How To Save Your Romantic Relationship With Long-Distance Sex Toys

If you’re separated from your honey and worried for your relationship…

If you’ll be apart longer than usual… and feel threatened the love you share won’t last long…

Well there’s good news for you

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Distance doesn’t have to matter.

You can stay intimate with your partner… even while separated far apart by using specially designed sex toys.

Thanks to breakthrough technology in the Sex Toy Industry, you and your partner can now stimulate each other over distance. 

All of this is possible with Bluetooth connection for two-way sex. 

Just hook up the sex toys to each partner’s phone… and you can then stimulate each other from either side. It goes both ways.

You could control the stimulation levels with the press of a button… sending touches to each other in real time!

This toy gives you more than just naughty fun with your partner… it satisfies your natural sexual urges without distance being a problem.

There’s no reason to let being separated affect — or even destroy — your healthy relationship… 

There’s no need to feel helpless for not being able to physically be there when they need you

My name is Jennifer Craig… and back when I was dating my boyfriend… we were living thousands of miles away from each other. 

This went on for three whole years.

We closed the distance and happily married now, which is why I’m happy to share my story here on my blog… so that others can survive their LDR too…

But the truth is, it wasn’t a cakewalk to the wedding chapel. It was tough.

I tried everything in my part to make the relationship work 

But it seemed like nothing was working

Our conversations got shorter and shorter

He seemed to not want to spend as much time on the phone with me

I was afraid that might be an indication of him losing interest

My imagination haunted me

“What if he’s getting bored and thinking of leaving me?”

Or even worse….

“What if he cheats on me?”

It’s no secret men have natural urges that need to be fulfilled…and my boyfriend is very sexual when we’re together. 

Not being able to please him and be there for him was the most frustrating feeling ever.

I tried to figure out what we could do to spice up our relationship… 

But nothing came to mind. 

Then I thought of the internet – someone must of discovered some way of doing this.

That’s when I found out about Skype sex.

One night we both downloaded Skype to our phones…

We shut the doors and locked ourselves into our rooms.

We shared screens… it was now just us two… and to set the mood I even lit a few candles.

It was arousing and all… 

But the whole experience ended up a total let down

I just couldn’t get into it

The magic wasn’t there…

So much imagination was required on my part… yet it didn’t leave me feeling fulfilled at all…

FaceTime sex was just as uncomfortable and awkward, so that option was out

But then I found a better solution

I discovered there were Sex Toys available that were specially made for long-distance lovers… and were produced by award-winning companies

Wanting to be open-minded and experiment…I thought I’d give it a try

After all… widely-known enterprises had nothing but praise for the new sex tech.

Cosmopolitan calls one of the newly released vibrators a “novel” creation.

Women’s Health acknowledges couples can have long-distance sex “even from the other side of the world”

The way it works is…

The sex toy is connected to your mobile phone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth. And your mobile phone, tablet, or computer is connected to the internet (via WiFi or mobile internet).

Once you’re connected online, your partner can control your sex toy with an app or with their own sex toy (which is connected online same as you). 

I went out and got the Couple set… which came with the Fleshlight for the guy, and the Vibrator for the girl.

I gave the male version to my boyfriend and kept the female stuff for myself.

I was so excited when we first got on to use it… hoping this would build and grow our intimacy.

When I finally realized that it was him controlling the stimulation…

I had an explosive orgasm that blew my mind… 

And when I recovered and came down to earth… I realized he was having the same experience

And we both at the same time just said ‘WOW!’

Now we feel closer than ever. That long distance relationship lasted three orgasmic years

We’re happily married now which is why I’m happy to share my story here

Every once in a while we just go in different rooms just to experience it all over again... It brings back many happy memories!

What I love so much is that you just touch your screen to connect with your partner… from anywhere….

Doesn’t matter if you’re in bed… or on the sofa …or on your soft shag rug… wherever you’re at, you can get naughty with each other on the spot

Once you’re both on, and you combine the stimulation with your honey’s voice… 

And see his face on video as he sends you touches that HE is controlling…

How fast or slow… rough or gentle…. It’s almost like being there with him. 

Makes it almost feel like being there in person sexually!

I felt like he was almost there with me and he’d often tell me how close it made him feel to me

The truth is…

For some woman… this may be everything their relationship needs to survive the challenges of long-distance love

And for other women, it’s simply an exciting way to keep your intimacy alive…and keep the sexual component of your relationship active and healthy … no matter how far apart you are

The future really is here… and you can now have sex with your partner even while you’re separated by thousands of miles

Your sex life doesn’t need to be solely imaginative anymore

You can listen to his voice while feeling the touches he sends you

You can experience every soft caress or rough vibration. All you have to do is connect, close your eyes, and feel

This is what helped my long-distance relationship with my lover

If you want to survive your LDR… why not experiment for yourself?

