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Note: Don’t purchase Kiiroo products before you check out this bonus package. 

The internet changed everything, including sex toys. Internet-enabled sex toys let long-distance lovers feel each other in real time. Kiiroo is seen as a leader in the field. Kiiroo makes products for him, for her, and for same-sex couples. Kiiroo wants you to be able to touch your partner in a whole new way, regardless of your gender expression or sexual preferences. Through smart sex toys, Kiiroo is making the distance (a little) easier to handle.

Kiiroo Onyx 2 & Pearl 2 Summery

Kiiroo Onyx 2 & Pearl 2  Short Summery

onyx 2 and pearl 2 set

  • Bluetooth enabled and can interact with each other when connected to the app.
  • The Pearl 2 has seven vibration settings, and the Onyx 2 has two modes.
  • The Pearl 2 is a silky, smooth silicone material that is easy to clean.
  • Onyx2 has a Fleshlight sleeve that feels pretty realistic.

Kiiroo Onyx 2 & Pearl 2 Review

Kiiroo Onyx 2 & Pearl 2 Review

Kiiroo Onyx 2 & Pearl 2 Couples Set

I’ll go into more detail, but here are the most important things to know about this set:

  • His and hers sex toy that interact with each other when connected to the app.
  • The Kiiroo Onyx is an automatic male masturbatory sleeve, and the Pearl 2 is a touch-sensitive G spot vibrator.
  • Each toy is Bluetooth enabled and can interact with each other when connected to the app (internet connection needed).
  • The Pearl 2 has seven vibration settings, and the Onyx has two modes. Although the Pearl 2 is relatively quiet, the Kiiroo Onyx is a bit loud, so make sure you have some privacy.
  • The Kiiroo Pearl 2 is a silky, smooth silicone material that is easy to clean, and the Onyx has a Fleshlight superskin sleeve that feels great.
  • When combined with video chat app, Onyx and the Pearl 2 is the closest we’ve come to having actual long distance sex. 

If you want a few more details — read on for a detailed description of my erotic experiences with the Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl 2.

Unpacking the Pearl 2 & Onyx 2

First of all, the Pearl 2 and Onyx 2 are beautiful. They’ve been designed to be minimal, sleek and, well, really sexy. To me, they look like the Apple of sex toys in that they’ve clearly been designed with aesthetic in mind.

Pearl 2

The Pearl 2 is a vibrator with touch technology that connects with the Onyx 2. It has seven vibration modes that range from low, medium, high, slow pulse and fast pulse, and it responds intuitively to touch.

Not only is it long, but it also has an advanced G-spot vibrator that will leave you breathless. The end is at the perfect angle to reach all of your hot spots. Because the vibrator has touch technology, you can take it for a solo spin when it’s in Sensitive Touch Vibration mode. As you take yourself to pleasure town, the Pearl’s 2 sensors will react by increasing or decreasing the speed of the vibration. Or you can create your own patterns. The vibrations are powerful, so don’t jump straight to the strongest setting.

But the reason I’m reviewing the Pearl 2 is because you can have an intimate experience with your partner online. When you connect with Onyx 2, every single move you make will cause the rings in your partner’s Onyx to contract so that they can feel you in real time. Whenever the vibrator comes into contact with your body, whether you’re moving the upper surface of the device over your clitoris or you move it deeper inside to feel the entire shaft, the Pearl will transmit these movements to Onyx, which will respond by moving in sync. I liked that I could tease him a little. Sometimes when we would have cybersex, he would get a little bit too excited, but now, I have full control over it.

Plus, your partner can control the speed and pattern of vibration of the Pearl 2 with the external touch pad. The two-way communication between toys gives you the ability to maintain some intimacy with your lover from anywhere in the world. I cannot express how incredible this is.

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 is made out of a soft material that feels good and is easy to clean with warm water and antibacterial soap or a specialized toy cleaner. It also charges by USB, so you can plug it into your computer to recharge … maybe while watching something to get yourself in the mood. For more information about how the Pearl 2 works, check out the manual.

Onyx 2

Kiiroo Onyx2Onyx 2 unpacked

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 is for male use. An automatic male masturbator, the Onyx 2 is lined with an ultra-soft and lifelike Fleshlight superskin sleeve.

Nothing beats skin on skin, but Fleshlight is the leading maker of masturbatory sleeves for men, so it’s high quality. Inside the Kiiroo Onyx 2 are 10 contracting rings that simulate the feeling of intercourse. When connected the Onyx 2 is now able to send signals to the Pearl 2, thus completing a truly natural, two-way experience. The dual pleasure core will mimic your movements for an interactive, erotic experience.

What’s cool about this sex toy is that it doesn’t look like any other masturbatory sleeve I’ve ever seen before. It’s concealed in a cool outer casing that, like the Kiiroo Pearl 2, is controlled by touch. The Kiiroo Onyx 2 is a two-way device that connects with the Pearl 2 and the Onyx 2. Your partner’s device would be connected to your Pearl 2, and vice versa, and you both can have a lot of fun controlling it.

