11 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Long-distance Lover

Celebrating Valentine’s Day hundreds or maybe even thousands of miles away from your special someone isn’t easy, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t something worth celebrating. In fact, now is the perfect opportunity to show your significant other just how much he means to you.

Sending flowers and chocolates, although beautiful and delicious, is a little cliché. Instead, really think about who your man is, what he likes and what would make him excited.

Send a video note

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with the right words to express yourself when you’re on a Skype date. Try writing down everything you love about your sweetheart and how special they make you feel, and create a video message for them. Email it to them first thing Valentine’s Day morning, and they’ll be sure to have a great day.


Wrap their wrist

These Love knows no distance bracelets are the male counterpart to a diamond bracelet. These bracelets will serve as a constant reminder that your love is strong. The bracelets are 100 percent silicone and come in royal plum and chocolate brown. If your special someone doesn’t like jewelry, opt for a keychain instead.

Craft a care package

Grab a shoe box and fill it with 14 things your partner loves. They don’t have to be expensive. Stock it with his favorite candy bar or a $5 giftcard to Starbucks. Sometimes it’s the small things that count.


Count the seconds

Help him count down the seconds until the next time you get to see each other with a personalized wooden watch. You can engrave the bottom of the watch or the leather strap of the watch with a special message just for him. Made from wood, bamboo and genuine leather, this handmade watch is timeless.


Love the bed

Sometimes falling asleep alone at night is the hardest part. These pillowcases won’t close the distance, but they might make you feel a little bit closer at night when you lay your head down to sleep. This cute You’re Worth Every Mile pillow case will remind your man what you’re working so hard for. BoldLoft also sells other cute gifts for long-distance couples, including T-shirts, coffee mugs and glasses.

Picture this

Want to know what your guy is up to when you’re not there? Send him a Selfie Click Stick so he can send you snaps of his new favorite coffee shop or the restaurant he wants to take you to the next time you visit.

Map your future

If there’s anything long-distance couples do well, it’s travel. Get him one of the most detailed scratch maps for travelers. Behind the silver layer, there are markings for resorts, national parks, mountains, rivers, and more. You can scratch off places that you’ve traveled to together or places that are on your Bucket List. Start planning all of the adventures you’ll have when you finally close the distance.


Spice it up With the Lovense Max

Heat up your Valentine’s Day with a long-distance sex toy. Lovense makes his and her sex toys that can be controlled from a distance—ANY distance—using Bluetooth technology. The Lovense Max is their top-of-the-line mastubator for men.

So, while he’s using his Lovense Max mastuabaotry sleeve, you can be using the “Nora” rabbit-style vibrator. Using the Body Chat app that acts as a remote control, your toys can interact with each other, taking long-distance sex to the next dimension. If you consider buying Lovense, remember to check out my Lovense product review

Product Review: Lovense Max and Nora

Use: His and hers sex toy that is great for long distance relationships

What I like
  • The Lovense Max have that great skin like feel, both toys are made with high quality material
  • Both toys have multiple sensations that can get you off
  • You can control both toys from the toys or the mobile app
  • check-circle
    When your man use the Lovense Max and starts thrusting, the Nora starts moving and vibrating as well
  • check-circle
    You can use your music to set the vibrations
What I don't like
  • The Nora's vibrations are not that strong
  • The Lovense Max looks discreet but lacks the appeal
  • The app has its own video and chat app, but I found the chat app to be a bit glitchy
  • times-circle
    The Max might be too tight for men who are well-endowed

Summary: The Lovense Max & Nora combination is a really good one when you want to share the experience of long-distance sex completely. The two compatible toys really make for an explosive experience. There are a few little issues with both toys but generally you’re going to have a lot of fun here.

Travel in style

These handmade monogrammed weekender bags are the perfect duffle bags for a long weekend trip to come see you. Choose your color and monogram style so the canvas duffle bag matches your man’s style. Add a coordinating dopp kit for his toiletries.


Write your love story

Heartfelt Books helps you write the story of your relationship. Write short stories about the first time you really knew he was for you, and make a list of songs that remind him of you. Reminisce about one of the craziest things you ever did together, and share with him the time you felt closest. Heartfelt Books then compiles all of your stories into a beautifully designed hardback book.

If you are planning on throwing a special Valentine's date night, find some ideas here

Skip Valentine’s Day

Instead, dedicate a day that is special to just you two. My Day Registry is an online service where you and your partner can pick a day, month and year that yours alone. Maybe it’s the day you met or the day you plan to close the distance. No one else can have the same registered day as you. You’ll receive a certificate of ownership and a frame.

About the Author Jennifer Craig

Jennifer Craig has been in a successful long-distance relationship and started SurviveLDR to encourage those who want to pursue love with partners in far land.