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Lovense Edge 2 Complete Review – Hitting Your Sweet Spot Effortlessly

To be honest, it is tough to reach orgasm while using a prostate vibrator. You have to put the sex toy precisely in the spot you want to stimulate, and once you happen to put it in the wrong spot, you would never want to use this kind of sex toy again. As you can see, I am a solid fan of using sex toys, but regardless, I still find it challenging to use any prostate vibrator. That’s why I get very picky in this part. In fact, I created the best prostate massager list to help you pick which toy is safe and easy to use.

However, in this part, I will share with you my experience of using Lovense Edge 2. Including whether the vibration motor of Edge 2 is easy to control. If it has trouble-free capability in finding the sweet spot and, more importantly, you would know if Lovense Edge 2, prostate massager, is worth your money.

Let’s begin with identify Lovense Edge 2 first.

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Lovense Edge 2
Lovense Edge 2
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bottom line
The Lovense Edge 2 enhances sexual pleasure for men, women, or couples by stimulating the prostate. If you’re a beginner using this toy, Lovense Edge 2 would be the best option for exploring the prostate world.
Extensive vibration options, wireless connectivity, an innovative design.
The adjustable angle prevents unnecessary discomfort and awkward use.
Bluetooth and app connectivity.
USB charging; one charge will keep it going for up to 2 hours.
At $99, it is considerably more expensive compared to other prostate massagers.
There can be some connectivity issues if you’re standing whilst the Lovense Edge 2 is in use and your partner is controlling it in front of you. So for the most reliable control, they should be standing behind. But, to be fair to Lovense, this is clearly mentioned on their website.
Lack of aftersales service.
Without an internet connection, it would be impossible to enjoy half of its features.
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our pick
We-Vibe Ditto
We-Vibe Ditto
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Vibrating prostate massager. Gentle pressure and rumbling vibrations stimulate both the prostate and perineum.
Silky smooth silicone design.
Low-power alert.
Quite a noise.
Easy to charge.
Up to two hours run time.
It takes more time to recharge.
Not enough vibration patterns for some.
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About Edge 2

What is Lovense Edge 2

The Lovense Edge 2 is an adjustable prostate massager with wireless control. A smartphone app operates with plenty of customizable features that can give you a different experience every time.

Lovense Edge 2 enhances sexual pleasure for men, women, or couples by stimulating the prostate part. If you’re a beginner using this toy, Lovense Edge 2 would be the best option for exploring the prostate world. What sets it apart from other prostate massagers is its adjustable head, versatile settings, and smartphone operation making it easy for you to use. Unfortunately, it’s on the pricier side, which might be off-putting for people new to these devices, but many have found it worth it.

And just like any prostate massager, Edge 2 can enjoy whether you want to stimulate yourself alone, do foreplay with your partner, or even discreet public play for an exciting teasing experience.

Since Edge 2 was created by Lovense, it has:

  • Sound Level Control
  • Unlimited vibration patterns would be available through App.
  • Sync to music, but you can connect it to your Spotify if you’re a premium user.
  • Sound activated vibration
  • Set vibration level depends on your endurance.
  • Close-range or Long-distance control
  • Tap and Slide the remote control


Lovense Edge 2 Specifications

As I told you in the first part of this review, Lovense Edge 2 is suitable for beginner to advanced users. But my recommendation for you, if ever you decide to give it a shot, try the low vibration level first and the minimal vibration pattern. Then, let your body adjust comfortably while using it.

To help you explore each specification of this product, here’s what you must know:

  • Close-range control via Bluetooth; long-distance control via an app;
  • Adjustable prostate massager and whisper-quiet experience.
  • Adjustable head ensures it hits the right spot for most men;
  • Optimized neck to enable handsfree fun – it stays put during sex;
  • Waterproof, 1.5 – 2 hours of continuous use, body-safe materials, wireless USB rechargeable, 1-year warranty.
  • Magnetic Charging Port makes the charging process smooth.
  • Dual vibrator connected with one motor for you to enjoy.

But, first, how does it Stand Out?

