Best Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plugs

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it can be tricky to keep the excitement alive. Although absence makes the heart grow fonder, time spent apart is really tough on your sex life. Particularly when you want to experiment or enjoy anal play. 

So, what can you do to keep things spicy, even when you’re hundreds or thousands of miles apart?

Remote-control sex toys make a huge difference and can even be better than the real thing (almost!) The best remote-controlled toys are easy to control using free smartphone apps, your phone, and a reliable WiFi connection. That’s it! They’re quick and straightforward to set up, and you’ll be buzzing – literally – in just a few minutes.

A type of toy my partner and I have enjoyed experimenting with is remote-controlled butt plugs. 

The intimate thrill of using these anal toys is really special, especially when you don’t know exactly when the vibrations will start! In fact, that’s what I love about Bluetooth-enabled toys in general!

If you’re into anal toys, and want to take your long-distance relationship to a new and exciting dimension, let’s get going with my top 3 remote-control vibrating butt plugs!


Lovense Hush ($119)

Lovense Hush

Lovense Hush runner-up

The world’s first teledildonic butt plug, the Lovense Hush, leads the way in sex toy technology. It has a gently contoured design that reaches all the right places.

The world’s first teledildonic butt plug, the Lovense Hush, leads the way in sex toy technology. It has a gently contoured design that reaches all the right places. In the box, you’ll find the toy, a USB charging cable, and a user guide. It’s pretty straightforward to get started; just charge the toy (each full charge will give you about 2 hours of playtime), download the Lovense smartphone or computer app, and when the Hush is charged, pair it with your phone, tablet, Mac, or PC. 

  • Wireless connectivity and remote control via the app make the Hush a perfect his-n-hers choice for long-distance partners.
  • The Hush is powerful, soft, and body-safe.
  • It comes in two sizes, making it suitable for beginners through to experienced users.
  • The sound-sync feature is great for music and voice response.
  • There’s a broader range of remote-control device options, including desktop.
  • The Lovense Hush is quite pricey, particularly if you’re buying one each for your partner and yourself!
  • It may be called the Hush, but it’s definitely not quiet! If you’re trying it out in public, aim for noisier places.

Overall it’s simply one of the best anal toys out there. Both versions deliver powerful vibes, and you’re likely to find the right fit, whether you prefer a smaller plug or a bigger beast. It’s an investment, but if you’re a couple who enjoy anal play, it’s one that you won’t regret. 

It comes in two sizes – the smaller has a maximum girth of 1.5 inches (38mm), while its big brother is 1.75 inches (44.5mm) at the widest point. Both versions of the Lovense Hush have a total insertable length of 3.8 inches (97mm), a neck width of 0.75 inches (19mm), and a safe yet comfortable base length of 3.15 inches (80mm). 

A quick note about paired devices. Something I really like about the Lovense range is that it’s compatible with Macs and PCs as well as phones and tablets. If you’re using a PC, you’ll need to buy a Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter separately, but it’s worthwhile if you’re going to use it a lot.

I found the desktop app particularly useful when away from home, when I couldn’t use my phone but I could discreetly bring the controls up on my computer. But note that if you’re in a quiet, open plan space, it might not be a great idea! Still, the wider range of options is really useful!

Moving on to how the Hush feels; in short, amazing! It’s made from 100% soft silicone that’s free from latex, rubber, and phthalates. According to Lovense, the Hush has one of the biggest, most powerful vibrators on the market, and it delivers earth-shattering vibes. In fact, unless you’re really experienced, I’d recommend starting on a low setting and slowly building your way up. Also, beware of the beast – it’s a noisy toy! 

Speaking of which, if you’re a beginner in anal play, the smaller version of the Hush is your best bet. It’s just as powerful as the bigger version but much easier to insert and position in just the right place.

As well as remote control via the app, the Hush can also be set to sync to music and respond to other sounds. It sounds like a gimmicky feature, but it’s surprisingly good when the Hush vibrates in time to fast tunes and slow jams, depending on the mood you’re in! 

Fun Ways to Use the Lovense Hush

I love how spontaneous using the Hush can be, so I’ll pop it in, connect with my partner, then wait for him to take control. Not knowing when the vibrations will start is so exciting, and when they do begin, it rocks my world! 

My partner and I also enjoy using the Hush when video chatting. He loves to see my reaction as he controls the toy, and I like to reciprocate! 

The sound-syncing feature has another great use – it responds to voice. My partner is really into inserting his Hush and just letting me talk. It’s a uniquely thrilling experience for both of us!


We-Vibe Ditto ($129)

We-Vibe Ditto

We-Vibe Ditto best values

The WeVibe Ditto is slightly more expensive than the Lovense Hush, but there’s a lot of crossover in terms of features and usability.

The WeVibe Ditto is slightly more expensive than the Lovense Hush, but there’s a lot of crossover in terms of features and usability.

