There are a lot of things that go into making a long-distance relationship work, but besides the big ones—communication, honesty, trust—there is a particularly exciting factor that I don’t think enough LDR couples know about. It’s called teledildonics. Not what you were expecting? I know it sounds a little robotic, and you might be wondering what technology has to do with long-distance love. Well, teledildonics is the combination of technology and sexuality. So, toys that are going to get you off. What makes them special (and particularly important to LDR couples) is that many of them aim to overcome the problems physical distance creates in intimacy.

Exciting, right?

So, that’s where Lovense comes in. The people at Lovense recently sent me a Max and Nora to review, and I can’t wait to share my experience with you. Of course, it would be totally disingenuous to say that using these toys is as good as the real thing. I know from experience that there’s nothing better than finally reuniting with your man and getting to do all the things other couples take for granted. BUT I will tell you that it is the closest you’re going to get, and it will definitely add a little spice to your sex life. Long-distance relationship or not, who doesn’t want to mix things up in the bedroom?

max + Nora

Max and Nora are his and hers sex toys that can be used alone and with a partner—and your partner doesn’t have to be in the same room, house or even country as you to control your toy. Before I get into my husband’s and my experience with using the Max and Nora, let’s break down some of the specifics of each sex toy.

Lovense Max Review: What It Is and How It Works

Lovense Max inside the box

In the simplest terms, Max is a masturbatory sleeve built to mimic the feel of a vagina, which your man will use to (hopefully!) orgasm. In my experience, most people are not as familiar with male sex toys as they are female ones. Pretty much everyone knows what a vibrator is; not as many people have had any experience with a masturbatory device for men. My husband hadn’t prior to experimenting with the Max.


The inner sleeve of the Max is made out of a “skin-like TPE,” which is a porous material that is very, very soft. That sleeve is then encased in a plastic case, which houses all of the fun stuff that makes the Max vibrate and contract around your man’s member. It also helps make the sex toy look discreet. If you live in a house with other people, you could probably leave this lying around and have them be none the wiser. Although, of course, I don’t recommend doing that. Although it’s nice that the toy is discreet, I do think that it makes it look slightly unappealing. It’s not particularly sexy to have a sex toy that could be mistaken for some kind of kitchen appliance.

Interestingly, the Max combines air-pump technology, which can be set to subtle, mild and deep contractions, and vibrations, which can be low, medium or high, to try and simulate the many different sensations of sex. Vibrations are not as commonly used in male sex toys, so this could be a real treat for your love, and it helps that the material mimics the feel of skin so well. Plus, the air-pump technology is unique to Lovense sex toys, so it is a sensation you’re not going to find with any other toy. Whether this mimics the feeling of sex, we will have to wait to find out. “Air pump” doesn’t immediately scream “sex” to me, though.


The Lovense Max also comes with a Bluetooth chip installed, and this is what transforms it from a regular sex toy into a lifesaver for long-distance relationships. The Bluetooth capability allows your man to either hook up his Max to his phone so he can control it from there or to connect it to your phone so you can control it from anywhere in the world. This is quite exciting to me, as this technology did not exist when my husband and I were still long distance, and I am slightly envious of all the long-distance couples who get to take advantage of it now. However, my husband and I do still get to experiment in the name of research for this blog.

Your man and you will need to download the Body Chat app to control each other’s devices, but it’s simple to understand and takes only a few moments. I will go into more detail on that later. First, let’s talk about your toy: the Nora.

Lovense Nora Review: What It Is and How It Works


The Nora is a rabbit-style vibrator made out of silky smooth silicone. It’s 4.72 inches long, which is a manageable length for most women (but, of course, you don’t have to insert it all the way in) and is not overly large when it comes to girth. In addition to curved G-spot stimulating head, there is also a clitoral mound, which will help you get the internal and external simulation that’s so important for maximum pleasure. In the 2016 update of the product, the fifth generation is pictured below, the clit arm is more flexible and the shaft is optimized, leading to even more powerful orgasms. The charging port is also improved. In short, it’s a very high-quality vibrator that would be a good addition to your sex toy repertoire even if it didn’t have the amazing ability to connect with your man’s Max.


Like the Max, the Nora combines multiple sensations. In this case, it’s vibrations and rotations, which are made to feel even better by the beads that cover the shaft. You can control these vibrations and rotations by using the buttons on the base of the toy, or you can connect it to your phone and control it from there. Also, you have the option to control them separately or simultaneously, so you can create a lot of different vibration and rotation combinations depending on what simulation you’re looking for.

Lovense Nora Manual

Lovense Nora Manual

In earlier iterations of the sex toy, users complained that the vibrations were not strong enough and that, though the rotations were perfect, the motor controlling them was too loud. So the new 2015 addition of the Nora has improved on this, but in my experience, I still did not find the vibrations to be especially strong. I will say that vibration strength is a personal preference though, so you can only really know if it’s right for you by trying. I prefer for the strongest setting on my vibrator to be too strong because then I know at least one of the lower ones will be just right.

