5 Amazing Apps For Long Distance Couples to Download Right Now

5 Amazing Apps For Long Distance Couples to Download Right Now

I seriously can’t imagine how people did long-distance relationship before the internet. I remember the early days of my LDR, back in 2011. At that time, we didn’t have smartphones and the only way we could send messages was through Blackberry phone. We had our laptops and internet in our homes, but still, without smartphones, it was still hard to communicate with each other, especially with the time difference and different activities! But hey, we survived the pre-smartphone era and so did the people who were in long-distance relationships way back then. Today, couples in long-distance relationships don’t have to deal with all the hassle of communicating. It has also been easier for couples in long-distance relationship to do activities together online, despite the distance. Thanks to technology, there are so many apps for long distance couples! Keep on reading as I will share some of the apps that I found useful to help me and my significant other on a daily basis.


Couple is an app designed as a safe place for couples to share their most intimate moments with each other. If you want to send sex texts to each other, you can do it safely through this app. Couple app has a “Send Secrets” feature where you can send each other pictures that will disappear within moments. This app also allows you to share videos, pictures, audio files, and stickers that can only be accessed by you and your significant other. Although there are many other apps that have similar features, I personally love their “Send Secrets” feature because it gives me a peace of mind when I’m sending intimate pictures to my significant other. There’s another cool feature that I really love from this app called “ThumbKiss”. This feature allows me to interact in real-time and play drawing games with my significant other. In addition, once we have set a date for our next meeting, we can use Couple’s planning feature to find restaurants nearby, create to-do lists, and use a shared calendar. This app seriously makes my long-distance relationship easier and more exciting.


Between is a long distance relationship app for couples in love. This app was not specifically designed for LDR couples, but it has some great features that can benefit couples in a long-distance relationship. Between app is available on iOS and Android platforms so you can still use it even if you and your significant other use different smartphone model. I love this app because it has an anniversary tracker feature. It also has a feature where my significant other and I can plan our next holiday. I also don’t have to worry about privacy because this app is designed to be a private space between couples. I now use this app to share pictures and video with my significant other, we think of it as our own social media platform.


Kissenger app allows couples in long-distance relationship to experience internet kissing. I know this might not be the same as the real thing but when you are away from your significant other for so long, any physical contact is good enough, right? Using the Kissenger is easy, all you have to do is plug the device to your iPhone and give your significant other a kiss over the internet. The app has a technology that can sense your kiss and transmit it as a sensation to your significant other. What’s really cool about this app is that you can really feel the sensation of your significant other’s kiss when they kiss you back. In addition, there’s a chat feature on the app so you can use that to chat with your significant other.


WhatsApp is a very popular communication app that is available on multiple operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, and also PC. WhatsApp offers different communication features such as chatting, voice call, and video call. What I love about WhatsApp is that this app can allow you to watch Youtube videos during a call, so my significant other and I like to watch Youtube videos together during our video call using WhatsApp. WhatsApp works well even if you don’t have a high-speed internet connection, so it’s perfect for LDR couples who don’t have a fast internet connection.


While the first four apps that I discussed can help you to communicate and do some activities with your significant other, this app is designed to give little surprises for your significant other. We all know how important it is to keep your long-distance relationship exciting. Now, you can use Cartolina app to send virtual postcard to your significant other. This app is available to be purchased on iOS for $1.99 but it’s a small price to pay for the excitement that you can give your significant other. I love how this app can help me to be creative and give my significant other a personalized card to express my love for him.

Those are 5 long distance relationship apps that can help you survive your distance. Although we know that LDR is not easy at all, these apps can help you to make it easier. With the right commitment and trust, you’ll be able to survive your long-distance relationship, don’t worry about it!

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5 Amazing Apps For Long Distance Couples to Download Right Now
5 Amazing Apps For Long Distance Couples to Download Right Now
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