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Femme Ultra Bullet Review – Why should you buy it?

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If you are someone who is not extremely loud about your versatile sex toys collection or just starting out, bullet vibrators are cute, unintimidating, and definitely a perfect place to start.

Due to their pocket-friendly size and discreet nature, they are widely preferred by many. If you’ve never had one, check out Femme Fun’s Ultra Bullet in this review we’ve put together.

About Femme Fun Ultra Bullet

What is Femme Fun Ultra Bullet?

What is Femme Fun Ultra Bullet?

Femme Fun is a bullet vibrator that provides external clitoris stimulation. They are perfect first-time sex toys. Bullet vibrators give you that external buzz that is needed by many women for an orgasm. Their small size and aesthetically pleasing exterior make them ideal for ideal travel, and also if you are a newbie.

The widest part of the Ultra Bullet is 9.1 inches thicker. It is waterproof and perfect for nice, steamy showers and a fun hot bubble bath. It is also available in the three colors – Pink, purple and turquoise. The bullet is fat and is covered with silicone.


Who should buy this product?

  • Beginner: If you are starting your sex toy collection, this vibrator is perfect.
  • For showers: It is 100% waterproof and is perfect for showers.
  • Stimulation: The vibrator is perfect for even nipples and inner thigh stimulation
  • Small and pocket friendly: It is small and pocket friendly.
  • Involve your partner: You can use this for both solos and partnered play.
  • Aesthetic: If you are someone who likes aesthetics along with function, this cute, hot pink vibrator could potentially be your best friend.


How to use Femme Fun?

If you are using Femme Fun or any bullet vibrator for the first time, it is better if you know how it works to get the actual fun. These pointers will save you a lot of hassle and make you fall in love with sex toys.

How to Use Femme Fun

  1. The Femme Fun ultra-bullet is versatile and easy to use. The Femme Fun offers 20 vibration modes that can be operated with simple buttons. This also has a memory function. If you, for some reason, have to stop your bullet briefly, the memory function helps you to start off from the same. There are three steady speeds and seventeen patterns.

  2. The Femme Fun can also be recharged easily. The Femme Fun can be easily switched on by pressing one button and can be navigated from one mode to another by holding the button. Unfortunately, you’ll have to sit through all the 17 pattern before you reach the steady mode.

  3. Femme Fun is best when used with lube. A good lubricant increases any sexual experience. Lube, along with the best vibrator out there in the market, is the best combination. This is designed to make the clitoris more responsive.

Quality and Price

Why is Femme Fun Ultra bullet a must-have in your sex toy collection?

The Ultra-Bullet is preferred by many because it is one of the strongest, tiny vibrators available out there. It is perfect for external clitoris stimulation. It is strong, and it rumbles, which is perfect for giving your thousands of perfect orgasms.

The Ultra-Bullet is just $49 and offers more than what you can perceive at this price. They are bendy and not squishy, making them almost perfect.



Ultra bullet is a silicone, flexible, and amazing bullet vibrator. It helps to reach the perfect orgasm in a less frustrating way. If you are not ready to spend a lot of money when buying yourself a vibrator but, at the same time, want something that provides the right amount of external stimulation, you should give the Femme Fun Ultra bullet a try.

It is a really good sex toy you should pack for your next vacation because of its perks. Although it cannot be used for anal or internal stimulation, its pros weigh out its cons, making this product an amazing one. Not that you know all about Femme Fun Ultra Bullet, utilize this amazing

8 Total Score

  • Appearance - The bullet is waterproof and is also made up of silicone. It is extremely safe and, at the same time, is very versatile. You can explore a number of things, from cold water showers to hotbaths using this. It is flexible and made up of 100% body-safe silicone material.
  • Quiet - The best part of this is that it is not only rumbly but will help you do your thing in silence. This will save you from a lot of awkwardness if someone walks into your room.
  • Mode - This smart product has about 20 vibration patterns. Out of which, three are steady modes, and the others are patterns. You can choose the mode that will cater to your taste.
  • Versatile - Bullet vibrators are the most versatile equipment as they not only stimulate your clitoris but also can add a few more nipples and inner thigh stimulation that will round up your sexual experience to an amazing one.
  • Memory function - As mentioned before, this is also a drawback because when you want to start again, it will start from where it stopped and not from a slow speed. You might have to go through it all to reach the pattern you want. This can be extremely tedious if you want a quick orgasm.
  • Patterns - Although many prefer patterns, most like to start with a steady mode. Unfortunately, the Ultra bullet has only three steady modes. This can make your clit feel exhausted, especially if you don't prefer them.
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Femme Ultra Bullet Review – Why should you buy it?
Femme Ultra Bullet Review – Why should you buy it?

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