A Small Bracelet That Closes Big Distance – Bond Touch Review

Bond Touch is the perfect gift for you long-distance couples out there! It is a set of bracelets that lets you connect with your loved one despite being miles apart. I was able to get a pair for my partner and I to try out, read along to read my review of this innovate product! 

Product: Bond Touch

Use: A set of bracelets that lets you to connect with your long -distance partner with a simple touch

Romantic Factor
What I liked...
  • It really works! 
  • It has a sleek design and the leather adds a luxury feel 
  • Great customer service 
  • Affordable, you pay one price for two bracelets
  • Easy to be recharged 
  • It has a variety of unique colours

Summary: It's amazing how this product can let you feel your partner's touch even though you are miles apart. I think it's a great gift to show your long - distance partner how much you miss their presence. 

What's Inside The Box

With every purchase of a Bond Touch pack, you will get two sets of bracelets. One is meant for yourself, while the other one can be given for your long - distance partner. Each box comes with a bond touch module which has external plastic casing and RGB LED, surgical steel loop and charging points on one side. In addition, you will also get an instruction brochure, one Bond Touch USB charger, one punch tool, a couple of closure studs, and a leather band which is 30 inch long. 

Now, the key to using your Bond Touch to me is personalization. You need to assemble your own bracelets. I understand that some people will think of it as a daunting task, however, assembling your own bracelet can be a great activity for those with an eye for arts and crafts and those who love DIY! 

Using Your Bond Touch

The first thing that you need to do after you open the box is to assemble your bracelet. To do this, you can simply follow the instruction brochure. I love the instruction brochure because it was easy to follow! After you are done assembling your bracelet, you can charge your Bond Touch module. Note that it takes around 3 hours to get your Bond Touch module fully charged. I didn't properly charge my Bond Touch module the first time, and it didn't sync properly with my app, so don't make the same mistake that I did. 

While your Bond Touch module is charging, you can proceed to downloading the Bond Touch app on your smartphone. You can use either Android or iOs operating system, just make sure that they follow the system requirements that can be found on their website. 

Once you done it, the next thing to do is to make sure that your partner has done the same process, add them as your pair through the app, and start BONDing with your Bond Touch! Simply tap twice to send a signal to your long - distance partner and they will see and feel your touch right away. Isn't it great? I still get butterflies whenever my LDR partner sends me a signal through his Bond Touch bracelet, I know he is thinking of me and at least I can feel him despite not being able to be with him in person. 

Customer Service

Every purchase of Bond Touch comes with one year warranty. In addition to the warranty, you are also given 21 days after your purchase date to try the product. If you are unhappy with your purchase for whatever reason, you can return them within that 21 days period. 

Overall, I think Bond Touch offers great customer service because they provide a comprehensive support page on their website. It is where you can find more information about your Bond Touch. To be honest I felt that the instructions I found on the box were not enough, but I'm glad that they provide the support page and it has all the answers I needed. 

The Bond Touch App 

Another thing that I want to discuss is the Bond Touch App. As I've mentioned before, the app is a crucial part of using your Bond Touch as your Bond Touch will not work without it. Thankfully, the app is easy to be used. It has a simple interface and it also allows me to see my partner's location, time, weather conditions, as well as his Bond Touch state of battery. My partner travels a lot so I love how this app lets me know his whereabouts and I can bond with him anytime I want. 

You also need to make sure that you have enabled internet and bluetooth on your phone, and don't forget to allow the app to use them while it's running in the background. Afterwards, you will be able to connect your Bond Touch bracelet to your phone if it's within 10ft distance.

Bond Touch Pros and Cons


  • Works anywhere in the world so you can use them with your LDR partner wherever they are located
  • Sleek and simple design, great to be worn daily 
  • Easy set - up and great customer service 
  • Affordable, $88 gets you two pairs and it also offer free US shipping


  • Assembling your own Bond Touch bracelet can be confusing to some people, especially if they don't like DIY
  • You need to have the app always running in the background with bluetooth and internet on, so it can drain your phone's battery fast 
  • Short battery life, you need to charge them every day and it takes 3 hours until it's fully charged 

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About the Author Amanda Maria

Hi! I'm Amanda and I'm in love with my long-distance partner. We have been in a LDR for over 5 years now and we are trying to close the distance soon. Happy to connect with my fellow LDR community :)