Lovense Hush Butt Plug Review: Get a Long-Distance Buzz

In terms of finding the best butt plug nowadays, it is very rampant as the day goes by. It brings a different type of orgasm that I would love to feel when I want it. However, there were also many misconceptions regarding butt plugs, which makes people afraid to use one. For example, they say that it will make your butt-hole big to be accessible for anal sex and so much more. But these are false. You may experience a little discomfort as it penetrates at first, but eventually, butt plugs will bring out the new spice in your sex life once you get used to it.

There are butt plugs that are good for prostate massagers like Lovense Edge 2. However, there is also a butt plug that became the World’s First Teledildonic called Lovense Hush. In this Lovense Hush review, I will tackle complete information that you should know about Lovense Hush. Additionally, why do long-distance couples, men, and women, love to use it.

I took delivery of the new Lovense Hush butt plug and ran it for a test drive to see how this app-controlled butt plug can help you get your buzz long-distance.

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Lovense Hush
Lovense Hush
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bottom line
Lovense Hush is a smooth, sexy, powerful little butt plug designed to stimulate all your anal pleasure spots. So far, not so different.
The smooth, inviting body-safe silicone feels just right.
The vibrations are strong.
 The touchpad is easy to use and intuitive.
It’s not easy to insert. It would be best if you had lots of lube.
It’s quiet enough when used in busy public places, not in quiet places.
The curved antennae press a little too hard into the tailbone.
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We-Vibe Ditto
We-Vibe Ditto
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bottom line
Anal play doesn’t have to be avoided for long-distance couples anymore! We-vibe have created The Ditto.
The we-Connect app allows for remote control.
Small and flexible, great for newbies.
The Ditto throws out some great vibrations, from gentle tickle right up to full power.
Well-built with a soft silicone outer casing; waterproof.
USB charger; each charge gives 2 hours of continuous play.
Manufacturer’s warranty.
Available in two colors.
​Quite expensive; prices vary online, but even at the cheapest, we found the Ditto substantial investment.
It might be too small for some users; although powerful, a dinky butt plug isn’t for everyone.
The short remote range and frequent app/device sync for each user can be off-putting for some.
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About Lovense Hush

What is Lovense Hush Butt Plug?

Lovense Hush is a smooth, sexy, powerful little butt plug designed to stimulate all your anal pleasure spots. So far, not so different. The main selling point of this remote control butt plug compared to others on the market is Hush gives you pleasure from long-distance play. This sex toy has different vibration patterns that are hands-free and very convenient to use, especially with the Lovense Remote app.

You can either use it for public play, solo play, or your long-distance relationship anywhere in the world. It’s a great way to have an intense sexual and romantic experience with your long-distance partner, for some hot foreplay, or whenever you need a one-on-one session. There’s a Bluetooth chip inside the Hush that connects to your phone and your partner’s phone so that you can control it via Wi-Fi to the app.

Because I’m far from my partner right now, it seemed perfect for some out-of-town experimentation. However, I would recommend you do the same if you are not and want to experience anal play with intense vibration patterns. Buying this sex toy would be your wise choice, but you have to make sure that you know everything about this vibrating butt plug before actually buying one.


Product Specifications

  • App-controlled with a free smartphone app to allow for long-distance control, among everything else;
  • Spirals on the neck to help trap lube to make it easy to remove after use;
  • Waterproof, easy to clean, can be used in the shower!
  • It has a 1-year warranty.
  • It has powerful vibrations together with different vibration patterns.
  • Hush has a sound-activated, longer battery life, better-charging cables.
  • It comes in two sizes, and either one of them can stimulate your sweet spot.
  • 100 silicone body safe and suitable for the first time using a butt plug.

Good For

Who Is Hush For?

Lovense Hush butt plug is designed for solo play, discreet public play, and long-distance couples. The Hush is a good option for an intense boost when you’re having sex, for sexy foreplay, or for those times when your partner is out of town, and you need a solo session.

If you prefer to try new sex toys for anal play, you may use this sex toy using the remote App for a mind-blowing experience. It makes me appreciate vibrating butt plugs more that’s why I believe so much in this.

Since I didn’t want to wait to ship the Hush butt plug to my partner, and he’s not the biggest fan of butt plugs anyway, I tried it out. I have been looking for this kind of butt plug for a while, thinking that something with a decent-sized head and powerful vibe would work for me.

How it Works

How Does it Work?

First off, the packaging is beautiful – sleek, minimalistic, stylish. The Lovense Hush vibrating butt plug rests within a soft inlay, and the whole package includes the butt plug, a USB charging cable, and a user guide. There’s also a guide on the website that gives you more tips on setting up and using the toy.

