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Remoji Blowhole M-Cup & Diver Review: Discovering the Pleasures of New App-Connected Sex Toys

Don’t let a Smartphone ruin your sex life. Let it ignite it! We’re all connected with our apps and phones for chatting, working, hooking up, and socializing. Why not use this mobile technology where it really matters? We’re talking new app-connected sex toys: Remoji Blowhole M-Cup and Diver.

When you get turned on by all things techie, you’re going to love these toys. And even the most committed technophobes will find something to scream about on discovering a new realm of hands-free, interconnected excitement.

There are a few good toys that use remote tech on the market today. In order to demonstrate, I tested Remoji. Remoji is the newest addition to the PicoBong collective. With Remoji, it’s all about hi-tech app-linked pleasure but don’t think they’ve forgotten about good old-fashioned fooling around, either. I liked the idea of these app-linked toys but did they hit the spot?

Thanks to the guys at PicoBong I had the opportunity to test a couple of Remoji favorites; the Diver and the Blowhole. Excited by their invitation to “free your sexual world – we dare you,” I dropped everything when this package dropped through the door.

Product Review: Remoji Diver and Blowhole

Use: His and hers app controlled sex toys

App Controlled Sex Toys

Remoji Blowhole M-cup and Diver Overview

What it Looks Like

Remoji Diver and Blowhole

Looks matter. We all know it. And they matter most when you’re getting comfortable with a toy – that’s a task which needs intimacy and trust.

The picobong Remoji team of toys certainly does look stylish – curved, sleek, and intriguing. I’ve seen some pretty scary-looking “toys” in my time, and these are at the other end of the spectrum. Made from a soft and luxurious silicone, the Diver and the Blowhole m-cup are smart matte and available in playful colors. None of that unsettling rubber and scary metal here, which is exactly as it should be.

It’s clearly all about the carefree, freeform image with Remoji.

The Remoji app is also colorful, quirky, and full of fun cartoon characters and emojis. Using it sets me off on a kind of beachy vibe that can’t fail to conjure up images of passionate sex on the beach, wild pool parties, and exotic vacations with that all-important hot vacation fling. More about that app right here….

How It Works

The Remoji Diver and Blowhole m-cup are intimately linked to the Remoji app. You don’t get much of a buzz without linking up since you have little control over the vibrations. So in actual fact, if you’re not using the Remoji app you’re really paying over $100 for a basic vibe, which is not a particularly attractive proposition.

But don’t panic if apps and Smartphones are not a part of your sexual exploration right now. Remoji could change that, since it’s easy to use.

Connect your toy (I tried the Diver and the Blowhole m-cup, but there are also the Surfer (a plug) and the Lifeguard (a ring) to get you tingling) by switching it on and linking to Bluetooth. I was a bit concerned about this being difficult, since I’m not used to playing around while on Bluetooth, but it just took a couple of clicks.

In the Remoji app, you play with music to deliver the vibes you need, wherever you are. Remoji has a colorful, game-like interface where you swipe through different music styles like indie, hip-hop, and punk. Each genre delivers its own beat – and this beat gets delivered direct to your clit (or your dick, in the case of the Blowhole m-cup).

You feel the vibes intensify, mellow, shift, and speed up as you swipe away and play around with the app. It’s a fun way to take control of your own buzz, compared to the rather dull way of setting your rhythm with graphs or lines that control vibration pattern and speed.

One of the perks of Remoji is the partner input. Of course you can use the app for a truly hands-free solo experience (and we did make the most of a few free moments this way..) But you can also pass the controls to your partner and they get to put on their own pleasure playlist. Shared or personal pleasure – what’s not to like?

Egg Vibrator

The Remoji Diver

Remoji Diver Eggvibe

Pros and Cons

It all sounds rather wonderful, but it is completely perfect? Well, no, but it does hit the spot more often than not.

Taking a closer look, the Diver is a neat little egg-shaped internal vibe. It looks gorgeous. It’s got curves in the right places to target the G-spot, and you can also apply it to the clit. It’s controlled by that ever-present Remoji app. Therefore it’s great for “buddy diving” – download Remoji, make sure your Bluetooth is connected, and let your partner take over – in the bedroom, the office, on the beach, in the elevator……


While the science talk behind the app is all well and good, it doesn’t mean much if there’s no action.

