The Best Long-Distance Relationship Sex Toys

You already know that being in a long-distance relationship isn’t always easy. The hardest part are all of the little things that you miss about having your partner in your shared home or right around the corner. But maybe the most challenging part of long-distance relationships is missing physical affection and, well, sex.

For this, let's thank the fact that we live in an age where we can still partake sexually with our partners via these top-of-the-line vibrators we've reviewed for your pleasure.

The desire to be intimate with your partner seems to intensify by about a million percent (rough estimate) when you know you won’t see them again for weeks or months. To keep a long-distance relationship thriving, you have to learn quickly how to expand your definition of sex. It requires getting a little creative to keep the romance going, but luckily, with technology, it’s getting easier to keep the love (and lust) alive from a distance.

And I’m not just talking about Skype! With the toys that are available now, you might even find that your sex life is more exciting than it’s ever been.

But don’t panic if you have never used a sex toy before, or you have never used sex toys in a long-distance relationship. I’m here to help! With so many great long-distance sex toys to choose from, you’ll find your match made in long-distance heaven.

Long-Distance Sex Toys We Love


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I love, love, love the Vibease and I think this one is great as a first toy. If you are new to long-distance sex toys and you want to try something sexy, try Vibease. It’s priced well within most people’s budgets and it is overall really reliable and – the best part, obviously – it’s lots of fun.

The Vibease is wearable, fits in your panties and is (almost!) completely silent.

How Does the Vibease Work?

The Vibease is controlled by an app, and the amount of distance between you and your partner doesn’t matter. But maybe the coolest thing about Vibease is that it syncs with erotica. So you can select a fantasy story from the Vibease Fantasy Store that suits your mood.

Vibease App Compatibility 

The Vibease vibrator has a wide compatibility range and services that you can use the device with. One fun feature is the Vibease Fantasy Store where users can enjoy the pleasure of vibrations in sync with erotica published on the store. 

The Vibease app is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

Cons of the Vibease Vibrator

The disadvantage of this device is that there are no matching toys for your male or female partner to be able to partake in mutual play. But I think the fun of them controlling it while you’re out in public might make up for that.

The device is known to have connectivity issues where it can disconnect from the app at inopportune times.

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Product Review: Vibease

Use: The Vibease is an external vibrator that you “wear” by slipping into your underwear

What I like
  • Attractive device made of silky silicon that mimics skin
  • It's very quiet
  • Large Fantasy Store audiobook selection
  • check-circle
    You can use it solo or by letting your partner take control via the app
What I don't like
  • Wearable, but may switch position while walking or moving
  • Connectivity issues disrupt play

Summary: It can add some spice to your long-distance sex life without being an enormous investment. If you want a wearable, Internet-controlled vibrator, then I think the Vibease is one of the best options out there.

Also, check out my in-depth Vibease and Esthesia reviews.

Kiiroo - read my review


I love the Kiiroo toys for two-way sex play. If you both want the thrill of a remote-controlled vibrator you can get it with the paired toys from Kiiroo. While slightly more expensive than some other vibrators, Kiiroo is really worth the cost when you consider the two-way buzz you both get. It is worth experimenting with the Kiiroo toys even if you have never tried long-distance sex toys before – the process with the app and video calls may look complicated but it is really easy once you have tried it a few times.


Is Kiiroo Compatible With Other Devices?

The best part of Kiiroo is that it comes with its own video platform, so every part of the experience is designed to maximize your long-distance love.

In addition to sharing video and audio data, both Pearl - the vibrator for her - and Onyx - the masturbator for him - signal back and forth helping provide constant physical interaction.

How Will Kiiroo Help my LDR Sex Life?

You may be thinking, what does all of this compatibility mean for you? It syncs up the movement of your toy with the movement of your partner’s so that you are replicating the give and take of an in-person experience.

This means that when you close your eyes, the sensations and physical pleasure will mimic that of a real session with your partner, closing the sexual gap between you. It is the closest you can get to a face-to-face encounter. 

Can I use Kiiroo in Same Sex Relationships?

Yes. Kiiroo also offers sets for female same-sex couples and male same-sex couples. It's a great solution for two-way sex toys that doesn't cut down in device compatibility or features when using same sex packages. 

Cons of the Kiiroo

The only drawback to the Kiiroo Onyx (male masturbator) and Pearl (female vibrator) is that they are at the higher end of the price scale, at $369 for the couple set, but the price is worth it if video chatting is a big part of your long-distance sex life–or if you want it to be!

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Product Review: Kiiroo Pearl & Onyx

Use: His and hers sex toy that interact with each other when connected to the app

What I like
  • Both toys are beautifully designed and feel really sexy
  • Real-time interactions for authentic sessions
  • The Pearl is made out of a soft material that feels good and is easy to clean
  • check-circle
    The Onyx has a Fleshlight sleeve that feels pretty realistic
  • check-circle
    Combined use of video chat, Pearl and Onyx is as close to the real thing as possible. 
What I don't like
  • Both devices have bright red lights
  • the Onyx is pretty loud, both of which are a bit distracting

Summary: The Kiiroo is just what you need to spice up your long-distance sex life. You can buy it online and it’s a bit more expensive than other toys but we thought the extra cost was worth it.