Starting with the basics, the Ditto is available in one size, but two color options; purple and midnight blue. Its total length is 88.1mm, with a maximum girth of 32.42mm and a secure base length of 68.45mm. The Ditto has a smaller girth than the junior version of the Hush, making it an even better choice for beginners embarking on anal play.

  • The smaller size makes the WeVibe Ditto a great choice for beginners in anal play.
  • The flexible head of this butt plug helps it be a perfect fit every time!
  • Rumbly vibrations and plenty of pattern options.
  • It’s easy to pair the Ditto with the free We-Connect app and pass control to your partner.
  • The Ditto is slightly quieter than the Lovense Hush, making it a better option for public play.
  • It’s expensive, and $10 more than the Lovense Hush.
  • There’s no support for PC or Mac users.
  • Some users might find the Ditto to be a little too small.

I really like the compact, flexible design of the Ditto. It just fits! Although the Ditto lacks some of the features of the Hush, it serves a purpose of its own really well. It’s pricy, but all luxurious sex toys are. Well worth a go if you’re a beginner!

I really like the Ditto’s compact design. It looks like a luxury item, and its body-safe silicone construction – also free from phthalates, BPA, and latex – feels amazing. If you prefer a smaller butt plug, then the Ditto delivers all of the sensations without the extra girth. Deep, rumbly vibrations are what the Ditto does best, with 10 vibration modes and custom patterns through the app. Great things can come in small packages!

Just like the Lovense Hush, the WeVibe Ditto is remote-controlled via Bluetooth, using a smartphone app from anywhere in the world. We-Connect is free to download on iOS and Android devices, but there isn’t support for PC or Mac. To be honest, this isn’t a huge deal, as you’re more likely to use a phone or tablet to control yours or your partner’s Ditto. As long as we both have an internet connection, you’re all good!

One of the best features of the WeVibe Ditto is its flexible neck. This is pretty unique for a butt plug, and means that you and your partner can get the perfect, customized fit every time. It’s another aspect of the Ditto that makes it a good shout for beginners, too. 

Fun Ways to Use The WeVibe Ditto

The smaller size of the Ditto makes it an even better choice for public play than the Hush. It’s easier to fit and walk around with. It’s also slightly quieter than the Hush, so it’s more discreet when you’re in the mood for outdoor thrills!

Try giving the built-in video capabilities a try in the We-Connect app, so you can see how much you and your partner are enjoying the toy.


Lelo Hugo ($219)

Lelo Hugo

The Lelo Hugo is different from the Hush and the Ditto, in that it’s a male orgasm-focused prostate massager. It’s specially-shaped to give mind-blowing vibrations to men, and it does that really well.

  • One of the most effective, orgasm-inducing prostate massagers on the market.
  • The design is luxurious, with plenty of girth
  • A lack of remote control via Bluetooth and smartphone app makes this less effective for long-distance couples than other toys.
  • The remote control included in the box uses AAA batteries, which will need to be continuously replaced. In a toy so expensive, that’s a choice.
  • The size may be too intimidating for some men.

The Hugo is a great prostate massager and it does exactly what’s expected. The Hugo is slightly larger than the Hush and substantially bigger than the Ditto. It has an insertable length of 5.5 inches, and a girth circumference of 4.5 inches. It’s a big boy so would probably only suit experienced users! But, the base is a solid 5 inches in length, so you can plan with complete security.

The Hugo is also unique in that it isn’t controlled by a smartphone app. Instead, it has its own remote control provided in the box. The major downside for long-distance couples is that partners must be together to hand over control but it’s an excellent toy to look forward to when you find some time together.  

The remote is simple to use and the vibrations are incredible, but there are a few features missing that is a shame considering the price. There’s no Bluetooth, no long-distance control, and no sound-syncing. Plus, even though charging the device is easy; there’s a USB cable in the box. The remote needs 2 AAA batteries to run which can be a bit of a mood killer if you find yourself without spares!

Fun Ways to Use the Lelo Hugo

This prostate massager really adds another level to lovemaking when you and your partner are together. Being in charge of the toy or handing over control to your partner can be a huge turn on and help build trust. It just works!

Plus, you can use the Hugo as the perfect companion to solo masturbation. Try video chatting with your partner and co-ordinate by masturbating long-distance together. 


It’s difficult to choose between the Lovense Hush and the WeVibe Ditto; both provide amazing anal vibrations and long-distance control that’s so important to our relationship. While the Lelo Hush is pretty to look at and good at its job, the price and lack of app control are difficult to overlook. If we had to pick a winner, the Hush would just about edge ahead, but don’t be put off from trying the Ditto, too!

Check out this master list of remote control vibrators for other LDR toys to be completely spoiled for choice.

Best Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plugs
Best Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plugs

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