Candy & Dante Kit

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You are looking for a couple-sex toy that suits your taste and could strengthen your relationship with your partner? Candy and Dante might be the ones for you.

With Candy, you can intimate massage anywhere! Simply put this magic candy to your underwear for public surprises, and it can stimulate your clitoris too. Of course, the magic Candy is small and needs a little glide around to boost up the level of your excitement, taking it higher and higher. But, it’s small enough to take it wherever you want.

While Magic Dante, on the other hand, contains a tiny motion sensor that detects your sex positions during lovemaking, along with the intensity, duration, and content of your sexual performance. When you combine Candy and Dante together, you and your partner could experience intercourse like no other.

For more available features, you can install the magic motion app to your any gadgets (iPhone, Android, Tablet) for more effortless control from a distance, anywhere you like. In addition, you’ll experience Chat Control, Web Control, Termintor, Voice Control, and you may even record your sex session with your partner.



  • Type of Stimulator: Wearable Ring Vibrator
  • Finishing Touch: Matte and Glossy Feeling
  • Materials Used: PC+Silicone/ABS
  • Water Resistance: IPX6 Waterproof
  • Battery Life: Both: opy.ai1hr Charging Time for 1hr Uninterrupted Use
  • Charging Type: Both Magnetic USB Charging
  • Controlled Remotely: Magic Motion App Candy
  • Controlled Locally: Bluetooth, Manual
  • Size: Dante: 28x50x53.5 Candy: 21x34x80mm
  • Weight: Both 24g ****
  • Vibrators: Both has 7 Manual Speeds


  • Dante x1
  • Candy x1
  • User Guide x2
  • Magnetic USB Cable x2

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