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Ways to Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Exciting

My long-distance relationship has taught me that being in a relationship is not always about rainbows and butterflies. There are ups and downs; sometimes you may find yourself tired and wanting to give up. Worry not, the hard days are just one of the phases in a relationship that you have to go through, and if your relationship is strong enough, better days will come in no time.

To compensate for the hard days, I personally think that it is essential to maintain the sparks and keep my relationship exciting. Since I am in a long-distance relationship, I have to admit that sometimes I had to make some extra effort in order to do so. However, both my man and I are willing to do the extra efforts and over time we found the ways to keep our long-distance relationship exciting. In this post, I am going to share five of them. Hope it can be useful for you, fellow LDR couples!

Plan Regular Online Date Nights

Although we talk every day, our daily conversation mostly revolved around simple, mundane stuff.  I have to admit that there are times we don’t have anything to say, but that does not mean that we lost our chemistry; it’s just we are too busy or tired with our routines. So, keeping a regular date nights is important for us. Of course because distance is involved, most times we can only do it online. During these nights, we try to do the normal things that couples do. We watch movies, play games, and sometimes even eat together. I know it’s not ideal because we do it online, but it surely serves its purpose. On those date nights, we can embrace our chemistry and have fun together.

Here are some other ways on how you can strengthen your long distance relationship.

Don’t forget the element of surprise

Most people love surprises, don’t you think? We do too. Although in this case, I give surprises more than I receive them, but I don’t mind because I actually love doing so. Planning and giving surprises make me excited, especially when I know for sure that it will make my man happy.

Surprisingly, my man can surprise me too. I remember last Valentine’s Day. I did not prepare anything for him as I was busy with a project at work. It was our 3rd Valentine’s Day anyway so I sort of getting used to it. But I was so happy when he managed to deliver a pizza to my house. What a nice surprise! That one caught me off guard even though it was a very simple thing that he did.

So, when was the last time you gave a surprise to your significant other?

man with bouquet

Embrace The Little Things

Don’t overlook the little things, embrace them. I know it might be hard for LDR couples to express the little things, especially when it is physical like giving a kiss or a warm hug. But, the little things here can also be as simple as giving nicknames to each other, or other small things that happen between the two of you. Do you give special nicknames to each other? I think it can help to maintain something special between the two of you, thus keeping your relationship exciting.

One other example is to recognize special dates, such as your anniversary. You don’t have to celebrate it every month, but when you do, I’m sure it re-ignites the spark between you and your significant other.

Establish Goals Together

For every long-distance relationship, there must be an end in sight. Otherwise, it can be daunting and it will lead to no good. Take the time apart to actually build goals together with your significant other and plan for your future.

The goal can be as simple as visiting new place for your next holiday, or completing a TV series marathon together and spend hours obsessing over it. In time, a more serious goal will come along that will affect both of your lives, like closing the distance or starting a new life together.

Whatever it is, having a common goal can definitely keep your long distance relationship exciting. My man and I are discussing our next holiday that will happen this fall and we could not be more excited about it!

Cherish Every Moment Together

You can also try to do the things that your significant other enjoys to do. Take turns in watching each other’s favorite movie genres on your date nights, or have a listen to each other’s favorite bands.

In the end, there’s no better way to keep your long distance relationship exciting than to make sure that you cherish every moment together. Apart or in person, small or big, all those moments have helped to make your relationship special. When you appreciate them, you’ll realize how much love you have for each other.

Those are the five ways that I used to keep my long distance relationship exciting. Do you have other suggestions? Tell us in the comment box below.

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