First Impressions on This Brand New Kiiroo KEON Automatic Male Masturbator – 2022 Update

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With the current advancements in technology, you have no reason to settle for boring adult toys.

The internet has plenty of interactive adult content. With lots of variety on each site, Kiiroo has been helping people satisfy their needs. Kiiroo is the leading sex tech company in the industry, serving men, women, and couples near and far.

Whether you want complete control of your sexual session or have a desire to relinquish power for a more spontaneous, realistic experience, the professionals at Kiiroo have a product for you.

The KEON with Real Feel Stroker is the latest installment in the Kiiroo family of products. It is the company’s first in-house automatic male masturbator.

The Kiiroo KEON is fully interactive, making it ideal for long-distance couples who miss their partner’s touch or men who want to immerse themselves in 2D or virtual adult content.

As an automatic male masturbator, this bad boy does a great job. This Kiiroo KEON review will tell you everything you need to know about this male masturbatory device so that you can start experiencing some of the best solo sexual encounters you will ever have.

Quick Recap!

For individuals who don’t follow the news concerning sex toys, help should look at this fast recap.

Kiiroo is a brand-new player in the market of sex toys. It started in 2013. Kiiro’s headquarters is in Amsterdam between the business and red-light districts. As so, Kiiro focuses on interactive sex toys makes perfect sense.

They specialize in teledildonics – using technology to create new and better connections, interactions, and exploration opportunities because the demand in an increasingly digitalized world grows daily.

Kiiroo is a brand that first developed a reputation through their collaboration with Fleshlight on the Launch and their own toy, the Kiiroo Onyx.

The Launch, a male masturbator, used a motor to physically move a full-sized stroker up and down, which was discontinued earlier this year. All that existed to satisfy that craving was the Quickshot Launch.

On October 9th, For your pleasure, Kiiroo introduced the Kiiroo Keon, its latest product. We enjoy writing so, Here’s an honest Kiiroo Keon Review:


Product Features

The product package includes the KEON, a Real Feel Stroker, and it comes with a sex toy cleaner, lubricant, warming lubricant, and a micro USB cord.

Its compact design allows for easy handling, and both pieces weigh a total of 4.2 lbs. It’s 2.4 pounds for Kiiroo Keon and 1.8 lbs for the Feel Stroker. It weighs about the same as the Kiiroo Onyx but offers more strokes.

Neither the packaging nor the Kiiro KEON itself contains prominent branding, making it discreet enough to ship to your home and display on a shelf. The Real Feel Stroker loads from the bottom and fits snugly inside the machine.

When the device is not in use, it will sit straight up on its base. Thus, the matte discreet look won’t create any suspicions. Also, You would not have to worry about it tipping over and exposing the Stroker’s opening.

The KEON loads from the bottom. Thus, the Real Feel Stroker is simple to insert into the machine. Additionally, it is compatible with Star Strokers, so you won’t have to limit yourself to a single emotion.

Furthermore, The head of its durable casing has deep ridges that snap into place once you place it into the device and give it a firm twist. This secure locking mechanism prevents the Stroker from slipping out of place and interrupting your experience.

Compared to previous versions, the Fleshlight case is somewhat larger, while the Kiiroo Keon one is smaller. However, despite their difference in size and weight, fleshlight stroker is compatible with Keon.

Also, as part of its unique features, a suction end cap is provided to help you fine-tune the toy’s fit, remove air/noise, and make cleaning the sleeve more straightforward.

The Stroker’s interior sleeve consists of TPE or thermoplastic rubber. Its design includes plenty of nodules and bulbs from tip to tip, creating more surface area to wrap snuggly around your penis. It is soft to the touch and creates realistic sensations whether or the machine is on or off.

Kiiroo sets the bar high for automatic male sex toys. Here are some other key features of the Kiiroo KEON:

Manual Mode

This Keon machine comes in two modes: Manual Mode and Interactive Mode. In Manual Mode, This masturbatory aid has convenient buttons on either side to control its stroke length and stroke speed. This can be your manual stroker.

