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Human touch is vital to healthy relationships. By utilizing haptic technology to provide a soft squeeze each time a loved one thinks about you, Hey Bracelet offers a solution to those separated by great distances. Read on to find out if Hey Bracelet is right for you.  

What is Hey Bracelet?

Hey Bracelet is a “human touch bracelet.”

One of the first of its kind, these wearables are designed to replicate the feeling of “real” human touch when you can’t be with a loved one in real life. 

Just squeeze your bracelet to send out a gentle squeeze to an accompanying bracelet worn by a loved one. They’ll feel the squeeze on their wrist and know you’re thinking of them.

Hey Bracelet is quickly gaining popularity among those in long-distance relationships. These unique wearables are just as beneficial for any relationship from children and parents to grandparents to friends to even those in live-in relationships that just want to send a signal of love during the workday.

According to a study in the University of California, Berkeley’s Greater Good Magazine, human touch releases oxycontin, which is often called the love hormone. Touch is linked to feelings of safety and trust among loved ones.

Hey Bracelet uses haptic technology to achieve these same benefits - although actual studies are yet to prove its scientific effectiveness. 

Hey Bracelet Top Features 

Hey Bracelet brings a handful of features to the table that enables their wearable product to stand out from the competition: 

  • Haptic Technology - Sends out an instant gentle squeeze when you squeeze your own.
  • Gentle Squeeze - Attempts to mimic human touch. No buzz or vibration. 
  • Weatherproof - Wear in the rain with no fear of damage. 
  • Long Battery Life - A single charge lasts around two days of regular use. 
  • Stylish Design - Sleek and stylish. You won’t mind wearing it in person. 

Learn more about the top features of Hey Bracelet

Hey Bracelet Pros and Cons 

Here’s a look at the top pros and cons of Hey Bracelet to see how it performs out of the box: 


  • Stylish
  • Weatherproof 
  • No Buzz or Vibration
  • Quick Activation
  • Easy to Use


  • Short Battery Life (Just 1-2 Days)
  • Must Keep Smartphone Nearby for Bluetooth Connection

Hey Bracelet is one of just a few brands currently offering touch bracelets. It’s difficult to compare this wearable against other products. We do briefly mention an alternative (Bond Bracelet) below. 

Who is the Hey Bracelet Best for? 

Hey Bracelet is best for couples in long-distance relationships.

It lets you tell your loved one that you’re thinking about them with more than just texts and phone calls.

These wearable bracelets are also ideal for couples with one partner that frequently travels, such as business travel. 

Even couples that live and work in the same town can benefit. Sending your partner a gentle squeeze during the workday - even if you’re just a mile or two apart - is a nice reminder that you’re thinking of them.

Hey Bracelet isn’t just limited to romantic relationships, though. They’re also ideal for grandparents you might not see often. Send them a squeeze to let them know they’re in your thoughts.

Sending “human” touch over a distance is beneficial for anyone you want to send regular reminders of love. 

Of course, even the best touch bracelets won’t mimic real human contact. Hey Bracelet certainly doesn’t. But, it offers a passable substitute when there’s too much space between the two of you for the real thing.

Do note that these bracelets do require a smartphone app for use. They require a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone to function properly, so they’re not a good choice for those without smartphones or similarly app-enabled devices. 

Hey Bracelet Pricing 

Hey Bracelet currently costs $119 for a pair. 

In addition to the bracelets (one is black and one is white), you also get two micro USB charging cables and one quick start guide. 

Do note that the bracelets must be used with the Hey app for iOS or Android. 

Hey Bracelet Alternatives 

Hey Bracelet currently receives little competition in the “touch bracelet” space. 

One notable exception is Bond Touch. Their Bond Touch Bracelets boasts many of the same features as Hey Bracelet in a slightly different looking package. 

Compare the style of both before making your selection. We prefer the look of Hey Bracelet, but both options look nice. Neither looks cheap. Both are quite minimalist in appearance. 

Bond Touch does offer a few more options in terms of style. You can select between three colors for each of the two bracelets. You can’t decide on colors with Hey Bracelet. You get one white bracelet and one black bracelet.

Activation is quick and easy with Hey Bracelet and Bond Touch Bracelets. There is little if any difference in terms of setup. The same goes for overall functionality. Both wearables use an associated smartphone app with Bluetooth to send out their haptic signals. 

Honestly, the differences in how these two bracelets work are minimal that we encourage you to select the one you like best based on looks alone (although Bond Touch costs slightly less).

Is Hey Bracelet Right for You? 

Hey Bracelet is a good choice for those already interested in a human touch wearables. 

At just over $100 for a pair, the bracelets are a decent investment if you’re already in a long-term relationship or expect you will be in short order. 

We recommend those in long-term relationships at least check out Hey Bracelet to see if it’s something that might compliment texting, phone calls, and video calls. 

We do suggest comparing Hey Bracelet with Bond Touch Bracelet and other long-distance bracelets before making a final decision. The features and functions are very similar, but you might prefer how one looks over the other.

While neither actually replicates the feel of human touch very realistically, the gentle squeeze provided by Hey Bracelet is a nice reminder that someone is thinking about you. 

About the author 

Jennifer Craig

Jennifer Craig has been in a successful long-distance relationship and started SurviveLDR to encourage those who want to pursue love with partners in far land.

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