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jennifer-smallJennifer Craig is a long­-distance relationship success story. She started SurviveLDR for women who want to survive and thrive in long-distance relationships.

Several years ago, she fell madly in love with a unique man, the kind of man that stood out from all the rest. She knew he was a keeper from the get-go. The only problem was that he lived in the Netherlands and she lived in the U.S. The long distance between them was at times confusing and frustrating, but their connection was strong. In their hearts, they both knew that the love they shared was worth the hardship in the end. Eventually, they were able to bridge the gap and live together. They got married, and it’s as if their time apart made them all the more appreciative of the moment when they could truly be together.

You are not alone. Jennifer created this website to help other women in long-distance relationships overcome their struggles. She knows what it’s like to experience the roller coaster of emotions from frustration to joy, sadness to excitement, happiness to anger within a long-distance relationship. She wants to help other women alleviate some of the suffering that she went through making her long-distance relationship work.

In addition to sharing her own insights, she also offers women the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences.

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Anna is a bibliophile and soon-to-be English student originally from Finland but moving to Scotland in autumn 2016. Her movie-loving boyfriend lives in California, and they’ve been successfully dating since 2013.




Christa is in a long-distance relationship with an amazing man she met during an extraordinary holiday. Unlike many holiday flings, this one gets better each day, and they are now preparing to close the distance. She lives in Indonesia, working 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and managing her personal blog. Read her stories about life (including some LDR stories) at her website, christabercerita.com.


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