I liked the different vibration styles that get delivered with the Diver, through the Remoji app. There are six different vibration patterns you can power through at any number of speeds. You get a good, sweet push of firm pressure once it’s inserted. I found that the Diver is strongest when standing or sitting down, while lying down didn’t actually do much for me. The vibrations are not the most intense I’d ever experienced, but the quick switches of pressure and speed help keep things spicy.

The one thing I’d really love is the ability to use your own music as the inspiration for this excitement. The app music is on a short loop and if you’re into listening to the tunes you’re going to get bored. You could mute the music and use your own, simply riding with the vibes, although that’s not really the point of the app.

Remoji PicoBong

It says on the packaging that the Diver is “near-silent”, which is what you need when you’re getting your needs satisfied in public. And it certainly doesn’t make much noise. A bit of background noise makes it discreet to use, although it does give a little rumble and I don’t think you’re going to want to use it during a work meeting or in a library.

OK.  So, what’s in it for the guys? (Apart from the ability to deliver those orgasms remotely, which is a pretty powerful thing…) Introducing the Remoji Blowhole m-cup.

App Controlled Maturbator

The Remoji Blowhole

Remoji Blowhole M-Cup

Pros and Cons

The Remoji range also boasts the Blowhole m-cup. As the name suggests, this is a masturbation cup that works with, you guessed it, the Remoji app to deliver those kicks. You’d expect a product that promises powerful waves of pleasure to look a little scary, but the Remoji Blowhole m-cup is actually really satisfying to look at. Bright color, soft silicone with gentle curves – it’s certainly more stylish than most of the cups I’ve seen lately. Although I’m guessing you’re not likely to be looking at this for long, and are going to be more interested in using it.


As with the Diver, the Blowhole m-cup has six different vibration patterns and these patterns can be set on different speeds. The Blowhole is designed for use without thrusting, meaning it’s discreet.

It’s actually pretty unique as we don’t think there are any (or certainly not many) app-controlled toys on the market that are specifically for the guy’s junk. The Blowhole is a neat little toy for delivering a powerful release when and where you need it, and you can obviously do it alone. It’s also great for spicing things up with a partner calling the shots – I tested it out this way, with my partner hooking it up for some private time at his place while I was on the controls. And go crazy – you could both get going with your Diver and your Blowhole connected at the same time – that should make some waves.


The pros? It’s waterproof so if the shower’s your thing you’ll find this enhances the soapy pleasures. It’s super-easy to recharge. And it looks good.

The cons? It’s not so easy to adjust without the app once you’re off and rolling. And you can’t use it without the app, really, unless you don’t want to adjust the speed and settings.

Best Practices

Who Are They Good For?

So who’d like these Remoji toys? People with a playful side, who love to experiment and play around with the latest apps and games. Remoji oozes a sense of style and sexy playfulness that’s pretty addictive. The Diver and the Blowhole are great when you want inject some fun into your sex play.

Things to Avoid

Who Are They Not For?

Not ideal for those who want to go full-out, all max, all the time – the Remoji experience is more playful, and not automatically on full power. Not so great when you want a quick, hard sex session. And it was not the most powerful vibrating buzz ever delivered – it’s quiet and discreet, yes, but that probably comes at the price of power.

The Remoji-controlled toys are not perfect if you’re a back-to-nature kind of guy or gal and want your sex completely devoid of any mobile, technological input. You really can only change settings, once the toy has been inserted, by using the app or pulling out the toy.

But we’d say keep an open mind about that. This is a good way to test-drive the techdildonic experience – simple, fun, sexy, and hands-free.



Summary: The Remoji-controlled toys are not perfect if you’re a back-to-nature kind of guy or gal and want your sex completely devoid of any mobile, technological input. You really can only change settings, once the toy has been inserted, by using the app or pulling out the toy.

So what’s the verdict on the Remoji Diver and Remoji Blowhole m-cup? Does the technology make it happen? Is there a bigger buzz with Bluetooth? Or do you just end up with a flat battery?

8 Total Score

  • Design comes in a nice silicone material and fun colors to choose from
  • The app is also fun, quirky and comes with emoji
  • There are different vibration patterns to play with
  • Through the app, your partner can control the speed and vibe of your toy
  • You need to use the app, otherwise you're only getting a basic vibe
  • This is not for couples looking for a full-out, all max time
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