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Starting a Fresh New Year for the Long – Distance Relationship

Celebrate New Year as LDR Couple

2016 seemed to fly by so fast and we are now in the first month of 2017 already. To most people, the New Year often means change. Often it also means a fresh start. To me, I like to take the New Year as a moment to reflect and have a fresh start for my Long-Distance Relationship.

In this post, I want to share the things that I do with my man at the start of the New Year. I hope it can be an inspiration to you, my fellow LDR couples!

Create Relationship New Year Resolutions

Creating a resolutions list is common for the New Year. Similar to the kind of resolutions that an individual may create, my man and I like to create a list for our relationship. For this, we reflect on our relationship’s milestone. We look back to how far we have come, and reflect on the major events. For example, we had a big fight last year which put our relationship at stake. Obviously both of us don’t want it to happen again, so we reflected on what went wrong and how to avoid it. Finally, we agreed that both of us had to compromise. We then listed that thing as a resolution. Simple, isn’t it? All you need to do is spend a good amount of time discussing things that are important for you and your partner, and agree on combined goals in the upcoming New Year.

Send Your Significant Other a Care Package

As you start fresh in the New Year, why not show your significant other extra love? An old-time favorite of LDR couples to show extra love is by sending each other care packages. I personally love the idea so much because this way I can send my man the things that I know he’ll love like couple bracelets, and also provide a personal touch with the package.

Last year I knew my man was very much into Game of Thrones the series so I sent him a GOT-themed care package which includes some snacks that he can eat while binge – watching the series. It was very simple to make, but it made my man very happy! And when he is happy, of course I am happy too.

Plan Your Next Visit

Being in a long-distance relationship makes timing is important to us. Because both of my man and I are working full time, we have little schedule flexibility. So, it is important for us to carefully plan ahead our visit for the year. We know we are not as lucky as other LDR couples, because we can only visit once a year. Therefore, we have to make the most of every visit, and we need to plan carefully.

There are several benefits that we get from doing advanced planning; first we can hunt for promotion airplane tickets, and we also have lots of date options to choose from. Last but not least, I like to maintain a sense of excitement when I know that I already have a date to meet my man later in the year, even though it’s only January! It gets me excited to count the days until our next visit, and sometimes it is what keeps me going throughout the difficult times.

Discuss Your Future

The New Year is also a good time to discuss your future plans, and by that I mean closing the distance. We know that this is the ultimate goal of every long-distance relationship, so use the New Year as a time to discuss the plan carefully. Closing the distance means that one of you move to another place, and to some people it is not an easy thing to do. Thus, New Year is the perfect timing to create a solid plan and prepare to close the distance.

You may already have a plan set up from the previous years, but perhaps it still has not happened yet. Take the moment to revisit your plans and find other ways to make it happen, if not this year, then anytime soon.

So those are the things that I did with my man during the start of the New Year. Even though some items on the list are harder to do than the rest, all have proven to make our relationship fresher and definitely stronger throughout the year.

Tell me, what kind of things that you like to do with your man during the start of the New Year? Let me know in the comment box below. After all, it’s always good to share things with the LDR community, isn’t it?

Happy New Year!

Starting a Fresh New Year for the Long – Distance Relationship
Starting a Fresh New Year for the Long – Distance Relationship

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