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We Vibe Moxie Review: Everything You Need To Know

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Are you in search of a quality vibrator that can relieve all the tension in your body? A hands- free vibrator, We Vibe Moxie is wearable and can stimulate your clitoris in one satisfying round. This vibrator is a source of sensual pleasure that can set up your mood as well as your partner’s in no time. Read on to know more about the product in this in-depth We-Vibe Moxie review.

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We-Vibe Moxie
We-Vibe Moxie
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Are you in search of a quality vibrator that can relieve all the tension in your body? A hands- free vibrator.
The product is rechargeable and has a good power backup.
It comes with different intensity levels.
Can be accompanied in the water.
Slips into the panties easily.
It comes with two magnetic clips for easy attachment.
Can be controlled through app or remote
It comes in bright aqua color.
We Vibe Moxie is expensive than its competitors.
The remote controlling range is not very strong.
The intensity of vibrations decrease at the distance increases.
The vibrator and the app or remote control keep disconnecting.
It may make sounds as the intensity of vibrations increase.
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Vibease, a comfortable, wearable vibrator. We allow women to slip it inside their undergarment whenever they want. The tip is specially designed to make it easy for women to locate the sweet spot while ensuring the vibrator remains steadily in place.
It’s really pretty, made of a very soft silicone that almost mimics the feel of skin.
It’s very quiet.
There’s a huge marketplace of erotic stories that you can listen to while using your Vibease.
You can use it solo or by letting your partner take control via the app.
It’s designed to be a wearable, but if you plan on walking around with it, it might get out of place.
The app does not always work as it should, it can lose connection at inopportune times.
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Lovense Ferri
Lovense Ferri
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Secure magnetic cap ensures the toy stays put during use and stimulates your clitoris while you walk, sit, dance or lie down. A great choice for teasing or full-blown orgasms no matter what setting you find yourself in!
Perfectly shaped for comfortable wear.
Super Quite Vibrator.
Have a close-range or long-distance control.
Unlimited Vibration Pattern.
Sync to Music.
Too perfect for some.
It takes more hour to charge.
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Get your vibe on and groove to Music. Our new Club Vibe 3.OH is a discreet wearable panty vibrator designed to please-wherever the mood strikes.
Wireless Remote Control.
Quite and Lightweight Features.
Body-Safe Silicone Phthalate-Free.
Stays in one play wherever you are.
Three levels of mode and sensation.
This product is not compatible .with the OhMiBod Remote App.
It is expensive for some people.
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About We Vibe Moxie

What is We Vibe Moxie

What is We-Vibe Moxie

We-Vibe Moxie is the latest product from the brand We-Vibe. It has been made to satisfy the intimate needs of every lady. This is a vibrator that is used in your intimate areas to provide you all kind of pleasure and satisfaction. It is thin, light in weight, and looks clean.

Due to its small size, it gets fits into the gap between the clitoris and the underwear. It has been shaped like a beluga to give a bulge. The bulged surface is placed towards the clitoris to provide a great sensation. The product also comes with discs and attached magnets to hold it in place.

The lower surface of the vibrator, which stays away from the clitoris, has the charging area and the power button. Due to its convenient and sophisticated design, you notice no awkward line or bulging shapes out of your underwear. Moreover, it comes in a beautiful aqua color.


What are its special features

We Vibe Moxie is equipped with several features that give it an edge when compared to its competitors. Some of its best features are mentioned below.

Remote Control

Moxie is considered a smart-toy as it can be easily controlled through remote control. It is connected to an app called We-connect and lets you have all the power over your pleasure. To make things even more interesting, you can hand over the control to your partner and let the crazy begin!

Levels of Intensity

This vibrator gives you fun at different levels and intensities. There are a total of ten levels marked on it. Choose any one of these and increase or decrease the intensity as per your convenience. To get the most fun out of it, start from the basic level and gradually increase to the highest level.

Magnetic Attachment

We Vibe Moxie has a special attaching technique that keeps it from falling. To keep it intact to your panties, it comes with a magnet and sticks close to your clitoris. This ensures no disturbance or movement while you are at it with your new vibrator.


The vibrator comes with an in-built rechargeable battery. When it runs out of power, recharge it for a few minutes, and enjoy countless hours of pleasure.


As the product has no danger from water, you can carry it to the shower or even inside the bathtub. It will let you explore all your vulnerable sides and bring out the fun in you.


Working of We Vibe Moxie

The product is pretty simple and can be easily understood at the first go. To begin with, you have to keep the vibrator inside your panty. It is important to note that the vibrating surface of the product needs to face your clitoris.

The vibrator and your clitoris should be in physical contact for you to get the maximum stimulation. You can even put the vibrator on different areas of your body for stimulation. Now, to fix it to your clothing, attach one of the magnetic clips to the vibrator.

For a sturdy attachment, place the clip right in front of the vibrator and snap both of them to the underwear. This way, even during strong vibrations, it will not fall off. You don’t necessarily have to use both the clips as one of them is a spare.

How to control it through buttons

To use your new vibrator through buttons, press the power key. The key is situated over the magnetic plate. By doing this, you will turn on the vibrator. If you have used the product before, by pressing the power key, you will get to the function you used last.

If you want to change the intensity level, you can click the power button once more. Now, you can access the six different patterns and the four states by pressing the power key for two-three seconds.

How to control it through remote

Along with your vibrator, you will also get a remote control. To begin with, pair up the remote control and the vibrator. To do this, press the power key on the vibrator for at least five seconds. This will make it vibrate two times. Now, press the control’s left or right key.

As they get paired, you will get access to your vibrator through the remote control. You can start by clicking on either the left or the right button. By doing this, you will start a cycle of vibrations that can be further controlled.