What Makes Lovense Egde 2 Stand Out?

One of the best features that Lovense Edge has is probably its two powerful vibrators using one motor only. Compared to any other prostate massager, usually able to produce powerful vibrations intensity. They were prone to use two or three engines to make it happen. But when it comes to Lovense Edge 2. It has two vibrators connected to one motor. Plus, its head is adjustable, making it easy to hit the P-spot.

Since Edge 2 – prostate vibrator is a product created by Lovense. It is always noted that Edge 2 is an app-controlled vibrator. Meaning, once you pair your toy to your Lovense Remote App, you get to experience other features such as sound level control, unlimited vibration pattern, availability to sync with your favorite music, and a private chatbox.

In addition to that, Lovense Edge 2 has a magnetic charging port for a smoother charging process. But it also comes with small troubles, and I will tell you later how to cope with it.


The Improvement of Lovense Edge 2 compared to Lovense Edge 1

Quick fun fact: In 2017, the first Edge Prostate Massager was released, and it was a revolutionary product of Edge 2.

Since then, it has created its name by offering strong dual vibrations and an adjustable head that could hit the right spot for most men. Last but not least – Edge 2 can stay in its PLACE during use.

My partner loved using the first version of Edge, but sometimes he knew that there was a better sex toy than Edge. And let’s face it, even if Edge was popular back days, some people have a lot of complaining about it.

Luckily, due to the higher public demand, Lovense released Edge 2, and it became better.

Lovense optimized the layout and design of the antenna of Edge 2 to ensure a more stable connection even if you are in the corner of your house or want to use it for long-distance control.

Moreover, the adjustable and insertable arm feature is one of the main advantages of Edge 2 when it terms to design optimization. In fact, They upgraded the Edge 2 by making a bigger bulb just above the neck, which provides more stability and even stronger P-Spot stimulation.

In addition, the upgraded battery will allow users to enjoy prolonged, most vital vibration patterns. And in this Lovense Edge 2 review, you will know whether these features are true in conclusion.

General Size of Lovense Edge 2

It has a soft feel overlapping something a bit harder, so it feels sturdy by a soft touch. The insertable length of the Lovense Hush is 3.13 inches (79.4mm), with a maximum diameter of 1.41 inches (35.8mm). The external arm is 4.49 inches (114mm) long.

Smart Controls

The App is free and will offer you and your partner complete control, allowing you to toggle between three intensity settings; low, medium, and high. Aside from that, its standard vibration pattern is available up to 10 levels. However, if you decide to connect your Edge 2 to your smartphone, you can also choose from unlimited vibration patterns that would match the individual needs that no one could give you.

Lovense App is compatible with any gadgets as long as its iPhone/iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPod Touch iOS 10.0 and later. Or with your Android 4.3 and later (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled) and Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled). If you’re a PC user, you will need a USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect to your Windows PC.

Hitting the Right Spot

The Lovense Edge 2 has an adjustable angle, which means you can easily find the position that works best for you: no-fuss or tricky tips, just a great massage in the perfect spot. In addition, the head of Edge 2 ensures you that the toy will always stay put in its place after adjusting it. Thus, regardless of the position you want to try, Edge 2 could be your best bud while enjoying every minute of it.

Just remember that if you once set a vibration level that you desire, you would always choose the most appropriate level depending on your endurance. Therefore, it is better to have a little patience and wait for your body to become more comfortable using Edge 2 before you attempt to use the higher level.

While in terms of the dual, whisper-quiet vibration of this prostate massager, no one would notice the With the dual, whisper-quiet vibration of this prostate massager, no one would notice the things you are doing except for yourself. The longer/thinner neck, on the other hand, enlarged its bulb to ensure its continual substance.

The longer/thinner neck, on the other hand, enlarged its bulb to ensure its continual substance.

The Vibes

The main ingredient in any prostate massager’s vibe is whether or not they feel a shallow or deep sensation. This is because low-frequency vibrations penetrate deeper into your body. In contrast, high-frequency vibrations are more focused on the skin. As this is generally true, some like their vibrations to be deeper, while others lean more towards a combination of shallow and deep.