Again, the Nora uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone and computer or your man’s devices. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, this is probably the part you have been waiting for, so let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how the toys interact with each other.

Connecting the Toys and Using the Body Chat App

The toys connect using Bluetooth, but if you don’t have a device that is Bluetooth-enabled, your toys come with Bluetooth dongle, so that won’t be a problem. To get started, your partner and you should download the app to your phone or computer and then connect your toys. The app will guide you on how to do this, but Lovense also has a helpful guide to show you how. Once connected, invite your man to be your friend, and you can start playing.

Lovense Interactivity Demo

Lovense interactivity demo

Besides helping you to control each other’s devices, the app also works as a messaging and video platform, so you can see each other and talk to each other while you play. If you don’t want to do this, you can still use Skype or a different platform and just rely on the app for it’s control features. The very best part of the toys is that you don’t have to manually control each other’s if you don’t want to.

Instead, your man can simply start using his Max, and while it’s connected to your Nora, your Nora will start to move with it. So while your man is thrusting, your Nora will start to vibrate and rotate. This is the closest you’re going to get to physical sex when your partner is on the other side of the country or world, and it’s hard to explain how great this feels. Not only are the sensations amazing on their own, but it’s lovely to know that you and your man are having the experience simultaneously. Navigating long-distance love requires finding ways to still share things, and sharing sexual experiences is high on my priority list of most of the long-distance couples I know.

A quick aside: If you are using your toys for solo play, the Max and Nora both move to any music you like, and you also use the app to program that. Although not specific to long-distance relationship sex, it is a fun feature that you can always experiment with on your own and then tell your partner all about it.

The Body Chat app can be a little bit glitchy, and if you lose connection during play, it is hard to get back into the swing of things. In my experience, it is better to use a third-party chatting and video software (such as Skype) and not rely on the Body Chat app to do too much. Technology can make sex a little complicated because you’re adding in new factors, so it’s better to remove as many distractions as possible.

How Do The Lovense Sex Toys Work?

My Experience with Nora

To get the fullest experience of the Nora, I used it in three different ways: by myself, controlling it on the device; by myself, controlling it with music; and with my husband, while he used his Max.

Can you guess which was my favorite experience? I bet you can, but I’ll keep the suspense going for a little while longer.

My husband also used his Max in the same three ways, and I got him to report his experience back to me so you can have a little more insight on whether it’s a good sex toy for your guy.

So my first experience with the Nora was using it as a regular vibrator. I personally love the rabbit-style vibrators because they give me the inner and outer stimulation I need to really enjoy the experience, and I loved being able to adjust the rotation and vibration settings independently.

Overall, I think that the Nora feels amazing. It’s the right size for me and has a lovely soft feel. It’s not completely silent, but it doesn’t claim to be, and I think that’s a bit of an unrealistic expectation from a vibrator. If you’re going to use it while someone else is home, I suggest listening to music while you do (or using the music to control it). The drawback of using the vibrator in this way is that it’s distracting having to control it on the device, but that’s the drawback of using every sex toy. The only thing about the Nora is that I didn’t find it to vibrate strongly enough, which is obviously a major drawback for a vibrator! Right now, most of the vibration is concentrated on the clitoral mound, and I think it would be better if it also vibrated as strongly on the shaft.

The second time I used the Lovense Nora, I hooked it up to the Body Chat app and let music control it. This was a very unique experience. You probably have a sex playlist of your own and have experienced how sex to music can change the way you and your partner move together. This was a similar experience in that the music informed how the toy moved and kind of transported me to a new place. It was also really nice to have hands-free play, which I missed when I had to press the buttons on the Nora manually. It’s fun to think about all of the experiences I can have in the future depending on the music I choose as well. It makes the toy much more versatile.

Finally, it was time to use the Nora with my husband! Although we do live together now, he controlled the toy from the other room. We used the video feature because I think it’s always better to see my man, but I think it would be just as effective to use your imagination. We started with him manually controlling my Nora on his phone to get me warmed up. With a little direction from me, he changed the vibration and rotation speeds, and it was a really sexy experience to know that he was the one doing it. Once we had experimented with that for a while, he put on his Max and synced it up to my Nora, and then his every thrust turned into a vibration and rotation on my end. When your partner is using his Max to control your Nora, the vibration and rotations work simultaneously instead of independently, but I found this to be a truer representation of actual sex and enjoyed it.

Overall, my favorite experience was using my Nora with my husband’s Max. It felt intimate and sexy, and I have no doubt that it would add a whole new dimension to long-distance sex. There was a momentary glitch where the Body Chat app lost connection, and it took us a little bit to get the groove back. This wasn’t super annoying at the time, but I can imagine it would be if it happened a lot.

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Written by Jennifer Craig
Jennifer Craig has been in a successful long-distance relationship and started SurviveLDR to encourage those who want to pursue love with partners in far land.

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