Survive Long Distance Relationship

Our mission at Survive LDR is to provide practical advice and inspiration to women who experience the highs and lows of being in a long-distance relationship. We understand how hard it can be to keep a healthy balance of two worlds. We are here to encourage and guide you along in the whirlwind of loving someone from far away.

We are a community of contributors who have personally experienced long-distance relationships and seek to help others through the painful and beautiful journey of being separated from the person they hold most dear. Whatever challenge you may be facing in a long-distance relationship, we are here to share our insights and caring understanding for you to feel supported in your journey.

Come join our community to build a stronger bond of people who experience the roller coaster of emotions from frustration to joy, sadness to excitement, and anger to happiness within a long-distance relationship. Your emotions may be pulled across the world, but you are not alone in your struggle. Together we can support one another to build happy and healthy long-distance relationships that last a lifetime.

If you’re interested in sharing your ideas and experiences, check out our contributor guidelines.


Survive LDR
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