My partner said that the actual sensations from the contracting rings were pleasurable, but not be enough to bring to orgasm. He was a bit disappointed to find that he had to thrust to get to orgasm. 

My partner recommends using a water-based lubricant with the Onyx 2, and always clean in the internal Fleshlight superskin sleeve with warm water and allow it to air dry before put it back in the casing. 

How the Long-Distance Sex Sync Works

The devices are connected through Bluetooth to the Feel Connect app. All you and your partner have to do is pair your respective device with your computers tablet or phone and then share with each other a special link so that you can sync your devices online. When you’re paired online, you can get the touch and intimacy you crave—even if your partner is thousands of miles away.

My partner and I have tried a lot (I mean a lot) of sex toys, and using the Kiiroo Onyx 2 and the Pearl 2 is the closest we’ve come to having actual long-distance sex. He was able to feel every move I made as I pleasured myself—all while seeing, hearing and feeling each other.In addition, the toys are compatible with the FeelMe interactive adult site, which offers interactive video content, online porn for all tastes, interactive Virtual Reality content, live webcams, and more.

Overall Impressions

The Pearl 2 and Onyx 2 are both beautiful, which is surprisingly important when it comes to sex toys. You don’t want anything distracting you from the experience.

Unfortunately, the Kiiroo Onyx 2 is pretty loud, which is a bit distracting. My partner recommends making sure you’re alone and using headphones to block out the noise. The touch capabilities are impressive, but the truly standout thing for me is the video software. It’s a really easy way to feel truly connected to your partner, and it adds a whole new dimension to the sex-toy experience.

onyx 2 and pearl 2 set

  •   Both Onyx and Pearl2 are beautifully designed and feel really sexy.
  •    One of the best sex toys online sync for real-time long-distance sex.
  •    The Pearl 2 is made out of a soft material that feels good and is easy to clean.
  • The Onyx has a Fleshlight superskin sleeve that feels pretty realistic.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • The battery should comfortably last for an hour, charged with a USB cable.
  •   The Onyx is pretty loud, which can be a bit distracting.
  •    The actual sensations from the contracting rings for Onyx are pleasurable, but might not be enough to bring to orgasm.
  •   Although buying these long distance sex toys together is cheaper, it’s still a steep investment.
  • Some men might not like the pumping motion of the Kiiroo Onyx.


My partner and I love the Onyx and Pearl toys. We had fun discovering new ways to pleasure each other and discovering new ways to reach climax together. Especially for couples new to long distance, these devices can transform your long-distance relationship. Being able to see each other while we fool around makes the distance not so bad.

Kiiroo Onyx2 vs Fleshlight Launch

Kiiroo Onyx2 vs Fleshlight Launch

The mechanisms of the Launch and Kiiroo Onyx 2 are slightly different, and although the Onyx 2 is undoubtedly an impressive product, the experience it delivers is slightly less realistic than the Fleshlight Launch.

It’s not cheap, either. The Kiiroo Onyx 2 costs $199; the same as the Fleshlight Launch. That said, it is a complete device and doesn’t require any additional purchases. It also looks fantastic, thanks to a sleek, discreet design.

Fleshlight Launch Summery

Fleshlight Launch Short Summery

Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch

  • Offers a level of realism far superior to its competitors.itive
  •  Can be synced with X-rated video content, or a partner device, that provides a true-to-life experience.
  •  You can choose the Fleshlight that works best for you, plus, you can use different models of Fleshlight to switch up your sessions.
  • The controls are simple, intuitive, and well-designed.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • The battery should comfortably last for an hour, charged with a USB cable.
  • It’s expensive. $199 for the device is costly enough, but the Launch also requires an additional purchase of a Fleshlight to actually use it.
  • The initial charging cycle takes 9 hours.
  • The design is not as sleek and discrete as competitors. It’s a heavy boy, and pretty bulky to boot.
  •  Relatively loud, with some users comparing it to the sound of a printer.


There’s a lot to love about the Fleshlight Launch. It’s a pioneering machine that delivers one of the most realistic sexual experiences on the market. The syncing capabilities elevate a solo session into an event, and your partner can get in on the action using a compatible advice.

The downside? It’s expensive and if you don’t have a compatible Fleshlight already, you could be looking at an expensive shopping spree.

That being said, if you have cash to spare, you won’t find anything better at this price point (ok, maybe the Keon device) and long-distance couples can really benefit from this innovative technology.

Fleshlight Launch vs Titan vs Onyx 2

Fleshlight Launch vs Titan vs Onyx 2

Comparing the three devices directly is difficult, given that they have different features and offer distinct sensations. The Launch is unquestionably a premium device, delivering an experience that is second to none in terms of realism.

That said, the Kiiroo Onyx2 is right up there in terms of accuracy. It’s also fully automatic, therefore no manual strokes are required. It’s also pretty expensive, which means that it’s awkwardly placed between the Launch and the Titan; not premium enough to justify the expense, but not affordable enough to really challenge the Titan.

