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In the sex toys world, cock rings are one of the most sought-after toys all over the market. Cock rings are male sex toys that unleash a man’s secret desire with sexual pleasure. It looks like a bottle opener but is a sex toy, a vibrating unit with a powerful motor. It stops the blood flow making you keep the erection a little longer. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the good news it brings.

That’s why in this review, we will know what we need to know – if Lovense Diamo is indeed worth the hype things sex. For starters, Lovense Diamo Cock Ring is the kind of cock ring that stimulates your perineum part and could go around your testicle for a holistic experience. The pleasant vibrations and the intensity of this toy can also feel my partner with the Lovense Connect App. So feel free to swipe down a little bit more to understand it further.

Bottom Line
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Bottom Line
In the sex toys world, cock-ring is one of the most sought-after toys all over the market. That’s why in this review, we will know if Lovense Diamo is indeed worth the hype.
Lovense Diamo indeed has an intense vibration power.
It is soft and comfortable to use for beginner to expert sex toys user.
The storage box is also a plus point.
The discreet and quiet experience is average.
Easy to use for long-distance relationships, solo play, and even in discreet public space.
The vibration sound of Lovense Diamo could be disturbing to some people
It is undeniably pricey.
The connectivity of Diamo sometimes happens in the worst scenario.
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Bottom Line
Are you looking to have an enhanced sexual experience? Do you want to relieve all the tension? We-Vibe Pivot is a sensual toy designed especially for males.
Provides strong vibrations for better stimulations
Made from one hundred percent safe silicone
Works as a sensual ring and a vibrator as well
Can be connected to We-connect App to control from a distance
Size may differ from the description
The Bluetooth connection is weak
The LED light keeps flickering


Lovense Diamo Specifications

Compared to any other available cock rings that you would see all over the market, the thing that would make Lovense Diamo stand out is its innovative designs. Aside from the first impressions it will give, It is essential that you know in a detailed manner how strong its vibration is and the other key features that it could offer. Let’s kick off with:

  • Lovense Diamo Cock Ring has residual vibrations felt in the ring to intensify both parties’ sensation.
  • Diamo Lovense delivers pleasant vibrations. It has a built-in 3 steady levels, and the vibration level can reach up to 10 patterns.
  • Lovense’s diamo innovative design includes a strong battery life. When it is in full charge, Diamo can last for more than 3 hours of continuous use. A long time for a harder and prolonged erection
  • It has a smooth ring part, a perfect fit inner diameter and a comfortable finishing touch.
  • Diamo is made of soft silicone which are Body-Safe Materials, and it is waterproof repellency.
  • Three remote control choices: Traditional, tap and slide motion, and long-distance control. Lovense products for generic selectors exact matches of your type.
  • Lovense toys are USB Rechargeable.
  • It’s app controllable. So, You can encounter a lot more features with the Lovense App, a free control app.

Benefits of Lovense Diamo

How Useful Lovense Diamo?

These types of smooth vibrating cock rings from Diamo provide comfort and a longer lifespan for erections. WIth intense vibrations, it can help you delayed your orgasm for a full erection, which leads to a more adventurous sex experience. Once you decide to include Lovense Diamo in your sex life, as the day goes by, it can improve your sexual stamina and maximize your sexual performance.

If you’re a beginner with the way vibrating cock rings work, let me figure out for you how to position it.

In-demand for Men or Gay as long as there’s a testicle that can be inserted. However, even though Diamo is ideally for men, you’re partner could also enjoy the benefits of this cock ring. Having the chance to experience more prolonged sexual activity with this can delay orgasm.

A Lovense Diamo Review also highlighted his personal experience in using Lovense during penetrative sex. It was satisfactory, as was said.

When it comes to sex, your partner will also sustain the pleasure you will come across. Again, it is because you are somewhat connected, whether virtual lovemaking (via lovense remote App) or actual lovemaking (with a missionary position).

Lovense Diamo Made Of

Materials Used for Lovense Diamo

Diamo Lovense is 100% made of body-safe silicone that contains no phthalates or any other harmful chemicals. According to Lovense itself, they test all their products with a thorough content search and consider health safety to the human body as a top priority.

Thus, since it’s silicone, you shouldn’t use it in hot tubs or submerge it in high temperatures because it will damage your toy.

Waterproof Diamo

Moreover, lovense Diamo is also safe to use underwater because of its IPX7 waterproof repellency but only in about a minute and a specific amount of water because it is only IPX7. However, if you decide to use Diamo while taking a bath or simply washing, please be aware that it’s Bluetooth connectivity is not very likable.

IP in IPX7 stands for “Ingress Protection” and measures how well a device is protected from solid objects and liquids.

IPX means that the product passed a specific IP test done by a certified, independent company and tested for liquids protection.

An IPX7 rating means that the product can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes.


All about Statistics


Here’s everything you need to know about the size. The whole length of Lovense Diamo is estimated at 5.24in or 133 mm. The overall width is 2.55in or 64.79 mm. On the other hand, the ring size has 1.75in or 44.51 mm, while the handle has 1.3in or 34.87 mm wide. You should place it vibrating against the penis shaft to add tension.


The highest sound level of its vibration is 46 dB. Suppose you’re wondering how loud 46 dB is. If you’re in the open area, this decibel level may not seem like much. Still, in reality, or much close interaction, 46 is loud enough to interrupt a pretty normal conversation, so it may give ambient noises, which can be a bad thing.

