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5 Ways to Stay Positive Despite the Distance

This week, I shared five ways to stay positive despite the distance on Travel Pray Love. It is so easy to get lost in the negative of long-distance relationships: feeling alone all of the time, missing each other, dealing with jealousy, friends and family who just don’t understand. But there are so many positives about long-distance relationships, too! I rarely had to put on makeup, and I only shaved right before a reunion (hello, mini vacations!). My communication skills got remarkably better. Just-because gifts are the best. And there’s nothing better than finally seeing each other in person after a while.

For years, my long-distance partner and I dealt with time differences (he lived in the Netherlands, and I lived in the U.S.), frustrating misunderstandings and confusing circumstances. We did everything we could to make our long-distance relationship work—and I mean everything—and I am happy to say we bridged the gap and recently got married.

If you want to do the same, the key is to stay positive despite the distance. Whether you choose to be grateful, poke fun at each other or capitalize on good news, a little positivity goes a long way in keeping your relationship replenished. To read my advice on how to stay positive despite the distance, head on over to Travel Pray Love.

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