The Titan might not do all the work for you, but what it does well is enhancing your solo sessions. It has the connectivity of the more expensive products, so you’ll be able to enjoy the unforgettable experience of syncing with adult content or, even better, a partner. And at $50 cheaper than both of the other devices, it’s more affordable.

So the real answer is, it depends what kind of experience you are looking for and your preferences! But, we’re impressed by all three products for different reasons, and none of them are perfect.

Titan Summery

Titan Short Summery

Kiiroo Titan


  •  Can be paired with a partner’s device to replicate their movements, and you’ll be able to reciprocate;
  •  Sophisticated and discreet design, premium appearance; looks just like a Bluetooth speaker.
  •  Can be synced with adult movies, hooked to a VR display or a partner device. 
  • Real-feel sleeve and several sequence modes and speeds.
  •  9 vibrating bullets, as well as multiple sequences and power settings, allowing you to customize the intensity.
  • USB charging, lasting 30-40 minutes per charge cycle.
  • Not as quiet as a whisper – at least up close!
  • Using the Titan is more legwork – or arm work! – than an automatic masturbator.
  • Pain to clean – you need to remove the sleeve from its 3 vibration arms and putting it back together is just as difficult.


The Kiiroo Titan offers an incredible experience in a sophisticated package. Its ability to sync with visual content and other devices can bring your wildest fantasies to spectacular life. It’s certainly an investment but represents good value when compared to adjacent products. We’re impressed with the scope of its capabilities and are confident that it’s a solid choice.

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  1. Just a fast hello and also to thank you for discussing your ideas on this page. I wound up in your blog right after researching physical fitness connected issues on Yahoo guess I lost track of what I had been performing! Anyway I’ll be back once once more inside the long run to test out your blogposts down the road. Thanks!

  2. The fundamental “fail” of the Kiiroo ONYX is that its stroking method is based soley on pressure: the rings “tighten” in sequence along the shaft of the penis. Pleasurable, yes. But not the answer. The answer is friction. The frenelum of the penis is stimulated by tactile stimulation. Rubbing. This device does no such thing. The Kiiroo LAUNCH however, does. And very well. Buy that.

    • Agreed. The same premise applies to their newest male product “Titan” The stimulus works on the same basic principle as the Onyx. Feels good, but thrusting is needed for orgasm. The “Launch” product with Fleshlight Sleeves is the better/best option for men.

  3. I’m a military member and am deployed a LOT. My wife and I thought it might be fun to try out Kiiroo’s Launch and Fuse couples set, since we read your reviews and those on a few other blogs.

    However, the devices would not sync to multiple devices, and Kiiroo won’t refund our money because they are opened. I’m not sure how someone is supposed to know an electronic won’t pair with Bluetooth before you open the box? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

    Their customer service has been the worst I’ve ever seen…and I’ve seen some bad customer service over the years. We have exchanged over 15 emails, sent a video of my wife troubleshooting, troubleshooted the devices according to their website, and they have still refused multiple requests for an RMA return authorization or a return address to mail them to. Am I the only one that thinks it’s creepy that a male customer service agent is asking my wife for video of her trying to get these devices to pair with her cellphone? I’m a tech geek and have never had a firm ask for video before when I’ve had issues.

    The point of buying these was the Bluetooth functionality. If you don’t have that, Kiiroo couldn’t charge a premium for these devices. After seeing how bad their customer service has been and their unwillingness to refund customers’ money when devices are defective, I would NEVER recommend anyone do business with them. I can understand not refunding money if there isn’t a technical issue, but not if the product doesn’t sync with Bluetooth as described in the product description. They won’t even show up as a nearby Bluetooth device to attempt pairing.

    At first, we just wanted devices that would pair until Kiiroo started treating us like idiots who don’t know how to pair a Bluetooth device and acting like we were their personal troubleshooting team. Most companies would simply send you an RMA, and then send you a replacement product once the faulty one was received…not ask you the same troubleshooting questions over and over and even basically calling us liars and telling us that they will sync. I don’t have days to spend working on getting a refund, and neither does anyone else. They can deal with my bank. I had to open a credit card fraud claim that’s been in process for over a month.

    After reading other reviews and blogs, I’ve found our experience is not an outlier. Kiiroo is aggressive in getting negative reviews taken down on Amazon and other sites (though we bought ours directly from Kiiroo) to hide their outrageous outrageous service. Basically, it’s fraud.

    At the end of the day, you cannot legally claim in a product description that a product has functionality that it does not possess. While they are based out of Amsterdam, I believe, from what I can tell, they have an office in Austin, Texas. They are in clear violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act for selling a product that does not match the product description. In addition, they are required to notify customers if a product is final sale and cannot be returned for any reason at the time of purchase, which they did not do.

  4. I see good and good and bad… good for long distance relationships… good for causal encounters…. bad for popular girl

  5. Which one did you like more between Kiroo and Lovense toys of this kind?

  6. I never heard of anything like this before. I am not exactly in the market for one though haha. I can see how this would be beneficial for some long distance couples thought. Specially if they have to be apart for months at a time. Very interesting device.

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