The Lovense Lush is another good solution for a vibe you can use solo or have it controlled by your partner. Unlike some vibrators that you slip into your panties, the Lush is an internal vibrator, which makes it a little bit more discrete and a little more secure. The flexible Bluetooth antenna extends beyond the body, giving it the longest control range out of all wearable Bluetooth vibrators. Which means your partner can control it from any distance.

Is the Lovense Loud?

One of the things I like most about the Lush is that it’s an internal vibrator. The material is super comfortable, and when inserted, it’s nearly silent, so you don’t have to worry about anyone hearing it. (Whether they hear your moans is entirely up to you!) Check out my in-depth Lovense Lush review.

Product Review: Lovense Lush

Use: Remote controlled wearable internal vibrator

What I like
  • One of the most powerful remote-controlled bullet vibrators out there
  • The bluetooth antenna extends beyond the body for longer control range
  • High quality and super comfortable silicone material
  • check-circle
    Various mobile and messaging control settings to notify your partner
What I don't like
  • Connectivity issues and sensitive to clothing
  • Designed for internal play

Summary: The Lovense Lush is a great way to have fun inside (and outside) the bedroom. The vibrations are powerful yet quiet. If the internal G-spot stimulator doesn’t do it for you, you can always use it as an external clitoral stimulator. There have been plenty of reports about problems with connections to Bluetooth, which is a little disappointing because you really need a reliable connection when you’re playing.



“Max” and “Nora” are his and hers toys that can be controlled from a distance—ANY distance. While your love is controlling your “Nora,” you can control his “Max,” and achieve that elusive simultaneous orgasm while never actually having to be in the same room.

How do Max and Nora Work Together?

Nora has a vibrating arm to arouse your clit and rotating beads for internal stimulation; the vibration and rotation are what your partner will control. It’s also waterproof if you want to spice things up by using it in the shower or bath.

The Max is a realistic skin-like masturbation sleeve that combines vibration and contraction to simulate sex. Check out my in-depth Lovense review.

Product Review: Lovense Max and Nora

Use: His and hers sex toy that is great for long distance relationships

What I like
  • The Max have that great skin like feel, both toys are made with high quality material
  • Both toys have multiple sensations that can get you off
  • You can control both toys from the toys or the mobile app
  • check-circle
    When your man uses Max and starts thrusting, the Nora starts moving and vibrating as well
  • check-circle
    You can use your music to set the vibrations
What I don't like
  • The Nora's vibrations are not that strong
  • The Max looks discreet but lacks the appeal
  • Has a gitchy chat app
  • times-circle
    The Max may be too tight for well-endowed men.

Summary: The Max & Nora combination is a really good one when you want to share the experience of long-distance sex completely. The two compatible toys really make for an explosive experience. There are a few little issues with both toys but generally you’re going to have a lot of fun here.

We-Vibe 4 Plus​


The We-Vibe 4 Plus doesn’t have a very sexy name, but it’s a very sexy toy. It is similar to the Vibease in that it’s a remote-controlled vibrator, but that’s where the similarities end. Unlike the Vibease, the We-Vibe is shaped so that it can stimulate your clit and your G-spot at the same time.

What's the Difference Between We-Vibe and Vibease?

Both devices are remote controlled, however, the we-vibe has a larger surface area on the external arm that is meant to stimulate the clitoris. The Vibease has a thin, not so poweful arm that doesn't work as well for simultaneous internal and external play.

How Does the We-Vibe Work?

When it comes to vibrations, there are 10 modes to choose from, which include the standard vibrate, pulse, and wave, and the more intriguingly named bounce, cha cha cha, and peak. If you want to change things up, your man can make a custom playlist, choosing a different vibe, duration, and intensity and surprise you with it. Or you can make your own, and let him control it! Half the fun of introducing a toy into your long-distance sex life is experimenting.

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Product Review: We-Vibe

Use: Remote and app-controlled vibrator that is designed to stimulate both your clit and G-spot.

What I like
  • Perfect shape for simultaneous internal and external play
  • You can use it solo or with your partner
  • You and your man can use it during sex, both of you can enjoy the vibrations
  • check-circle
    10 modes to choose from, even sync to your music for a different vibe
What I don't like
  • It may not fit perfectly for all, and may take a few tries before getting comfortable
  • The app crashes sometimes in the worst timing
  • times-circle
    Some find it uncomfortable to use during sex

Summary: Add some spice to your LDR sex life with the We-Vibe. You can use it for solo play, or let your partner control it through the app, even from thousands of miles away. When you're finally together, you can go ahead and try it out and enjoy it together. 

Whatever long-distance sex toy you choose, it’s going to add some spice to your long-distance love, and who says you have to pick just one? Maybe start with one only your partner will control and then upgrade to synchronized toys after that. The point is to have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment!

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