The Lovense Hush vibrating butt plug is compatible with both Android and iPhone. To hook up, you download the Lovense Wearables App from the store. Then, to use it, kindly turn on the toy and check it’s working by seeing the flashing light – it’s a little difficult to see whether it is on or not, but it should buzz once to let you know.

Then you follow the instructions on the App to find and connect the toy. It’s effortless – and I’m a confessed technophobe.

To connect with a partner, go to the “Long Distance” tab on the App, and tap to add a contact. They get an email from you with the request, and once they have accepted, they will show up in the “Long Distance” tab.

There’s a messaging section where you can let each other know you’re ready to play, and you can adjust settings for each partner to allow auto-play or control.

Once you’ve set it up, the next time you want to play, you don’t have to go through the same process again, as it will automatically connect with your phone when Hush is switched on.

Connect to Chaturbate

How to connect your Lovense Hush to Chaturbate?

First of all, once you get your vibrator, kindly create your Lovense account and register it. And then, download the Lovense App.

If you’re done connecting your Hush to the App, go to the Lovense browser and tune in for the Chaturbate room before it starts broadcasting.

Make sure that you find your device and the Lovense Extension icon on the left of the bar of the Lovense browser and enter the required number of tokens. Then, confirm with the Send Tip button.

Materials Made

Lovense Hush Materials Made

All Lovense products are 100% ABS Plastic and pure silicone. None of our products contain phthalates or any other harmful chemicals. Therefore, I am secure to use it anywhere I like and confident enough to recommend Lovense Hush to you.

Aside from that, if you want to know what the highest vibration level of Hush is? It depends on its vibration level. However, the medium and high stage isn’t loud at all. So be cautious in using it in public, especially in Libraries or any quiet public places.


Lovense Hush Size

The most common question I get is, “What is the size of Lovense Hush?” “Does it fit in me?” Hush has one design and two sizes. The small Hush has a 15 x 38mm diameter, while the medium Hush has 1.75 x 44.5mm.

And for intermediate users:

  • Total Length* (121mm)* 4.76 in
  • Insertable Length* (97mm)* 3.80 in
  • Base Length* (80mm)* 3.15 in
  • Neck Width*(19mm)* 0.75 in

Pair to Lovense App

Pairing your Lovense Hush to Lovense App

Using the Lovense Remote app, you may operate the Lovense toys, such as the Hush, on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Generally, the Lovense app has some mixed ratings, but I found it to be exceptional. Pairing the Hush butt plug with your partner via Bluetooth gives you more control over the Hush butt plug.

Apparently, to use the other features of Lovense Hush, you must install the Lovense App on your devices first. Your device must be one of the following: iPhone/iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPod Touch iOS 10.0 and later or Android 4.3 (Bluetooth 4.0 enabled). Or if you have Mac with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled. Then, you can install it too there.

However, if you are a Windows PC user, you may need to buy a Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter to connect your Hush.

Once you’re done with the installing process, you can proceed by pairing your Osci 2 to the gadget you choose:

  1. Tap on the tap on the Hush panel in the My Toys section.
  2. Once you see “Program,” tap it, and it’ll lead you to the programming options.
  3. Tap “Adjust Levels” to adjust the first three levels.
  4. If you see the word “Create New Pattern,” tap it to add a present pattern available onto Hush.

However, if you want to pair your Lovense Hush to your partner, follow this:

  1. Go to the “Long-Distance” tab.
  2. Tap “+” to add a contact. Enter their username and tap “Add.”
  3. After your partner accepts the request, they will show up in this tab.


What did Lovense Hush Feel Like?

I loved it, overall, and it did get me going. Hush is not perfect, however, and there are a few points where they could have tweaked it a little for the best buzz, but it did give my partner and me many hours of sexy pleasure, fooling around.

The smooth, inviting body-safe silicone feels just right, and the matt rubber finish is stylish and modern. The butt plug itself is weighty without being hefty. It is just about the right size for me – maybe a little large, so be careful and lube up if you are not comfortable using butt plugs. The rubber is smooth, and the neck seems to have the right amount of giving. Hush looks the part, and I certainly wouldn’t feel bad giving this to my partner as a gift. It seems expensive, in short.

The power on/off button is on the toy’s base, not immediately apparent. You also have to hold it down for a few seconds to turn it on or off, but this is a good thing as it prevents the toy from switching itself off when you’re sitting down. But I did find it tricky to turn off – I’m never sure whether it is entirely off, and once I left it on by mistake and ran down the battery.

Vibration Strength

The vibrations are strong enough for me. I started soft to warm up and found the lower-level beats a bit too subtle. But full vibe mode is undoubtedly intense.

Using the touchpad is much easier and more intuitive than adjusting levels and speeds using numbers or graphs – I preferred this app to others in that respect.