While the two halves of the Lovense Edge 2 have a distinct feel, they are both compatible. The prostate arm has just the right amount of rumbling and buzzing to be felt, and the perineum arm is pretty deeper. However, when you crank the pressure up, both start to vibrate.

Still, Be Connected No Matter How Far

Bluetooth connection allows anyone – with permission! – Through App Control. Lovense Edge, you can use 2 within a distance of 20ft (6m) for standing users, or 5-10ft (2-3m) if you’re sitting down. But, with an internet connection, the Lovense Edge 2 can be directed by your partner, wherever they are in the world. Ideal for long-distance couples.

However, while in the log-in/ connecting process. You must double-check the spelling of your name and your chosen email. Once you write it down to the App, you won’t be able to change your name and email due to security purposes. If you happen to change your personal information, you will have to create your new account again.

Play Your Way

Since it is under Lovense toys – whether you’re looking at going solo, enjoying foreplay with your partner, or even public play, you can use it however you like as it’s a discrete and versatile remote control sex toy.

Lovense Edge 2 Patterns

There are a vast number of various patterns for the Lovense Edge 2 via the Lovense Remote app.

With the Lovense Edge 2 prostate massager, you may operate every motor individually or let your spouse regulate your sex toy and discover how they like manipulating your sex toy. Give each motor a fixed power level or establish a pattern that cycles on an infinite loop to start all motors at the same power level.

You may also develop and store arrangements for Edge 2 through the Lovense Remote app. With this feature, you may revisit stored patterns if you discover something you like and use that again later.

If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, you may browse patterns others have already created. For instance, the patterns found in the Lovense Edge 2 prostate massager regulate both motors.

Additionally, there are a few additional options inside the Lovense Remote app. Still, these will be covered in more detail in the next section when we speak about the Lovense Remote app.

You can’t operate the Edge 2 using the Lovense Remote app if you don’t want to; however, Edge 2 has preloaded patterns packed in. For example, the continuous vibration of both motors is set to Low, Medium, and High, and then there are four different patterns. This set may be an excellent choice for others but not for us.

Instead of having my phone within arm’s reach, I would have to physically reach down between my legs and push a button on the sex toy to cycle among patterns. The downside, though, is that the app creates a terrific controller. So when it comes to manually operated toys or prostate vibes using a physical remote, I’ve discovered that my preference is app-controlled devices like my Lovense Edge 2.

Best For?

Who is it Best For?

Ultimately, the Lovense Edge 2 is excellent for men who want to enhance the intensity of their orgasm. Some men might be unaware of the benefits of prostate massage during sex or nervous about using them. In fact, 55.6% of sex toys purchased in the United States, for example, are bought by men, and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Life’s too short for vanilla!

To give you a little fun fact, why is it important to stimulate your prostate part? First and foremost, prostate stimulation can help you cleanse your reproductive function. Plus, if you’re having painful ejaculation, urine flow, and erectile dysfunction, according to the expert, you will feel relief.

Therefore, having intensive stimulation with prostate massage will not only give you pleasure, but it is also beneficial for your health in many ways. That’s why you must understand all the features of Edge 2 before buying one.

Newbies Use Caution

We and some others have found that this toy is relatively large for a prostate massager. It might be too intimidating for people who are new to prostate play, so a device with a smaller insertable length and diameter might be a better option to start. The smartphone integration also makes it relatively expensive and quite a substantial outlay if you’re new to this type of toy.

A less expensive, back-to-basics massager might be a better choice when getting started. But there’s always room to upgrade once you’ve got the hang of things.

Moreover, always remember that you don’t have to force your private parts to use Edge 2 or any prostate massager. Yes, it will give you an orgasm if you do it right. However, if not, you might not want to try using a prostate massager again. Thus, make sure that you know what business you’re trying to indulge in.

How to Use?

How to Generate Lovense Edge 2

The Lovense Edge 2 is one complete L-shaped unit with an adjustable angle that you can move around. The vibration units are on each end, providing stimulation to the prostate and perineum simultaneously.

