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The Arcwave Ion Review – First impressions And All You Need To Know Before Buying One

For many of you out there, a male masturbator is something quite new. So, what all can you do with it? Will it get you the ultimate pleasure? Here’s our comprehensive Arcwave Ion review to answer you.

So, without wasting any longer, let’s explore everything about the male stroker. The Arcwave’s new Pleasure Air technology has come up with a new design knows as the Arcwave Ion, making it the first sex toy that uses this.

About Arcwave Ion

What is Arcwave Ion?

What is Arcwave Ion?

Pleasure Air Technology has changed the sex toy industry. Finally, there are toys than just vibrators for women. The Pleasure Air stroker created by the field’s giant, Wow tech is one such toy. This Pleasure Air stroker that enhances a male’s masturbation experience is called the Arcwave Ion.

It uses smart technology to stimulate the Pacinian receptors in the frenulum. The Pleasure Air technology combines both the manual stroking and stimulation. It senses skin contact, switches on and off automatically. But most importantly, the reason why the Arcwave Ion seems more advanced for its time is because of its sleek design, and also this has taken sextech to a new level.

It is quite stylish and also preserves aesthetics, unlike other products that visibly look erotic. Funnily, it barely looks like a sex toy and more like a Bluetooth speaker. This is a plus if you want to keep sex toys less obviously looking. The main part of the product is made up of silicone.

The product is body-friendly, and the silicone sleeve makes the product more hygienic. It is also easy to clean, and the CleanTech silicon, which they take extreme pride in, feels good on the skin.


What makes the Arcwave Ion an amazing product?

Arc wave ion had a lot of buzz around it as it claimed to make men feel something similar to a female orgasm. However, apart from this, there are other reasons why this product is a good investment and addition to your sex toy collection.


If you are subtle about your products and not loud, then this is the perfect product as it uses Pleasure air stimulation. So, instead of the product that comes in contact with the penis, it is the airwaves. It turns on when it touches the skin and switches off when it doesn’t. This is an added feature and can be either used or not.

Easy to clean

This product is a perfect example of how smart technology can also be easy to use. All you have to do to clean this product is a twist to take the inner motor and electronics out. You can then just use warm water to rinse the parts and wipe them with your toy cleaner if you have one.

The company recommends the use of towels or tissues, but you can also simplify the cleaning process even by a little more. You can use a condom to keep things less messy. It works almost perfect with a condom on too.

The sleeve of your Ion is also interesting as the silicone sleeve is open-ended. An open-ended sleeve makes your orgasms feel more natural, although this is for functional use of maintaining the air pressure. It also helps to simplify the cleaning process.


Unlike many male sex toys, this is automatic, and all you have to do is switch it on to get it to start. It also comes with a silicone charging base. When placed on the silicone stick, it not only removes any unwanted water droplets but also charges automatically. This keeps your stroker well maintained for longer.


How to use the Arcwave Ion?

How to Use Arcwave Ion?

  1. After pressing the switch on, the plus button, your device comes to life and rumbles. Right after that, your product will automatically enter into smart silence mode that helps you from giving away that you are masturbating to other around.

  2. Lube is necessary to avoid friction. You can use any water-based lube to the Ion and insert your penis into it. Once your penis comes in contact with its sensor, it will stimulate. You can play around with the product by combining manual stroking with stimulation. You experimenting with your right way to use it

  3. You can also either increase or decrease the intensity of the airwaves based on what works out well for you. You can also switch off the mode that turns on and off because of the motion sensor. You can also set the intensity high based on your preference.


What makes the Arcwave Ion unique?

Although just a stroker, the Arc Wave ion is the first of its kind. It is the first pleasure air sex toy that induces a male to feel the female orgasm and masturbate, just like how you would during sexual intercourse.

The way it works

The sensation is quite different than what normal masturbation would feel, in a more pleasurable manner. When you use the product for the first time, you will understand how much of a difference Pleasure Air can do. Stimulation alone can make you masturbate, but if you want something more, you should combine this with minimal stroking.

The way it feels

It uses airwaves to stimulate Pacinian receptors. They are sensory receptors found on the frenulum that detects vibration to the skin. The airwaves from your Ion sucks the frenulum. This sensation is unique from normal strokers. Another added advantage is that the Ion makes you stimulated, which is not possible in other strokers.


How much does it cost?

The technology is smart and makes everything about male orgasm easier and more real. This product is a bit more on the pricier end but is worth every bit. The Arc wave website has the product for around $199.

Price list

Where to Buy

Buy on Arcwave Best Values

Hit the right nerve. Meet the world’s first Pleasure Air™ stroker. Experience a new type of orgasm as unique pulsating airwaves.


Last Notes

If you want to invest in a product that not only looks sleek but also gets the work done in the most stimulating way, then spending a little more as a one-time investment would be the best way to go about it. The Arc wave ion is one such product. Now, you can not only use it if you are alone but also can include it to make your relationship a bit more adventurous. We hope that our Arcwave Ion review helped you!

8.1 Total Score

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