You can change the settings at any time during your session to enhance your experience with a quick press of your thumb. The thin strip of LED lights above the buttons will change as a visible indicator of the KEON’s current setting.

How to use the manual mode?

Push the small mode button for 2 seconds until the LED light becomes white to start manual mode.

In manual mode, you may adjust the length and speed setting of Keon’s stroke. There are two buttons, and four LED lights on the machine’s sides.

The left side buttons, “+” and “control the stroke’s length and depth. To distinguish between the different stroke lengths, there are four light indications. 

With the right-side buttons presses, you may increase or decrease the brush speed. There are eight-speed setting to choose from. Each of the four LED indicators shows the machine’s speed in two colors. 

Keon may be put on hold by pressing the power button just once. The LEDs will begin to flash a purple color as soon as you turn them on. Press the power button once more to resume where you left off. The machine will resume moving when the LEDs become white.

In manual mode, all you have to do is push the up and down keys to direct the masturbator’s movements toward you. Also, a Video Demo of this is available on various sites.

Real Feel Stroker

Compared to all the other toys compatible with Fleshlight Superskin strokers, the Kiiroo Keon comes with a Real Feel stroker. This Reel Feel stroker creates a unique experience with Keon.

This is the first time that Kiiroo has created their own in-house unique blend of silicone and TPE to produce their own sleeve surface treatment. As a result, Kiiroo Keon is a solidly made quality toy.

Aside from the texture resemblance, with a Stamina Training Unit, they obviously selected these little bumps for a specific purpose. Your penis will enjoy this new toy.

Though, you should note that some sleeve types are not exact matches thus may not function well with an automated toy. A soft plastic to make it feel like actual intercourse. Kiiroo Keon feels great!

Interactive Capabilities

Achieve more with your Kiiroo KEON with its Bluetooth connections. Bluetooth has always been a priority for the company. Thus, all other toys of Kiiroo’s are Bluetooth-enabled toys.

When you push the machine’s power button for around 3 seconds, the interactive mode is the default setting. Then, when the machine’s LED lights are blinking blue, it’s ready to connect.  The initial setup is a quick and easy, tech-savvy or not—fast and easy connection with next to no lag time. 

Firstly, you must switch Bluetooth on to use the FeelConnect 3.0 app to connect with Keon to use the interactive mode. Next, download the  Feel Connect app to your phone via google play store for Android and Apple App Store for iPhones. 

Then, Scan the QR Code to connect your Keon to your phone or your partner’s phone. As said, Most of Kiiroo’s toys are Bluetooth enabled and can be accessed remotely.

Once connected, use the app’s touch control feature to operate the machine or have it manually. This will serve as a remote both for you and your partner to enjoy.

People with wives who want remote intimacy when the real thing isn’t there have reaped the advantage. These will have their wives or partners to get creative with their settings, rough or smooth, fast or slow, they both will enjoy no matter how far apart they are from each other.

While you’re on a chat or video conference, let your partner, who far away, manages the strokes with the app as their remote control. Or you may have it with just another person you feel like having. It’s a go for Keon.

Another option is to play interactive adult content – 2D or VR content on your computer.  A simple content search or title search for generic selectors’ exact matches. Enjoy queer porn videos on the couch hands-free! 

To sum it up, Keon will be your ultimate spice-up machine. You can sync the device to other Kiiroo devices, interactive webcams, and interactive adult content online. The KEON’s design allows for maximum sexual pleasure, and it will mimic on-screen movements or the motions originating from another adult toy.


The device comes with a 16.8V 700mAh battery pre-installed. Since the batteries have a greater voltage, it will provide a strong thrusting action.