Although this is generally fine, it’s important to note that it’s difficult to change position once it’s inserted because it’s designed not to move once you’ve selected the adjustment.

To program Lovense Edge 2, you must successfully pair Edge 2 to your Lovense App:

  • First, tap on the Edge 2 panel in the My Toys section.
  • Then, tap the “Program” button to see the programming options.
  • Next, tap “Adjust Levels” to adjust the first three levels.
  • And Lastly, tap “Create New Pattern” to add a preset pattern onto Edge 2.

Tips in Using

Tips in Using Lovense Edge 2

A simple and effective guide on inserting the Lovense Edge 2

To start, we suggest you use your fingers first to enter, going to the point where your body becomes used to the sensation. Next, lubricate the Edge 2 well with water-based lubricant and push the tip of the prostate arm against the entrance just a little. Consistently inserting the prostate massager gradually increases the size of the opening, allowing for easier entry later on. Finally, move the arm to reach the position that will allow you to enter smoothly.

Connecting Your Lovense Edge 2 With People From Anywhere In The World

Go to the “Long Distance” option on the remote app if you and your spouse are far apart. Next, you need to establish a Lovense account for each one of you. You may also give your partner an offer and let them manage your toy by finding their account in the add person screen.

You may also link to and transmit vibrating patterns or use the “Live Control” button to have absolute control.

In addition to operating each other’s sex toys while in the app, you can also use the app to communicate. Therefore, you can audio or video chat or exchange messages and pictures. In contrast, virtual sex toys can’t pleasure similarly to an in-person encounter. Long-distance vibrators may. The Lovense Remote app brings you as near as you can get through technology.

When we previously spoke about this, you know that you can make patterns as complex or simple as you like. I like that Lovense offers you the opportunity to choose from the latest designs which other users have posted.

In addition to using Spotify as a platform for listening to music and controlling your Edge 2, you can use the Lovense Remote app to connect the two devices and enable synchronous music control. Also, the noises in the room are used to regulate the machine. In public situations, this functionality is great, but the Edge 2 isn’t ideal for public play. Alternatively, try the Hush.

Moreover, the Lovense Edge 2’s prostate stimulator is a fantastic heads vibrator for video acts.

The third new feature is that you can transmit live links to anybody who has the Edge 2. They can use these to remotely manage your Edge 2 for as long as they like.

Material Used and Water Repellency

One of the essential attributes of a particular sex toy is to guarantee that the materials they use are safe for all users because it goes into your internal part. Luckily, Lovense Edge 2 is made of 100% body-safe materials. And along with other Lovense toys, none of their products contain phthalates or use any harmful materials. Thus, you are also safe with Edge 2.

In addition, Lovense Edge 2 is completely waterproof; you are allowed to use it anywhere – even in the shower. Plus, it makes it sturdier, prolonging its life. Just a little side note, even though it is 100% waterproof, just be aware that the Bluetooth connectivity might be unstable when you use it under the water.

Lovense Edge 2 Charging Process

If you’re an avid reader or updated on sex toys, you probably know by now that they upgraded Lovense Edge to Edge 2 in 2020. Its new features are its long battery life and magnetic charging port for its outstanding charging experience. The Lovense Edge 2 can be easily charged using a USB cable, and there’s one included in the box. The battery lasts for 1.5-2 hours of continuous use.

Price List

Where to Buy

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Adjustable Prostate Massager
$99$119 Add to cart

The things you would see inside the box:

  • Bluetooth® Prostate Massager
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Storage Bag


Pricing & Alternative Options

The current price of the Lovense Edge 2 is $99 from Lovense. It’s relatively expensive for a prostate massager, but it does reflect the breadth of features, including Bluetooth and smartphone integration. Plus, the comprehensive vibration intensity and pattern options. It’s essentially the Rolls Royce of prostate massagers; great if you have the cash, but it certainly won’t suit every budget.

But if you’re lucky enough, sometimes, there’s a huge sale or discounts that would emerge on any day. But if you think Lovense Edge 2 is the prostate massager you are looking for, you will receive what you’re money’s worth with all the features and specifications.