You tap or slide the screen to control the vibrations, moving your finger up and down. It is responsive – a bit too responsive sometimes, as taking your finger off the app brings the fun to an abrupt end. I found it worked best when you record your short sequence, which then automatically plays on and on. You can create as many patterns as you like. Or you can just put it on pure and straightforward vibrate when you’re not feeling creative. Great when you want to let it take over.

The sound-activated vibe was good fun – a bit too much fun! When my partner came back for a visit and used Hush again when we were both in the same room, he loved making phone calls, chatting to me, coughing. Anything to get it going while I was wearing it.

Vibration Patterns According to Your Preferred Music or Sound

You may set this app-controlled buttplug to vibrate according to the rhythm of your favorite tunes or audio that is streaming in the room, as shown in previous Lovense Hush reviews. In a little bit playful way, I made it my goal to call out every couple of seconds to make the Hush vibrate in tandem. As I yelled, it got much more powerful. However, I’m not sure when you’d utilize it, it was a really nice feature.

You may also link your Spotify account to the Lovense Hush. As a result, I didn’t link my Spotify for fear of it sending a notice to all of my followers that said something like, “Your buddy just linked their butt plug to Spotify.” The only remaining doubt in my mind is whether or not it will really happen, but I’m not willing to take any risks.

Lovense Hush for Long-Distance Play

And speaking of taking over, Hush is ideal for long-distance relationships. After experimenting on my own, I gave control to my partner. So long as you both have an internet connection, it works, no matter if you’re on the other side of the world. He controls the vibrations on his screen, setting up the patterns and deciding how fast, slow, or majorly intense he wants the toy to go. And it also works with the element of surprise – keep it in, and your partner can give you a buzz whenever they feel like it.

It seems like Hush is an excellent option when you want to switch between controlling the toy from a long distance or close range. It worked for me because sometimes you want to get it going on your own, while at other times, you want your partner’s involvement. Also, I didn’t experience any dropped connections, and you don’t have to have your phone right up next to you to make it work.

The silicone is also completely waterproof, so you can shower with this thing in or leave it in with plenty of lube and don’t have to worry about damage.

How Loud is Lovense Hush?

It is created for wearability above all else. The makers say you can keep it in for long periods as you get your regular day done. Sit, walk, shop, work, attend a silent yoga retreat. Well, for that last one, I’m not so sure. It is pretty quiet, but it’s not silent. You can hear it when it’s on a whole vibe, and it’s inside you.

It’s discreet enough to be worn in a busy public place, but I wouldn’t want it on when things were quiet. It’s also not the most comfortable toy I have ever used, and the curved antennae press a little too hard into the tailbone. Still, I guess that is something that will be different for everyone.

It took a little while to get the hang of the controls, so I would experiment a bit first before you take the plunge with a partner or settle down for a solo session.

When it comes to Lube

I had a bit of a sticky problem with the lube. It is not the easiest thing to insert as you need lots of lube on you and the toy. The makers say that you should use water-based lube. Unfortunately, water-based doesn’t work for me, so I felt like I lacked some lubrication and had to take it out, reapply, and try again after a short while. Not ideal. Lovense says that the spirals on the toy’s neck keep the lube inside you, but I don’t entirely agree this works.

Price list of packages?

Where to Buy Lovense Hush

Buy on SurviveLDR Best Values

Bluetooth Butt Plug
$109$119 Buy


Any Alternatives?

Lush is another Lovense toy for her – a vibrator that you can control from afar. If you’re not into the butt plug, Lush would be the natural alternative.

Lovense Hush Alternatives

Lovense Hush Butt Plug Review: Get a Long-Distance Buzz

Ditto by We-Vibe Best Values

Anal play doesn’t have to be avoided for long-distance couples anymore! We-vibe have created The Ditto.


What We Think

In conclusion, Hush vibrating butt plug is an excellent toy for bringing serious excitement to anal play. Particularly in a long-distance relationship where you need to keep things fresh and sexy. I’m not new to wearables, and I make no secret of the fact that these app-controlled toys can be unique in an LDR. Nevertheless, Hush and its Lovense partners are worth trying.

9.4 Total Score

  • The smooth, inviting body-safe silicone feels just right;
  • The vibrations are definitely strong;
  • The touch pad is easy to use and intuitive.
  • It's not easy to insert. You need lots of lube;
  • It's quiet enough when used in busy public places, not in quiet places;
  • The curved antennae press a little too hard into the tailbone.
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  5. If the curved part was pressing into your tail-bone, you had it in backwards. Since the Hush was designed for men, that part was made to press against the perineum so the vibes stimulate the prostate externally as well as internally.

    This is def the best butt plug I've ever used, it's even replaced my glass butt plug that was my previous go-to.

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