, and also the kind of things that we like to do as a family. He would then also tell me stories about his family, and how grew up. 

It’s heartwarming to hear stories about his support system and how he likes to spend time with them. I believe this will also help when we close the distance and I make the big move. This way, his life won’t be as foreign. 

Tip: When you think both of you are ready, try to introduce each other to your support system. This will strengthen your bond. 

Those are just a few conversation starters for long distance relationships that I used. We also have tips on how to help your LDR stay fresh, or if you are looking for something that will help you survive your LDR! Do you have other topics that you can share with the LDR community? I’d love to hear them! Let me know in the comment section below. 

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