Planning a Memorable Valentine’s Day (Online) Date

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, time to plan your Valentine’s date. It is such an exciting time for lovers, close by and long-distance relationships as well!

Even though I admit that we don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to show some romance to our partner, the day is a perfect time to embrace and express your love with a Valentine’s Date. Now since my relationship is long-distance by nature since day one, I don’t have the privilege to celebrate it with my partner. However, it does not discourage us. Yet, we always find creative ways to express our love and celebrate it together, which includes going on an (online) date. Read along as I share some tips to plan a memorable Valentine’s Day online date!

Here are some steps to take in preparation of a romantic and touching Valentine’s Date

  • Choose a theme: Since it’s a special day, a specific Valentine’s Date theme is highly recommended. Let’s say you are choosing a romantic theme, then all you must do is set the mood right. Light up some candles, wear something nice and play some romantic music. Even though you are doing it online, I’m sure it can bring out the romance between the two of you. For me, I chose a fun theme on my last online date. We watched our favorite comedy TV series together and then played some online games. It was fun and memorable!

  • Prepare the logistics: Logistics play an important part in the success of your online date. First, you must ensure that both of you have a stable and fast internet connection on your computer. Then, prepare a place that is quiet, private and personal, so you won’t be disturbed by other people. Last but not least, make sure that you have all the equipment that you need. Check if your camera and microphone are working fine, to avoid technical issues during your date. This has happened to me before and trust me, technical issue is never a good thing as it only ruins the mood.

  • Have your room decorated: Having a special decoration can surely lift the mood. During our anniversary date, my partner and I agreed that we would both decorate our rooms. I went all out and decorated my room with small candles, while he brought flowers and put it next to him while we were doing our video call. It may sound cheesy, but then again nothing is too cheesy for us LDR couples, we just got to do what we got to do, to keep the romance alive, isn’t it?

  • Cook your own meal: A date is never perfect without a meal, and although I know it is not ideal, but you and your significant other can try cooking your own meal and then eat it together during your online date. Try to cook each other’s favorite meals to make it more romantic. Or, if you and your significant other come from a different culture, you can cook dishes from each of your hometowns. I’m sure it will make your date even more memorable.

  • Wear matching outfits: Like regular offline date, dressing up is definitely a must do to make your date memorable. And since this is your Valentine’s Day date, why don’t you both agree on a matching outfit? I know that you probably would not wear matching outfits when you go on a date, but in an online date, I believe it will make your date memorable and bring out the sparks! Wearing matching outfit can be as simple as wearing the same color, of even a matching couple’s top which can be easily found online.

  • Do creative things together: There are numerous things that you and your significant other can do during your online Valentine’s Date. With today’s technology, the possibilities are just endless! I will list some of my personal favorites that I have done with my partner on our previous online dates

  • Sing together: We both love to sing, so singing together is never a dull moment. There are several karaoke apps or website that you can choose. Pick a romantic song and sing your heart out, or you can even do a singing battle. So fun!

  • Take a guided tour: This one is my personal favorite and you can easily do it with Google Maps app. You can virtually visit each other’s town or even go to virtual vacation to your dream destinations. Who knows that you might be able to make it a reality in the future, once the distance between you has been closed.

  • Watch movies or videos together: Nowadays you can find some screen sharing app that allows you to watch something real time together. In addition, Apple MacBook also has a feature that allows to share your screen with a fellow user. Thanks to technology, this way you can watch a movie together as if you are in a cinema. This feature also works if you just want to watch movies with friends online even if you don’t have a significant other, but perhaps a Valentine’s Day best friend. 

So, there are the six things that you can do to have a memorable Valentine’s Date online. In addition, I would also suggest you to send an online gift to your significant other. It surely will bring out the romance in you! If you are looking for more intimate ways to add on your list, check out this LDR sex toy.

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Good luck planning your date and have a wonderful one, fellow LDR couples!

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