However, Because the 700mAh battery seems to be so low compared to the voltage, the battery life duration ranges from 30 minutes to two hours. For a full charge, plug in the stoker in the base and wait for all the lights on the side to turn blue. Kiiroo Keon takes around 4 hours.

Probably, the charging port’s most overlooked feature in Kiiroo Keon Review is that you can use a standard micro USB charger instead of some wild scientific experiment you’ll have to keep watch of.

Stroke Speed and Stroke Length

The right side contains buttons that control its stroke speed, which has seven discernable settings. As a result, it delivers about a hundred more strokes per minute. Also, it still offers fifty more strokes per minute than the Launch, which is twice as heavy. Your real high-tech quality toy!

On the left are buttons that control the length of the device’s stroke. Even on bigger guys, this stroke length ranges from 0.8 to 2.56 inches in depth. It maxes out at six inches, making it an ideal sex toy for men with nearly any sized penis. You’ll be amazed at how deep it feels with your penis inside.

Star Strokers

Now just like Fleshlight, Keon users have different texture preferences. It only has the exact matches for you. And some want variety. So, Keon came up with their Feel Stars Strokers (kind of like Fleshlight Girls).

The exterior casing and sleeve material of the Feel Star Strokers is the same as that of the original Real Stroker. You will pay $10 extra for the stroker alone, but they are over an inch longer than the OG. It will help you feel a luxurious experience with a simple title search or content search on porn sites.

So far, there are eight different Feel Stars strokers to select from – Britney Amber, Apolonia Lapiedra, Kenzie Taylor, Alexis Fawx, Natalia Starr, Nicolette Shea, Rae Lil Black, and Victoria June. They’re all compatible with Keon, so that you may use any of them.

The Star Strokers are sold separately. However, it can be purchased separately (you can even use them manually) or ordered with Keon.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Kiiroo Keon appears to be very sturdy. The feeling of holding it makes you feel as if you’re holding a high-quality item. Although it’s too early to say how long the gadget will last, it does come with a 1-year warranty.

The Keon is also tiny and compact, so it’s easy to keep it in your car.

After using it, however, make sure to clean it well before putting it away. Using a specialist sex toy cleaner is one method, but there are others as well.

The Kiiroo Keon’s Machine section is splash-resistant, but it is not waterproof. It’s impossible just to put it in a sink full of water or run water over it. Keon’s Masturbator is not powered by electricity, so you may clean it the way you want with no hassle. There are a few extra procedures for cleaning Keon’s sleeve.

  1. Remove the Feel Stroker from the Keon’s grasp.
  2. Pull out the Sleeve from the Feel Stroker’s outer shell.
  3. Rinse the sleeve well with warm water or a toy cleanser.
  4. Allow for natural drying of the sleeve.
  5. Using antibacterial wipes, rinse or wipe clean the outside of the casing to eliminate any germs.
  6. After the sleeve has dried naturally, add a revitalizing powder to the whole sleeve to keep it smooth and silky.


In general, cleaning Kiiroo Keon requires some work, but it is not too difficult for anybody to do successfully. All you have to do now is keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Instead of using revitalizing powder, try using cornstarch or baby powder to keep your sleeves fresh and clean.
  • The Kiiroo Keon sleeves takes a very long time to dry.
  • Allowing sleeves to dry naturally is just as important as washing them correctly. Sleeves that have not been properly dried may contain germs and pathogens.
  • Oil-based lubricants have the potential to degrade silicone and cause small lumps that harbor bacteria. Nobody likes to deal with germs and unpleasantness on their sex toys and penis.

Everything about the Kiiroo KEON’s design and functionality makes men feel like they are having sex with another person. Though you will not have the pleasure of physically touching your partner, this male sex toy provides unmatched genital stimulation that will bring you to a quick, intense orgasm.

Kiiroo KEON vs. Fleshlight Launch

Kiiroo KEON vs. Fleshlight Launch

The Kiiroo KEON is the successor to the Fleshlight Launch, a male masturbatory collaboration between Kiiroo and Fleshlight. Both companies used their respective specialties to create the Fleshlight Launch.

