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Simple Ideas to Strengthen Your Long-Distance Relationship

Every healthy relationship will go through their ups and downs. Trying to patch up an argument may be a little bit more difficult when your significant other cannot be easily reached physically. But there are ways (thanks to technology) that can help strengthen your bond. Here are a few tips!

Plan movie dates

Using Facetime and Skype, you can easily try to sync up a movie you both would love to watch together. The majority of the time, Netflix may not have the same movies based on your locations but there are plenty of sites that will online stream that won’t be location based.

Count down from 3 and press play, enjoy a movie or a show in the comfort of both of your homes with the ability to still interact with one another. A movie syncing web-based application named Kast can also be your best friend in your relationship. It allows you to share screens with one another and use different streaming websites that Kast offers while video chatting. Depending on your own internet connection and computer, it could be easier to run Kast on its own while still using your smartphone to video chat. There are other apps you can use to help with your LDR

Care Packages

Putting together a care package for your significant other can be the most thoughtful gift anyone can give or receive. There doesn’t need to be a reason for the package; I often send a small one just because. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to put a package together – it can be the simplest gift such as their favorite chocolate bars or a book they have wanted to buy for a while. With an added personal touch, it can easily remind your significant other how much you love one another, even when there are miles in between you two.

Matching items

Remember in high school matching with your boyfriend or girlfriend was a thing? It doesn’t have to end there. As corny as it sounds, having things that match each other can easily shoot that fuzzy feeling back into your heart when you’ve been apart for too long. It doesn’t have to be a shirt, but even having matching unisex bracelets that you two wear on a daily basis or a travel mug that you two both use every day for coffee or tea.

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Include them in your day-to-day life

The majority of the people have Snapchat nowadays just to share their day-to-day lives with the world, so why not use that to your advantage and share your daily activities with your significant other? Send quick videos or even photos of the sunset or a short clip of the current event you’re involved in at that time. Sometimes I even do a quick Facetime session with my significant other, especially when I’m out at a gathering so that he doesn’t feel like he’s missing out.

At the end of the day, you know what works best for your relationship and what doesn’t work. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try something outside of both of your comfort zones to strengthen the bond instead of letting the miles come between your relationship.

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