The other two buttons present will be used to turn the vibrator on and off. The button facing upwards will switch it on, and the one facing downwards will turn it off. The remote control sensing is strong and can work up to twelve meters.

How to control it through the app

Using the app for vibration control can be very convenient and fun. You can pair the product with your smartphone to access it. Follow the same steps as in the case of the remote control. Once done, you can choose several patterns and customize your pleasure time.

The Materials

The We Vibe Moxie vibrator is made out of silicone. It is soft and user-friendly. Moreover, the product is made safe from water. Therefore, cleaning this will not be a drag for you. It even allows you to clean it using soap and bubbles.

The silicone body resists stains and sustains a hygienic look. If you want to charge your vibrator, connect the USB cable that comes along with it to either your computer or a wall adapter. Moxie has a good power backup and takes around ninety minutes to get a full charge.

While charging, it may keep blinking or not show any light. However, once done, you would see a constant light.


Who should use this product

We Vibe Moxie is designed to give females the pleasure of missing out on their lives. This gives them control over their sensual desires and the power to fulfill them. Ladies, if you have missed a satisfying stimulation right over your intimate regions, you can use this product to do that for you.

If you want to keep your desires a whisper and wish to fulfill them in secrecy, use a vibrator as sleek and organic as We Vibe Moxie. Women who suffer a loss of sensual pleasures due to long- distance relationships can make good use of the product.

As it has remote sensing or can be connected to the app, you can provide control to your partner that is miles away from you.

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Alternatives for We Vibe Moxie

We Vibe Moxie Review: Everything You Need To Know

Vibease Best price

Before we get into it, I want to let you know that this is a detailed guide on the latest remote control vibrator I tried out, the Vibease.

Although there are several features of the product that work well and live up to their expectations, it may come off as a bit expensive. Therefore, to make sure you have the maximum fun without having to worry about the expenditure, below mentioned are a few alternatives to We Vibe Moxie.

Luxe Electra Silicone Waterproof Rechargeable Bullet

This vibrator is compact and looks beautiful. The body of this product is smooth and is coated with silicone. To make it more physically appealing, it comes in two colors, namely, pink and creamy ivory.

It has vibrations that are very strong and can be easily controlled. It doesn’t make noise compared to its various competitors. It is waterproof and can accompany you in the bathtub, pool, or even the shower.

Due to its silicone covered body, it is safe and causes no rashes or cuts. It has a rechargeable battery and trustable power backup. Despite so many features, it comes under an affordable price range.

Screaming O Premium vibrating panty

This product is sleek and disappears into your panties in no time. It has been designed to get concealed away between your legs no matter how thin your underwear is. It comes with a panty set and is six inches in length.

It has several settings that can be explored along with your partner to intensify the fun. You can control its strong vibrations through remote control. It also comes with a USB cable that can charge its battery anytime, anywhere.

It has a soft and waterproof body that doesn’t harm your intimate regions. You can use the vibrator for sixty minutes straight to get a long session of satisfaction.

MysteryVibe crescendo

It is flexible and can get into any corner that requires stimulation. It comes with remote control and can even connect to an app called MysteryVibe. This app works from a distance of thirty feet.

MysteryVibe crescendo also lets you reprogram several settings to provide a comfortable, sensual experience.


How will We Vibe Moxie change your life

As has been mentioned above, We Vibe Moxie comes with several advantages and disadvantages. However, when you look at all the facts mentioned above, some conclusions can be made.

How Moxie will change your life

  1. Bye using this product, you will get a sensual experience that is safe and satisfying. It is clean, hygienic, and extremely personal. You will no longer have to wait for your partner to turn up or exist to enjoy some pleasurable moments.

  2. You will get to control all the stimulations you seek in your body. You will have control over the intensities that your body might want to feel inside. You will no longer have to suffer through the great distance of long-distance relationships.

All you will have to do is install the We Vibe app on your partner’s phone. Connect it to your vibrator and enjoy hours of pleasure and excitement. You can also satisfy your physical needs using this vibrator if your partner is not doing that for you.

Return Policy

What if you are not satisfied

Due to some reason, if you stay unsatisfied with your product, there are various other steps that you could take. You can either opt for an exchange option through the website that you used to buy the vibrator.

Exchange is a good option if you see a technical issue or physical issue that occurs in just your product. However, if you don’t like the product and want to return it, various websites would offer you the service.

Some websites may accept returns within ten to thirty days of order acceptance. Depending on the website you bought your product from, you can either get your money back or might have to buy a different product for the same amount.


Bottom Line

Who doesn’t want to explore themselves sensually? Each of us has a specific fantasy that could either include our partner or be just about ourselves and our bodies. To make some of those fantasies come true, an efficient vibrator could be just what we need.

The above mentioned is a We Vibe Moxie review along with short reviews for several others. Check them out to get a detailed idea of what your life could be missing. Go through each factor discussed to understand the kind of vibrator that would suit you and your needs.

Once bought, these sleek but efficient vibrators can get you the stimulation you looked for all your life.

8.1 Total Score

  • The product is rechargeable and has a good power backup.
  • It comes with different intensity levels
  • Can be accompanied in the water
  • Slips into the panties easily
  • It comes with two magnetic clips for easy attachment
  • Can be controlled through app or remote
  • Light-weight
  • It comes in bright aqua color
  • We Vibe Moxie is expensive than its competitors
  • The remote controlling range is not very strong
  • The intensity of vibrations decrease at the distance increases
  • The vibrator and the app or remote control keep disconnecting
  • It may make sounds as the intensity of vibrations increase
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