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A Small Bracelet That Closes Big Distance – Bond Touch Review

Please note that this is only a product review. For more information on purchasing the original Bond Touch, click here.

Bond Touch is the perfect gift for you long-distance couples out there! It is a set of bracelets that lets you connect with your loved one despite being miles apart. I was able to get a pair for my partner and I to try out, read along to read my bond touch review of this innovate product! 

Our Pick

Just squeeze your bracelet to send out a gentle squeeze to an accompanying bracelet worn by a loved one. They’ll feel the squeeze their wrist and know you’re thinking of them.


You can communicate such as calls, messages, and exchanging pictures to your partner and ensure that it is encrypted and safe. Every time you touch the distance bracelets, your loved ones feel a little buzz around their wrist.

Our Pick

Just squeeze your bracelet to send out a gentle squeeze to an accompanying bracelet worn by a loved one. They’ll feel the squeeze their wrist and know you’re thinking of them.


You can communicate such as calls, messages, and exchanging pictures to your partner and ensure that it is encrypted and safe. Every time you touch the distance bracelets, your loved ones feel a little buzz around their wrist.

About Bond Touch Bracelet

What is Bond Touch Bracelet?

What is Bond Touch Bracelet?

Bond Touch bracelet is the proof that if you can’t hold nor see your partner firsthand, you can touch them instead. You can communicate such as calls, messages, and exchanging pictures to your partner and ensure that it is encrypted and safe. Every time you touch the distance bracelets, your loved ones feel a little buzz around their wrist.

Like how you couples are a match, these bands will definitely match you even more.

Bond Touch bracelets are light weight, waterproof long distance touch bracelets that sends natural vibrations to connect. These accesory bands are made up of abs plastic with different colors and have long battery life. Like any other connective devices, this requires an application which will be discussed below.

Battery life

The battery life of these bands can let you stay synced with your partner and send touches. Also with your phone’s bluetooth and a wi fi, you will be connected with your partner’s bracelet.

With its battery life, You can communicate such as calls, messages, and even exchange picture for a long time with your partner. Also, these bands secures a space safe for private chats since it is encrypted and safe.

Colors Available

These waterproof colored bands are available in different colors — ghost white, pink sand, emerald green, and twilight blue. You can use similar items or send a different color as your partner’s bracelets.


Long distance touch bracelets, with wi fi or bluetooth, proves that if you can’t hold or see your loved ones firsthand, you can make them feel your touch instead.

How does it connect long distance?

Basically, Every time you touch the distance bracelets, your loved ones feel a little buzz around their wrist. These bonds will create your conversation with just taps.

Also, You can create unique and different styles of taps and colors with messages only you and your partner know. For example, two taps will be I miss you or 6 taps will be a help call. With these bands, You’ll be able to contact or track your partner’s status.


Bond Touch Review – What’s Inside The Box

With every purchase of a Bond Touch pack, you will get two sets of long distance touch bracelets. One bracelet is meant for yourself, while you can give the other long distance touch bracelets to your long distance partner.

Each box comes with a touch bracelet module with an an external plastic casing and RGB LED, surgical steel loop, and charging points on one side.

In addition, you will also get an instruction brochure, a one-touch bracelet USB charger, one punch tool, a couple of closure studs, and a leather band that is 30 inches long.

Now, the key to using your Bond bracelet to me is personalization.

You need to assemble your bracelets. I understand that some people will think of it as a daunting task. However, assembling your bracelet can be an excellent activity for those with an eye for arts and crafts and those who love DIY! Create it with unique styles!


Product Specifications

  • Bond Touch is waterproof and it can even put into the pool up to 3 feet / 1 meter
  • FOUR days long battery life without having the needs to charge
  • It has natural vibration that mimics your partner’s touch
  • Sleek design and the leather adds a luxury feel
  • Affordable – one price for two bracelets
  • Variety of unique colours customizable colors for your own style
  • Great customer service

How it Works

How Bond Touch Bracelets Work?

How Bond Touch Bracelets Work?

  1. The first thing that you need to do after you open the box is to assemble your bracelet. To do this, you can simply follow the instruction brochure. I love the instruction brochure because it was easy to follow! After you are done assembling your bracelet, you can charge your touch bracelet module.

  2. Note that it take around 3 hours to get your touch bracelets module fully charge. I didn’t properly charge my Bond Touch module the first time, and it didn’t sync properly with my app, so don’t make the same mistake that I did.

  3. While your touch bracelets module is charging, you can proceed to download the Bond Touch app on your smartphone. You can use either Android or iOs operating system- Google Play or Apple Apps store. Just make sure that they follow requirements that can be found on their website.

