Four Signs You Can Trust Your Long-distance Love

Nothing about being in a long-distance relationship is easy. We all have read it many times before: Long-distance relationships require commitment and, most importantly, trust. There are times where we’ve found ourselves questioning things. Is this worth it? Can I trust my significant other?

I have found myself asking those questions as well. Things were not in their best state with my man, and I couldn’t help but question our relationship. But as I calmed myself down and reflected on our relationship, I realized that I had no reason to worry. After carefully looking at the signs, I knew that I can always trust my man.

Here are four signs that made me realize I can trust my long-distance relationship.

He introduced his world to me

Since day one, my man had opened up his world to me. He shared every detail about his daily activities, from his favorite song to where he usually shops for groceries. He told stories, sent pictures and explained things, all to make me familiar with his world. The case might be different for other relationships; maybe your significant other isn’t as open as mine. But look into the smallest details because even the simplest things can mean that he is open about his life to you.

In my case, even though we are miles apart and have never lived together, knowing the details of his daily life gives me more comfort and assurance being in this long-distance relationship. Knowing those details also helped when it was finally time for me to visit his place. Even though it was my first time traveling to his home, it did not feel foreign at all. I could adapt faster to the environment and his surroundings. Feeling comfortable in his world is so important to me because, at the end of the day, it will be my world, too, when we close the distance.

He introduced me to his family and friends

Even before I visited him for the first time, my man had already introduced me to his family. I remember we were having a call, talking randomly about this and that, when suddenly his mother came to his place. Without hesitating, he told his mother that he was on a call with his girlfriend. He invited his mother to the camera and introduced us. To be honest, I was caught off guard. We had only started dating recently, and I didn’t realize that he would introduce me to his mother so soon. Lucky for me, the introduction went well, and it was not long before he began to introduce me to the rest of his family and his close friends. I might not know everybody yet, but at least I know the most important people in his life. To me, it was a sign that I really mean something to him. I’m not just some girl he met on a holiday destination. It might take some time for your significant other to introduce you to his closest people, but when he does, it is a sign that he values your relationship.

He talks about his feelings

I love the fact that my man is being open to me. I feel that being open to each other is really important in a relationship, especially when distance is involved. Being open enhances emotional connection and can bring two people closer despite limited physical connection. I know that men are different than us women. They don’t really like to open up, and they often keep their feelings to themselves. So when my man started to tell me his feelings, I knew that he trusted me, and there are no reasons for me not to trust him back. So leave all your worries behind when you know your significant other trusts you with his feelings.

He talks about the future

Another sign that you can trust your long-distance relationship love is when your significant other talks about future with you. Talking about the future can be as simple as planning your next meeting to as serious as how you are going to spend the rest of your lives together. Though we have not talked about anything more than closing the distance, I know that I can trust the relationship because my man includes me in his future plans.

There are tons of other reasons why I can trust my long-distance relationship, but most importantly, I can see it in his eyes, and I can feel it from his actions. All my instincts direct me to trust him, so I do.

When you find yourself in doubt, take a deep breath, and spend some time to reflect on your relationship. You can try to look at the signs I mentioned above, but it is more important that you are able to see and feel it yourself. After all, trust is something that is shown from life’s daily actions.

Long distance relationships are not easy, it takes a lot of work and effort from you and your partner. It also requires for you to accept some things that can spark problems in your relationship. 

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