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What Happens After Closing the Distance

Congratulations! You now have successfully passed all the hurdles of a long distance relationship and managed to close the distance. I understand that closing the distance is nowhere easy, but I have to tell you that closing the distance is actually just the beginning of another important stage of your relationship.

I spent a couple of time talking to my fellow LDR couples within the community that have closed the distance, and from them, I can get some insights on what really happens after distance is no longer an issue. As someone who is closing the distance real soon, I found these insights really helpful as I am making plans for my LDR future, so I hope this article can help you too!

There will be so many emotions involved

Surely happiness is definitely one of them. There is nothing that can make an LDR couple happier than closing the distance, don’t you think? After all the separate days and nights longing that you were together, now distance will no longer be an issue! Your first days after you close the distance will be filled with happiness and joy, and nothing can top that. Embrace it, absorb all the happiness and celebrate it with your significant other. After all, you two really deserve it!

Subsequently, with the overflowing of emotions, it is understandable if you and your significant other could get easily tensed. Even just a simple misunderstanding can easily lead to an ugly argument!

Bottom line is, I’ve learned that your emotions will amplify during the first few moments of your new life together. There is no need to worry though, it is a normal phase, considering everything that both of you had to go through to finally close the distance and be together! Discuss it with your partner, but remember to keep your cool, focus on the positive emotions and leave the negative ones.

You will have to redefine your relationship

I’d like to think that there are two types of LDR couples; ones that started as a normal couple then had to be separated due to some circumstances, and the ones that are always separated until they can finally close the distance.

If you are like me, my relationship falls into the latter. My partner and I came from two different countries; we were separated by continents. Closing the distance for us means that one of us have to move a thousand miles away.

Obviously, moving to another continent is never easy. There will be a lot of adjustments that both of you need to do for your relationship. If you previously have a set of routines, those routines might change when you are no longer apart.

Redefining your relationship is important because it will set a new foundation for a new phase of your relationship. Some of the things that you may redefine are the separation of roles between you two, and also your expectations towards each other. No need to rush, take some time to carefully reassess and redefine your relationship together with your partner.

You will get to spend more time together

One of the perks of being in a long distance relationship is that you get as much of me-time as you want. Being in an LDR teaches me to be independent, to understand myself more. There were moments that made me have to explore my preferences, determine my likings and set my goals as an individual. I then share my explorations with my partner, discuss our ideas and beliefs together which helped us shape our relationship. I believe that those are precious lessons that I got from being in a long distance relationship.

However, everything will change the moment you close the distance. In a positive way, the emptiness that you feel from missing your partner will be gone. No more time distance, no more mails, and skype calls. Your partner is within close proximity! Consequently, this will also mean that your personal space will be reduced. I’m pretty sure that you will very much enjoy the first few moments of closing the distance and embrace spending as much as time together with your significant other, but don’t forget to allow some time for yourself too.

Don’t lose the sense of independency and let yourself keep growing. Remember that spending more time together with your significant other should make the two of you grow stronger as a couple and also as individuals.

You have to face the reality

With distance involved, it is so easy to shade some things from your partner. Perhaps you have some bad habits that you never show to your partner. Obviously, you won’t be able to hide them again once you have closed the distance. Perhaps it’s the opposite. You may find that your significant other have some flaws that you found surprising.

Whatever the conditions, remember why you were there in the first place. Learn to accept your significant other the way they are, and most importantly, learn to compromise. Only then you will be able to sail through be stronger as a couple.

Those are only a few of things that you should expect after closing the distance. After all, being in a relationship is not only rainbows and butterflies. It is the hurdles that will eventually bring you closer together and make your love grow stronger. Never forget that in the end, love always win. Good luck!

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