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This week, I shared how to end an unhealthy long-distance relationship on Lessons from the End of a Marriage. No matter how hard you try, sometimes it’s best to end a long-distance relationship. Whether you’re dating the type of guy who will just never succeed in a long-distance relationship or you’ve started to notice the telltale signs that that it’s an unhealthy relationship — your partner isn’t respecting your boundaries around texting, there is a lot of digital monitoring, you feel pressure to send explicit photos, they make excuses for their hurtful behavior — it might be time to end your LDR.

And no surprise, ending a long-distance relationship is a little more difficult than ending a close-distance relationship. Because you aren’t together all the time, it can sometimes be too easy to put off having the difficult conversation. But if you just keep waiting, your feelings might turn from unhappiness to frustration, anger and resentment. Don’t let your feelings fester. To read my advice on how to end an unhealthy long-distance relationship, head on over to Lessons from the End of a Marriage.

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Дженифер Крейг

Дженнифер Крейг успешно поддерживает отношения на расстоянии и начала программу "SurviveLDR", чтобы поддержать тех, кто хочет заниматься любовью с партнерами в дальних странах.

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