Kiiroo took care of the device’s technology, and Fleshlight sourced top-quality materials for the masturbatory sleeve.

The KEON blowjob machine, however, is Kiiroo’s first in-house male masturbatory aid, and it exceeds its predecessor in size, functionality, and power.


One of the drawbacks to the Fleshlight Launch is its size. It stands at 12.5 inches tall with a wide width. A definite downfall when compared with Keon.

On the other hand, The Kiiroo KEON is more compact and fits comfortably on your lap. Moreover, its compact size with side-ridges makes it easier to hold between your legs if you prefer not to lay it flat on your lap.


Nothing is more frustrating than losing your rhythm while using an automatic toy, which is a common issue with the Fleshlight Launch.

Unlike its predecessor, the KEON has small ridges along its side for easier gripping, whereas the Launch was smooth, without gripping grooves. The KEON also has a grounded design to prevent it from slipping from your hands once the machine starts moving.

Along the ridges are buttons to control the device’s stroke speed and stroke length. So there is no worry about accidentally hitting a sensitive touchpad with the KEON, the Fleshlight Launch’s primary control feature. Instead, with a quick press of your thumb, you can switch to one of the KEON’s seven speeds or change the depth of its stroke.

Another upgrade to the KEON from the Launch is its pause feature. Fleshlight Launch, although it can be interactive, does not have a pause function.

 No matter how you use Kiiroo’s male masturbator – manually or paired with interactive content – you can quickly pause the device with a quick press of the power button on the back of the machine. Then, press the button again, and the masturbator will continue where it left off, which will help you increase your sexual stamina by prolonging your orgasm, a stamina training unit.


Without question, the Kiiroo KEON is the most powerful automatic male masturbator on the market. It can achieve up to 230 strokes per minute under its shortest and fastest setting.

 Under the same conditions, the Launch maxes out at 180 strokes per minute. So it’s a lot slower than Launch. However, Launch will be good for starters.


Experience Long-Distance Intimacy with the Kiiroo KEON

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or often spend nights away from your partner, your sex life could suffer unless you find other means of release that won’t jeopardize your relationship. 

The Kiiroo KEON is the best way to have the intimacy you desire with and without your significant other. Kiiroo will fill satisfy both you and your partner’s distant nights.

The KEON’s interactive abilities allow for remote operation through the Feel Connect app. Once you download the service on your smartphone or tablet, you can sync it to your masturbator over Bluetooth. The three interactive settings include partner, website, and app control:


Kiiroo’s new male masturbatory toy is fully capable of connecting to online erotic content to create an immersive experience. You can connect to 2D or VR content, and the machine will sync with the video to mimic the movements of whatever you see on screen. This option is perfect for anyone who is having a solo session but does not want complete control.

This feature also works well with interactive webcam shows. So now you can feel closer to your favorite webcam content.

App Control

If you do not want to control the KEON manually, but you do want to have a more personal experience, you can access your device to someone else through the Feel Connect app. 

Once your partner downloads the app and gains control of your KEON, they can operate it with a few touches of their hands and to their liking using various settings that will show up on their phone or tablet screen. 

Eventually, the app will expand its abilities to include customized stroke patterns or match the device’s movements to a song’s rhythm while you listen.

Partner Interaction

Kiiroo has a firm grip on using technology to enhance sexual encounters, noticeable in the KEON. This sex toy is an excellent relationship aid because it helps you stay connected to your significant other no matter where you are in the world.

When you and your partner download the Feel Connect app, they can control your KEON from afar and make your solo session more intimate and personal. All it takes to create such a connection is your smartphones and the internet.

The app also has video and chat support, so you and your significant other can communicate with each other and have visual stimulation to accompany the motion of this powerful automatic masturbator.

