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Long Distance Bracelets

Have you ever received a BFF bracelet from your childhood friend? It can be elastic bands with a colorful bead set. How do you feel when you received it? It feels great right? 

Good thing these LDR bracelets are still a thing! Get in with the trend of couple LDR bracelets!  A promise bracelet has been a token and up until now, this has been trendy and stylish. This is for any type of age bracket. It can be an Accessory, Remembrance and Spiritual health benefits are the three uses of Long Distance Bracelet. 

Giving this Long Distance Bracelet to your LDR even such a tiny gesture is appealing to those who appreciate it. A Long Distance Bracelet can be one of those efforts you can give to your soul mate. A 2-piece set for you and that special someone as a promise bracelet that no matter how the distance is, the bracelet attached on their wrist right next to the pulse or the heartbeat will be a reminder that as long as it’s attached to the significant other, you will always be with them. 

A token or a parting gift before or during separation, you can simply mail it to them. LDR bracelet is a lovely gift for your lover, best friend, siblings, and close relatives. Think of each other more often and be motivated each day until the next meeting. It will eventually put them in a good mood the entire day or might cheer them up on gloomy days. 

These LDR bracelets are stretchable and chic that comes with different designs. Healing stones are used to make these LDR bracelets. There are 5 designs namely, Onyx & Tiger Eye Distance Bracelet, Agate & Howlite Distance Bracelet, Onyx & Howlite Distance Bracelet, Tiger Eye & Howlite Distance Bracelet, and LDR Promise Bracelets that have a variety of Stone, Infinity, or Heart. The healing stones are manufactured into perfectly round but as you look closely there are no bead that looked exactly the same. 

The healing stones used to make different stunning designs for LDR bracelets are the following: Onyx black which are said to absorb and transform negative energy. It brings good luck, prosperity, and abundance. It also aids the development of emotional and physical strength most importantly needed during times of grief, stress, and anxiety. Tiger Eyes stones which are these pretty golden color stones help release anxiety and fear. Stimulates decision making and clear understanding with happenings. Agate stones are best in facilitating growth and stability. It provides energy for spiritual growth. It is also said that luck and protection can be brought to you when you carry them. Howlite stones reduce tension and stress. It has the ability to assist in the elimination of pain. It is also said to aid Insomnia and calms anger. Howlite is often dyed blue and marble white which makes it more pretty. 

There are the types and designs of these minimalist LDR promise bracelets. A note on the packaging that says “one for you, one for me, together forever”- A promise of forever. A phrase below saying “simply close your eyes and make a wish, then tie this bracelet on your wrist. When it frays and breaks in two, your dream will soon come true” A Long Distance bracelet and a wish-granting bracelet. It can be to be with the one you love, to find happiness and wealth. Just follow the rules and wait for your dream to be a reality eventually. 

Two Bracelets to suit 6-6.5” wrist and are stretchable and comfy to wear. The first design is a black thread with black Onyx bead stone and the other is a red thread with Howlite bead stone. The second design is a black thread with a silver infinity symbol and the other is a red thread with an infinity symbol, the last design is a black thread with a gold heart bead and a red thread with a gold heart bead. It is said that the red thread is famous for a string of fate which means destined to meet are tied together with an invisible red thread. 

All of these LDR bracelets are cheap but will have a worth of more than what you paid for because those who will receive it are worthy. A reason and drive to live because of this reason wrapped around the wrist given by someone you love that love will even take all your worries away and everything will be okay. 


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