  4. Once you done it, the next thing to do is to make sure that your partner has done the same process, add them as your pair through the app, and start BONDing with your touch bracelets!

  5. Simply tap twice to send signal to your long – distance partner and they will see and feel your touch right away. Isn’t it great? I still get butterflies whenever my LDR partner sends me a signal through his touch bracelet, I know he thinks of me. At least I can feel him despite not being able to be with him in person.

Price List

Where to Buy Touch Bracelets

Buy on Bond Touch our pick

A bracelet for the two of you. Send your loved one your touch. Anytime you want to, anywhere they are.

Customer Service

Customer Service


Every purchase of Bond Touch comes with one year warranty. In addition to the warranty, you are also given 21 days after your purchase date to try the product. So if you are unhappy with your purchase for whatever reason, you can return them within those 21 days. Also, bond touch offers replacements for defective products. If you had the wrong item was sent, Bond Touch guarantees you a replacement. You can find the deals and must- knows in their website.


Bands can be sold separately. You can have the two long distance touch bands shipped in one address or separately. You can send one directly to your loved one and one to yours.

Shopping online? Some stores online offer free shipping in the US for these bands products. Also, although shipping isnt free on some sites, shipping to a different country is also available like Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom. Also, shipping time varies on locations and online shopping stores.

However when it comes to shipping, there is quite a limitation. If you’re one of those who cant have it directly shipped, the company provided another option. The company has a waiting list below the product. List your names for updates!

Overall, I think Bond Touch offers great customer service because they provide a comprehensive support page on their website. It is where you can find more information about your Bond Touch. To be honest, I felt that the instructions I found on the box were not enough, but I’m glad that they provide the support page and it has all the answers I needed. 

Bond Touch App

The Bond Touch App

Another thing that I want to discuss is the Bond Touch App. As I’ve mentioned before, the app is a crucial part of using your touch bracelets as your bracelet will not work without it. Thankfully, the app is easy to be used. It has a simple interface and it also allows me to see my partner’s location, time, weather conditions, as well as his Bond Touch state of battery. My partner travels a lot so I love how this app lets me know his whereabouts and I can bond with him anytime I want. 

You also need to make sure that you have switched on internet and Bluetooth on your phone, and don’t forget to switch and allow the app to use them while it’s running in the background. Afterward, you will be able to connect your Bond Touch bracelet to your phone if it’s within 10ft distance.

People Connected on Bond Touch

How many people can be connected to your Bond Touch?

Right now, Touch Bond bracelets can only be connected in pairs. Nevertheless, the bond-touch brand aims to provide its customers with access to the product and seamless connectivity in the future. Until then, I would recommend you to enjoy the feeling of being connectivity through the bracelet for your long-distance relationship. Whether it is your boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, or anyone in your family, as long as you couldn’t reach the limit of two people.



It’s amazing how this lightweight waterproof long-distance bracelet can let you stay synced with your partner’s touch. Even though you are miles apart. I think it’s a great gift to show your partner how much you miss their presence. If you are looking for other alternative long-distance bracelets than Bond Touch Bracelets. You can check them here. We prepare you four best long-distance bracelets.

However, if you are now excited to try the lightweight and waterproof Bond Touch bracelet. You can use a special code to get 10% discount for your first purchase of Bond Touch. Just use code ldrlove during checkout process on their website to get the special discount.

8.6 Total Score

  • Works anywhere in the world so you can use them with your LDR partner wherever they are located.
  • Sleek and simple design, great to be worn daily.
  • Easy set - up and great customer service.
  • Affordable, $88 gets you two pairs and it also offer free US shipping.
  • Assembling your own Bond Touch bracelet can be confusing to some people, especially if they don't like DIY.
  • You need to have the app always running in the background with bluetooth and internet on, so it can drain your phone's battery fast.
  • Short battery life, you need to charge them every day and it takes 3 hours until it's fully charged.
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    Bracelets or junk don’t waste your money March 10, 2020 at 12:26 pm

    Bracelets or junk don’t waste your money

  4. Save your money , don’t buy Bond touch…I bought a pair of bond touch and one is working but the other is not recharging…I immediately contacted Bond Touch assistance, after 3 days of long chat and discussions, they accepted to return this fault one with their courier, DPD , that doesn’ t exist in Italy…..I am daily writing them to ask them a DHL label, but they unswer that for my Country , Italy, DPD is the only I am crazily trying to ship this [email protected]@@ fault object but I have to pay 40€ for the shipment of this broken product!!!! I strongly reccomand you ; DON’T buy this bracelet or you will have no assistance at all in case of needs.

  5. I have this with my best friend, and I got it for us when I thought we were drifting away. We’ve been closer ever since. When I’m in school and I get a touch, it’s great to know she is thinking about me!

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