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Lovense Domi Review: The Magic Wand Every Woman In a Long-Distance Relationship Needs

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The Lovense Domi is a mini wand that’s half the size of its competitors, with just as much power! It’s controlled by a smartphone app, with a huge range of vibration levels and programmable settings. This means that no matter how far apart you and your partner are, you can still enjoy those intimate moments and have a fantastic time!

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at its features, what makes it different from competing toys, its pros and cons, and the overall experience. 


Product Specifications:

  • Strong metal body and soft 100% silicone head for amazing sensations;
  • Dual rotating head technology;
  • App control and support – save up to 10 pleasurable patterns and get access to over 5000 patterns shared on the LOVENSE app platform; 
  • Sync the Domi to your favorite music for unique vibrations;
  • Quiet and discreet;
  • Water resistant, rechargeable, 1-1.5 hours of continuous use, body safe materials.

About Lovense Domi

The Lovense Domi

Sturdy Build

Don’t let the small physique of the Lovense Domi fool you; it’s no flimsy toy. Built from strong, body-safe materials, with a robust yet elegant design, this mini wand vibrator can keep going as long as you need it to!

Mini in Stature, Maximum Power

Looking at the Lovense Domi mini wand vibrator in relation to its closest competitors, you’ll notice it’s considerably smaller. You’re probably thinking its mini size means a compromise in power, but the innovative rotating head technology in the Domi means that it delivers vibrations that are just as mighty as bigger models. All without the bulk of a full-size wand!

In fact, this mini wand vibrator is so powerful that it might not be the right choice for total beginners. The Domi is better suited to people with vibrator experience who want to ramp up the power.

Find the Perfect Position

The Lovense Domi mini has been designed with a reinforced neck that can withstand even the most vigorous play. It can rotate in all directions, allowing you to find exactly the right spot. Plus, it also makes it more durable. 

Smartphone Integration

This mini wand is controlled by the free Lovense Remote app, which can be used on devices running iOS, Android, Mac OS, or Windows. It works by Bluetooth when you’re up close and personal; either by a pre-programmed pattern or freestyle vibrations. The Domi can be synced with music to help you find the perfect rhythm, or activated by voice and other sounds in the room.

Good Vibrations

You’re free to programme a custom vibe combination using the app, or you can use one of the pre-set patterns; low, medium, high, pulse, wave, fireworks, or earthquake.

Source: Lovense

Long-Distance Fun

The Lovense Domi can also be controlled by WiFi, giving your partner control, no matter the distance between you! Even if you’re on the other side of the world, you can enjoy an unforgettable intimate experience.

Water Resistance

Want to take your mini wand in the shower with you? No problem; the Domi is water resistant and completely cordless! This offers an excellent experience, particularly those who prefer wet play. 

Easy to Charge and Play

The Lovense Domi has a built-in rechargeable battery, and there’s a USB cable included in the box, so you can try out your new toy without delay. Plus, it’s easy to charge whilst travelling so you won’t be stuck without power at the worst possible moment! 

Vital Statistics

The Lovense Domi is small and discreet, at just 9.2 inches (234 mm) in length; considerably more compact than other powerful wands. This makes it an ideal travel companion!

LOVE the Domi

Who Will LOVE the Domi

The Lovense Domi is a fantastic toy for experienced wand users, who want maximum power in a small, discreet unit. The smart controls are well-suited to tech-savvy people who want to merge cutting-edge technology with mind-blowing vibrations.

It’s an especially great choice for people who travel regularly and don’t want the bulk of a full-sized wand. As it charges via a USB cable, there are no plug conversions to worry about. Plus, its smart capabilities mean that wherever you are in the world, you can enjoy an intimate liaison with your partner! Ideal for long-distance relationships!

How to Use

Using the Lovense Domi

The Lovense Domi is pretty easy to get started with. In the box, you’ll find the mini wand, a USB charging cable, and a user guide. The first charge takes an hour and half, so make sure to get it juiced up in plenty of time for your first try!

Next, you’ll need to download the free Lovense Remote app from your device’s store, set up and account, and pair with your device. You can also give your partner – who will need their own account – access to your toy. From there, you’ll be able to control your Domi wand manually, programme vibration levels, and set up sound syncing. Then, it’s time to lay back and enjoy the ride!

The app setup process is straightforward and intuitive, but there are some potential issues. Bluetooth and wireless connections aren’t always reliable, which is super frustrating when you’re in the moment and lose control of the wand.

It’s not unheard of for the wand to shut off completely due to a communication breakdown with the app. Of course, for a product with such a premium price tag, it’s disappointing that such a critical aspect of the experience still needs to be ironed out.

Pricing & Alternatives

Pricing & Alternatives

The Lovense Domi currently retails on Lovense for $99 (£89). It’s an expensive toy, which reflects the quality of the build, range of features, and its interactive, app-powered capabilities.

If you’d prefer to simplify the experience – keeping the power but losing the smart integration, there are plenty of options! This cordless mini wand by Acher is just $19.99 from Amazon, while this larger wireless wand from Yarosi has 8 speeds and 20 patterns for $42.95.

If the Lovense Domi isn’t quite upmarket enough, we’ve got you! Although the Lelo Smart Wand doesn’t have an app to control it, the device can adjust according to the pressure you place on it. This wand is super quiet and completely waterproof; it’s also $199 – a very indulgent treat!

*Note: Prices are correct at time of review, but are subject to change.

Price List

Where to Buy?

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Customer Service

Customer Service

The Lovense Domi mini wand comes with a 1-year warranty from Lovense. There’s a FAQ page on the Lovense website for basic troubleshooting, and an online form to request extra help if you need it.

Looking at the reviews of Lovense’s customer service, this can be a little hit-and-miss. People have pointed to slow response times, reluctance to issue refunds or store credit, and aftercare requests being completely ignored. This is particularly disappointing for a company that sells products at high price points, and it’s not unreasonable to expect a VIP experience when purchasing a luxury device.



The Lovense Domi mini wand has a wonderful premise. Small size, mighty power; with smart controls that can be used from anywhere in the world. In short, the frequent flyer’s dream machine!

However, there are still teething problems that need to be sorted out. This device is completely reliant on its ability to connect with the app. Connectivity problems render it useless, and for a toy that costs $119, that’s unacceptable. To add insult to injury, Lovense seem not to offer a VIP aftercare service in line with its luxury pricing.

If Lovense can address these issues properly, the Domi has the potential to be a legendary mini wand. For people who aren’t sure about the price, it’s worth waiting to see how the next version of the Lovense Domi turns out. But if you have the cash to splash, go for it!

8 Total Score

  • Small enough to carry discretely while travelling without having to compromise on power.
  • Speaking of power, it’s a beast. The smaller head doesn’t inhibit the vibrations, which are strong and satisfying.
  • The built-in battery saves on having to buy replacements, and recharging is easy, using the USB cable included in the box.
  • The Domi’s smart controls really elevate the experience.
  • The price - we appreciate that this device has a lot of innovative technology thrown at it, but $119 is still a pretty hefty investment. Particularly given the connectivity problems that seem to surround the Domi.
  • The app is unreliable.
  • Customer service leaves a lot to be desired. There’s no excuse for any company to ignore their customers, or fail to address quality problems.
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