Thus, to ensure a discreet and safe experience, if you’re the conservative type, I would still recommend the only way to use it is in a more private room that consists of you alone or with your partner. Though other users might want to have it public with a vibrator attached, they may do so. And you could enjoy the continuous operation for more than 3 hours of pleasure.

Inside the Box

What You Get:

With $109, here’s what you’ll see in the box:

  • Bluetooth® Remote-Controlled Vibrating Cock Ring (1)
  • USB Charging Cable (1)
  • User Manual in Multiple Languages (1)
  • Quick Setup Guide (1)
  • Storage Bag (1)

Aside from that, you will also get a 1-Year Warranty, meaning you can return your sex toys if you’ll notice any malfunction while using Diamo.

However, the warranty covers the working parts that affect the performance of the sex toy. And the insurance does NOT cover cosmetic damage caused by fair wear and tear, accidents, misuse, or neglect. Therefore, be aware that you will void the warranty if you open or dismantle the sex toy.

You may redeem the warranty by providing order details, your account information, and proof of the issue (or returning the unit to us).

How do you clean it?

You can use warm water or simply clear water and thoroughly wash it. Also, you may use a sex toy cleaner for a more hygienic process.

About Lovense App

Everything about Lovense App

Compatibility with Your Gadgets

First, important information before you enjoy the Lovense App, make sure to install one if your gadget is included by the choices stated below:

  • iPhone/iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPod Touch iOS 10.0 and later
  • Android 4.3 and later (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
  • Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)

Note: If you’re a PC user, you may need a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect to your device.

How do you access it?

Look for the website in this browser (or any), then download or connect. In about one minute, after your successful downloading process, next is the pairing part. To connect your Diamo to your phone:

  1. First, tap on the Diamo panel in the My Toys section.2.
  2. Next, click the “Program” button to see the programming options.3.
  3. Tap “Adjust Levels” to adjust the first three levels.4.
  4. Tap “Create New Pattern” to add a preset pattern onto Diamo.

What else can Diamo do?

Once you finish pairing, you will now have access to other features of Lovense Diamo. One of which is music sync – you can sync your cock ring to your favorite music (if you’re a premium user, you connect it to your Spotify and do a title search of your favorite). You will also meet the unlimited vibration patterns options, and you can set your levels, powerful vibrations or less, through the phone. In addition, you can activate your Lovense Diamo through your voice.

Reminder in Socializing

Take note: While using the App, you can’t search or add random people as much as you like. So instead, if you want to interact with a stranger, use different social media platforms and suggest downloading the App and sharing your pattern with them.

Price List

Where to Buy

Buy on Lovense runner up

Bluetooth Cock Ring
$109$199 add to cart


Alternative Cock Rings for Lovense Diamo

Aside from Lovense Edge 2, which has the same power as Diamo, we highly suggest you try the We Vibe Pivot. We-Vibe Pivot is also cock ring, but it specializes in couples because it stimulates both the clitoral part of your partner and your penis shaft or perineum simultaneously. Pivot is also made with silky smooth silicone that is soft and gentle on your body.

Price-wise, the cost of We-vibe Pivot and Lovense Diamo is also the same. They were both $109. So the only battle that would measure which one is better is based on your judgment to its specification.

We-Vibe Pivot Specification:

  • Pivot has a rumbly vibration and accumulated 11 build-in vibration patterns.
  • Two Way Control: Manual and via We-Connect App.
  • You can enjoy We-Vibe Pivot for more than 2hrs with 90 minutes of charge time.
  • It is also made with Body-safe silicone and has a waterproof repellency.
  • 31 mm wide x 71 mm length
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Low power alert that would help you known if your toy needs to charge.
Lovense Diamo Review

We-Vibe Pivot Best Price

We-Vibe Pivot is a sensual toy designed especially for males.


Final Verdict for Lovense Diamo:

Overall, I could say that the moment my partner and I used Lovense Diamo, we enjoyed our time together. The vibration level and its pattern are satisfying, although, at first, I was having a hard time controlling all the available choices through Lovense App. But as the day goes by, my body and the Diamo learn to sync in some way.

When it comes to prolonging the erection and delaying the orgasm, I could say that it did its job. It delayed my usual orgasm arousal for longer minutes compared to my regular stimulation habit.

And if you’re in a long-distance relationship, I could conclude that the problem you might encounter is through the connecting process. But aside from that, buying Lovense Diamo is not a wrong choice for me.

However, for more exceptional use, I would also recommend partnering Lovense Diamo with high-quality water-based lube like Water-Based Lubricant to ensure that the cock ring will stay in its place effortlessly. Unfortunately, it is not included in the box, but you may do so if you can improvise other lubricants.

8.3Expert Score

  • Lovense Diamo indeed has an intense vibration power.
  • It is soft and comfortable to use for beginner to expert sex toys user.
  • The storage box is also a plus point.
  • The discreet and quiet experience is average.
  • Easy to use for long-distance relationships, solo play, and even on discreet public play.
  • The vibration sound of Lovense Diamo could be disturbing to some people
  • It is undeniably pricey.
  • The connectivity of Diamo sometimes happens in the worst scenario.

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