You can take the intimacy a step further with the KEON because it can pair with FeelTechnology-enabled devices and other interactive Kiiroo toys, such as the Pearl2, a popular G-spot vibrator. 

The Pearl2 has internal sensors that detect how fast and deep it moves when in use. If you and your partner sync both devices to the Feel Connect app, the app will transmit the data from the Pearl2 to the KEON, which will mimic your partner’s movements.

With the KEON, you can have a perfectly simulated sexual experience with your partner, even if you are thousands of miles away.

Price List

Where to Buy?

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Alternatives to the Kiiroo KEON

Though the KEON is superior to the Fleshlight Launch, the latter is a viable alternative to the Kiiroo sexual experience. When it comes to automatic male masturbators, these two are the top-of-the-line options, with KEON in the lead.

The KEON comes with a patented Real Feel Stroker and TPE sleeve that fits perfectly in the machine. Though its textured sleeve is all you will ever need for a satisfying experience, it is compatible with any of the classic Fleshlight sleeves, making the device perfect for anyone who wants variety.

If you aren’t ready to experience a Kiiroo KEON’s full power, the company offers other interactive male masturbatory devices to help you achieve climax. In addition, Kiiroo can offer you something else.

One could be Titan by Kiiroo is a handheld vibrating masturbator complete with touch-sensitive pads and a ribbed grip to stop your hand from slipping out of place. 

Like the KEON, it contains a soft Real Feel sleeve and nine interior vibrating bullets. Also, as part of Kiiroo’s toys, this device can be controlled by you or your partner with the feel connect app.

The Kiiroo ONYX+ is the next generation above the Titan, and its smaller size is perfect for people who travel often. It has three functions: interactive, manual, and automatic.

With these types of male sex toys, you can immerse yourself in erotic online content and have a blissful one-on-one session. Then, with a partner or not, you will be able to enjoy your night.


Overall Impressions

The Kiiroo KEON is a sleek, compact automatic male masturbator discreet enough to keep out in the open. Also, Keon offers a lot of features to enjoy.

It’s Real Feel Stroker is one that you should highlight. The interactive capabilities and multiple options for speed and stroke length make the machine a part of having it at its best price.

As an automatic masturbator, it exceeds all expectations. It is comfortable to use, and its design is perfect for creating uninterrupted sexual encounters. No matter how slick your hands are from a lubricant, the KEON will not slip from your grip.

Also, it should be emphasized how the charging port is the most overlooked feature. A standard micro USB charger is a pretty good deal. 

Final Verdict

With the KEON, lonely days will be few and far between. It will help you stay connected to your partner even if you are in a long-distance relationship or socially distancing. 

Kiiroo successfully integrates technology into their sex toys for men, women, and couples to elevate sexual experiences, and the KEON is no exception.

As an automatic male masturbator, the KEON’s design allows for hours of fun. Its impressive ability to reach 230 strokes per minute and last up to two hours after briefly charging helps this sex toy stand out from the rest.

Also, you won’t have to worry about hiding this toy from visitors. The discreet matte black design wouldn’t be that eye-catching. But, thanks to its lack of branding—grab it and have a blast.

For maximum masturbatory pleasure, look no further than the KIIROO Keon. This powerful automatic masturbatory machine and Real Feel Stroker will provide hours of bliss, whether you are alone or with a partner. 

Kiiroo’s Fleshlight sleeves compatibility, overall power, and connectivity to 2D and virtual reality content, KIIROO vibrators, and other FeelTechnology-enabled adult gadgets make this male toy one of the best on the market. 

If you are skeptical of this Kiiroo KEON review, try it for yourself—and let it make a believer out of you.

8.3 Total Score

  • Superior to the Fleshlight Launch
  • Capable of enabling remote sex
  • Pairable with interactive online adult content
  • Quiet
  • Price
  • Weight may be too heavy for traveling
  • Sound and video on some interactive content will not sync perfectly to the device
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