The number one toy I recommend is this:

It’s the Fleshlight Launch + Kiiroo Fuse designed for long-distance sex for couples. 

Product: Fleshlight Launch + Kiiroo Fuse Couple Set

What we like
  • Touch sensitive and sync amazingly well with other Kiiroo devices.
  • check-circle
    Easy setup - takes a few minutes to connect with your partner.
What we don't like
  • The most expensive toys.

Summary: While the Fleshlight Launch + Kiiroo Fuse couple set can be a bit expensive, we think the extra cost might worth it if you are interested in great two-way control experience.

The guy and the girl each have their own toy. 

He controls the vibrations you feel, while you control how he’s stroked. 

It truly makes you feel like you’re there with your partner…

And I believe it’s the most pleasurable way to share mind-blowing orgasms over distance.

But if you really want to feel the magic behind it all, then I urge you to act quickly.

Right now there’s a free 10% off coupon that you can use to save money on your purchase. 

I don’t know how long the discount will be available… the company offering the coupon can remove it at any time…

So why chance it? 

Take the savings now while you can… and spice up your sex life with your partner today. 

Get intimate with each other more than you ever thought possible!

Exclusive Time Limited Offer for SurviveLDR Readers: Claim your free 10% discount code for Fleshlight Launch + Kiiroo Fuse

But Perhaps This Isn’t The Toy You Want…

That’s okay — maybe you’ll like our other selections…

If you prefer powerful G-spot play… I highly recommend OhMiBod Esca.

This toy is designed solely for women’s pleasure — but on a “deeper” level.

The OhMiBod Esca is a remote controlled vibrator kept inside of you for stronger internal stimulation.

Now your partner could surprise you with vibrations at any time of the day, letting you know he’s thinking of you. All he has to do is control the toy from his smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The material is soft and smooth, and easy to clean

Product: OhMiBod Esca 

Price: $119

What we like
  • OhmiBod Esca is made out of a soft material that feels good and is easy to clean.
  • Powerful G-Spot vibrations.
  • check-circle
    Can be sync with other Kiiroo toys.
What we don't like
  • No matching toys for your partner to be able to partake in mutual play.

Summary: If you are interested in a wearable internal vibrator, OhMiBod Esca is an easy first step to experiment with long distance sex toys. If you like it, later on, you can get other Kiiroo toys to sync with your OhMiBod Esca.


If you prefer external stimulation, how about try the Vibease Vibrator.

This toy is also designed solely for woman’s pleasure… but nestles neatly into the woman’s panties to stimulate from the outside.

The Vibease Vibrator is also controllable by your partner through a smart phone, tablet, or computer. The external stimulation is very quiet, almost completely silent.

With this toy, your partner controls all the settings —which means you discreetly receive his loving touches in ways he wants you to feel them. 

Product: Vibease

Price: $87

What I like
  • It's really pretty, made of a very soft silicone that almost mimics the feel of skin.
  • It's very quiet.
  • There’s a huge marketplace of erotic stories that you can listen to while using your Vibease.
  • check-circle
    You can use it solo or by letting your partner take control via the app.
What I don't like
  • No matching toys for your male or female partner to be able to partake in mutual play.

Summary: It can add some spice to your long-distance sex life without being an enormous investment. If you want an external, wearable, Internet-controlled vibrator, then I think the Vibease is one of the best options out there.

Other Long-Distance Sex Toys We've Tried...

Our 2nd choice for two-way control experience is the Kiiroo Onyx2 combined with the Pearl2. The devices work both ways and connect with each other to provide stimulation for both partners.

Onyx 2 has a serious thrust power (it reaches 140 strokes per minutes), and the Pearl2 is designed as a powerful, touch-sensitive G-spot vibrator.


Product: Kiiroo Onyx2 + Pearl2

Price: $299

What we like
  • The Pearl 2 is made out of a soft material that feels good and is easy to clean.
  • Sync amazingly well with other Kiiroo devices.
  • check-circle
    Easy setup - takes a few minutes to connect with your partner.
What we don't like
  • The Onyx 2 is pretty loud, which can be a bit distracting.
  • times-circle
    The actual sensations from the contracting rings inside the Onyx2 are pleasurable, but might not be enough to bring to orgasm.
  • times-circle
    No clitoral stimulation for the Pearl2.

Summary: If you are content with reduced sensations, the Onyx2 combined with the Pearl2 is a great cheaper option for two-way control experience.


