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So Close From So Far: Monster Pub Review

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Are you looking to spice up your love life or just make things interesting for yourself? There are several high-quality vibrators available in the market. Monster Pub is one such company that offers vibrators to provide the ultimate pleasure. Keep reading this Monster Pub review to figure out the amazing products this company has to offer.

About Monster Pub

About The Products

Monster Pub makes sex toys specifically for women’s pleasure. All the products will hit your clitoris and G-spot perfectly each time. Along with the perfect aim, the Monster Pub app that allows you to control the vibrator has tons of different settings, patterns and even has the option to make your own!

Each of the products comes with other exciting features such as:

  • Remote control or long-distance control
  • Smart heating
  • Motion control
  • Discreet play options for public spaces
  • Kegel Exercises on the app
  • Waterproof Exterior
  • USB cable to recharge

How to clean


If sex toys aren’t cleaned properly, then they directly affect the health of your vagina. Unclean sex toys can spread disease and infection extremely quickly. A badly cleaned sex toy can ruin the functioning of the toy as well as hurt you.

Cleaning your sex toys isn’t hard or time-consuming. If you’re lost on how to clean your pleasure maker, then here are a few steps you can follow!

Monster Pub made off

What’s it made off?

Sex toys come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. It is necessary to know what material your sex toy is made of so as to not destroy the toy itself. All Monster Pub products are rated IPx6, which means that you need to be careful with water around the switch and plug area.

Clean after use

Clean after every use

Unlike with your jeans, your sex toy needs to be cleaned after every use so as to not gather dust and other germs. After you’re done cleaning it, you’ll need to dry it and store it in a cool and dry environment.

Find the right soap

Find the right soap

Do not use any sort of acidic cleaning agent, bleach, or heavy chemical soaps to clean your Monster Pub products. As a matter of fact, don’t use them to clean any sex device. There are specific soaps to use for sex toys that are unscented, mild, and don’t leave a residue.


Be gentle but thorough

Running a bath for your vibrator and dunking it in there will ruin the device. There are a lot of electronic parts to a vibrator, and the material is quite sensitive, so you’ll need to be gentle.

Take a warm, soapy washcloth to gently wipe down the toy. Avoid areas such as switches, buttons, and USB ducts.

While washing the sex toy, don’t squeeze, rub, and brush your toy. This will ruin the texture of the toy.

Safety and Care

Dry and Store

Dry your sex toy off with a cotton cloth, but do not rub it dry. Pat it dry and look for residue left on the surface. You can sprinkle some talcum powder and store it in the velvet bag your Monster Pub vibrator will come in. You can also use a plastic box or satin sack to store your sex toys.

All clean!

Once you’re done storing your precious vibrator, you’re all done until the next time you pull it out. If you want to be very careful, then we recommend cleaning it before using it again!



Monster Pub offers a solid 2-year warranty on all its products. The warranty begins on the date of purchase and covers a variety of issues. If there is a manufacturing flaw, functioning flaw, or material flaw, you can request a new product. You will receive a free replacement if you’re under warranty.

Any sort of damage caused by usage, overuse, and disassembling will not be covered under warranty.

Price List

Where to Buy

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Are you looking to spice up your love life or just make things interesting for yourself? There are several high-quality vibrators available in the market.
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Summing Up

You can’t go wrong with a Monster Pub vibrator, especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship.

With the use of technology, quality materials, and affordable rates, Monster Pub makes female sexual pleasure easy.

We hope this Monster Pub review was useful in helping you choose a quality sex toy for yourself!

9.8 Total Score

  • Price - Monster Pub is a reasonable brand. It has prices that are affordable for good quality products.The price remains one of the main advantages for a lot of customers, especially if you’re not interested or lack the funds.
  • Appearance - A sex toy needs to look appealing, and Monster Pub definitely delivers. The range of pastelcolors and shapes appeal to a wide variety of customers. The app is also very appealing, with cute monsters and bright colors!
  • Remote Usage - The most appealing feature that Monster Pub has to offer is the long-distance remote control. This is the perfect setting for long-distance couples looking to spice up the phone sex life. Spicing up a relationship and keeping it interesting is important when maintaining any relationship and becomes doubly important during long-distance relationships. Remote control setting offers a chance to play out fantasies, play games, or just add an element of surprise to the sex life!
  • App-controlled - Apart from the remote control, the vibrators can also be controlled using a smartphone for personal use. The number of settings, colorful aesthetic, and ease of use makes it a huge advantage.
  • Kegel Exercise Feature - The app isn’t all about pleasure but has constructive functions as well. There are settings that allow for the kegel muscles to be exercised. Exercising your kegel muscles can help prevent problems such as incontinence and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Connection Issues - Connectivity issues are a big problem when it comes to the Monster Pub vibrators. If you’re having trouble with yours, check out the FAQ section of the Monster Pub website for somehelpful suggestions.
  • Wave Card - The Monster Pub app has a wave card that shows up on the screen and does not leave. Manyusers have experienced the same problems.
  • Fake Products - The number of fake Monster Pub products makes it difficult to trust any reviews. To avoid the issue, buy your Monster Pub vibrator directly from the official website and not through an unknown retailer.
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