Which is Better Lovense Edge 2 or We-Vibe Vector?

Lovense Edge 2 Alternatives:

Lovense Edge 2 Complete Review – Hitting Your Sweet Spot Effortlessly

Vector by We-Vibe runner-up

Vibrating prostate massager. Gentle pressure and rumbling vibrations stimulate both the prostate and perineum.
$139.00 Learn more

However, if you think there’s a much better prostate massager than Edge 2, I got you covered. One of my favorite alternatives is the We-Vibe Vector, which I find more durable, and made from higher quality material.

Also, there are plenty of options at lower price points for people who want to try a prostate massager but would prefer not to spend so much on one piece of equipment. Of course, this means that the designs are a little more basic, and there are fewer features, but the principle remains the same!

If app control isn’t necessary to you, there are some good choices for under $30 on Amazon. Perfect for beginners to get to grips with prostate massage before treating yourself to the Lovense Edge 2 or We-Vibe Vector upgrade.

Here’s a sneak peek that you must know about the specification of We-Vibe Vector:

  • Two vibrator motors and has a 10 vibration pattern.
  • Silky-smooth silicone and has waterproof repellency.
  • Vector has a unique, comfortable design.
  • 4-button remote that can change the intensity and vibration modes.
  • You can connect your toy to the We-Connect App.
  • 90 minutes charge time good for 2 hours uninterrupted use.

Cleaning your Lovense Edge 2

Since sex toys go in the sensitive parts of your body, hygiene must be of utmost importance. What  Lovense Edge 2 is effortless. This toy is a waterproof IPX7 silicone sex toy. It indicates that you can immerse it with water without damaging it.

Allow the toy to warm up by running warm water all over it. Next, use a mild soap to clean it. To finish, rinse thoroughly.

In my experience, I would not recommend pouring boiling water over the Lovense Edge 2. It may cause the silicone to loosen, as I have experienced with my previous toys. So I don’t recommend taking the chance.

Moreover, there’s nothing to worry about harming the silicone over time by putting a wire through it because the Edge 2 has replaced the magnetic charging connector. Finally, because the Edge 2 is designed to be 100% waterproof, hopefully, it will last a lifetime.

Customer Service

Customer Service

The Lovense Edge 2 comes with a 1-year guarantee from the manufacturer. Retailers may also offer additional warranties, but this isn’t universal.

Unfortunately, it seems when trying to use the warranty from the manufacturer, they aren’t as responsive. In the box, they probably have a quick set-up guide and user manual for us to follow, but sometimes, especially for beginners, it is hard to catch up. Considering the price point, it should come with exceptional customer service, and it currently doesn’t.



The Lovense Edge 2 offers an amazing experience, whether it’s a solo mission or with a partner. The Lovense Edge 2 is feature-packed, with technological innovations and an impressive adjustable design.

It is a pricey purchase, and the after-sale customer service leaves a lot to be desired. In addition, it’s probably a bit too advanced for a beginner unless you’re going to take it slow. However, still, it’s an excellent choice for men who enjoy playing prostate play.

But, it would be ideal for long-distance relationship couples looking to keep that connection (and healthy sex life) when separated.

However, the combination of two motors (one inside and one outside) is very stimulating otherwise. Setting them to different vibration speeds and finding the spots where they work against each other to create even more extreme vibration is one of the best features.

8.4Expert Score

  • Extensive vibration options, wireless connectivity, an innovative design.
  • The adjustable angle prevents unnecessary discomfort and awkward use.
  • Bluetooth and app connectivity.
  • USB charging
  • One charge will keep it going for up to 2 hours.
  • At $99, it is considerably more expensive compared to other prostate massagers.
  • There can be some connectivity issues if you're standing while the Lovense Edge 2 is in use and your partner controls it in front of you. For the most reliable control, they should be standing behind. But, to be fair to Lovense, this is mentioned on their website.
  • Lack of aftersales service.
  • Without an internet connection, it would be impossible to enjoy half of its features.
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