The Lovense Lush is another good solution for a vibe you can use solo or have it controlled by your partner. Unlike some vibrators that you slip into your panties (like the Vibease), the Lush is an internal vibrator, which makes it a little bit more discrete and a little more secure.

Is the Lush Loud?

One of the things I like most about this remote control vibrator is that it’s an internal vibrator. The material is super comfortable, and when inserted, it’s nearly silent, so you don’t have to worry about anyone hearing it. (Whether they hear your moans is entirely up to you!)

Product: Lovense Lush

Price: $99

What I like
  • One of the most powerful remote-controlled bullet vibrators out there
  • High quality and super comfortable silicone material
  • check-circle
    Various control settings using the mobile app and a messaging app to notify your partner
What I don't like
  • Connectivity issues might disrupt play.
  • times-circle
    The external tail does provide some minor clitoral vibratory stimulation. However, it is not enough to use it as the main source of clitoral foreplay.

Summary: The Lovense Lush is a great way to have fun inside (and outside) the bedroom. The vibrations are powerful yet nearly silent, and the bendable Bluetooth antenna makes it one of the longest control range wearable Bluetooth vibrators.

Lovense Max

“Max” and “Nora” are his and hers toys that can be controlled from a distance—ANY distance. 

Nora has a vibrating arm to arouse your clit and rotating beads for internal stimulation; the vibration and rotation are what your partner will control. 

The Max is a realistic skin-like masturbation sleeve that combines vibration and contraction to simulate sex.

Product: Lovense Max and Nora

Price: $190

What I like
  • Both toys have multiple sensations that can get you off.
  • You can control both toys from the toys or the mobile app.
  • check-circle
    You can use your music to set the vibrations.
What I don't like
  • The Nora's vibrations are not that strong.
  • The Max looks discreet but lacks the appeal.
  • Max's electric air pump to provide suction and vibrations is barely noticeable even on high.
  • times-circle
    The Max may be too tight for well-endowed men.

Summary: The Max & Nora combination is a great idea for experiencing long-distance sex. However, there are a quite a few issues with both toys.

The Lovense Hush butt plug can be used for short range and long range control through its app. It can be synced to music and vibrates according to sound waves synced to it, so essentially, there's a limitless array of pleasure than can be enjoyed with this butt plug.

Most anal plugs are not equipped with vibrations, so couples, and singles, inevitably miss out on the extra stimulation that this device already has built in. It's our top choice in the anal category.

Product: Lovense Hush

Price: $99

What I like
  • The smooth, inviting body-safe silicone feels just right
  • check-circle
    The vibrations are definitely strong.
  • check-circle
     The touch pad is easy to use and intuitive.
What I don't like
  • It's quiet enough when used in busy public places, not in quiet places.
  • times-circle
    The curved antennae press a little too hard into the tailbone.

Summary: Hush is a great toy for bringing some serious excitement to anal play, particularly in a long-distance relationship where you need to keep things fresh and sexy.

vibratorThe We-Vibe is shaped so that it can stimulate your clit and your G-spot at the same time. This one is a cross between a traditional vibrator and an egg vibrator.


How Does the We-Vibe Work?

When it comes to vibrations, there are 10 modes to choose from, which include the standard vibrate, pulse, and wave, and the more intriguingly named bounce, cha cha cha, and peak. If you want to change things up, your partner can make a custom playlist, choosing a different vibe, duration, and intensity and surprise you with it. Or you can make your own, and let him control it! Half the fun of introducing a toy into your long-distance sex life is experimenting.

Product: We-Vibe

Price: $156

What I like
  • Perfect shape for simultaneous internal and external play
  • You can use it solo or with your partner
  • You and your man can use it during sex, both of you can enjoy the vibrations
  • check-circle
    10 modes to choose from, even sync to your music for a different vibe
What I don't like
  • It may not fit perfectly for all, and may take a few tries before getting comfortable
  • The app crashes sometimes in the worst timing
  • times-circle
    Some find it uncomfortable to use during sex
  • times-circle
    Don't have complementary sex toy for your partner

Summary: When you're finally together, you can go ahead and try it out and maybe enjoy it together. Until then, we won't recommend you to count too much on its long-distance sex capabilities.

Whatever remote controlled vibrator or sex toy you choose, it’s going to add some spice to your long-distance love, and who says you have to pick just one? Maybe start with one only your partner will control and then upgrade to synchronized toys after that. The point is to have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment!

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About the Author Jennifer Craig

Jennifer Craig has been in a successful long-distance relationship and started SurviveLDR to encourage those who want to pursue love with partners in far land.

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