Why Celebrating Letter Writing Day is Good For Your LDR

Why Celebrating Letter Writing Day is Good For Your LDR

This year, world letter writing day is celebrated globally on September 1st. It is a day where people around the world send hand-written letters to their loved ones or even strangers! When was the last time you send a hand-written letter to someone? I know that we are so used to technology and we think it’s much easier to send an email these days, but think about it again. Writing and sending an actual letter can mean so much more, especially if you send it to your long-distance relationship partner. I got so excited when I heard about this celebration and I believe that people in the LDR community can actually benefit from this celebration. Here’s why.

It Shows Attention

There’s something about a letter that shows a great attention to me. When I receive a hand-written letter, I think of the time that the other person spent to write that letter. I feel that I’m getting full attention from the other person, and as you know, giving a full attention to someone is considered rare in today’s world where we are always busy and technology has made it so easy for us to multitask. That’s why I love to send my long-distance boyfriend a hand-written letter. I want to show him that he has my full attention, even though we can’t be together in person just yet.

It Can Make You Feel Emotionally Closer With Your LDR Lover

Writing a letter is a great medium to express all your feelings towards your LDR lover. I know there are other ways for LDR couples to communicate with each other these days, such as video call, text messages, and social media. But sending a hand-written letter is always special because with letters you can express more feelings, and you can also let down your guard. There is no need to shade your emotions when you write a letter to your LDR lover, in contrary, a letter is a perfect way to let your LDR lover know how you truly feel.

It Shows How You Care For Your LDR Lover

In addition, writing a letter is also good for your long-distance relationship because you can let your significant other know how much you care for them. You don’t have to write a long and meaningful letter to do so, but you can just write any letter! Trust me, your LDR lover will know how deeply you care for them when they received your letter, they will be able to feel it with every word that you wrote in that letter.

It Is a Great Surprise

When was the last time you received a letter in your mailbox? Nowadays, our mailbox is always full of coupons, mailers, and other business-related mails. Imagine the feeling that your significant other may feel when they receive a letter from you on the mail! Not only that it is a great surprise, but surely this can keep your long-distance relationship exciting. Now we already know how important it is to keep your long-distance relationship exciting, and sending a hand-written letter is a great way to do so. It can surprise your LDR lover and keep them excited until your next meeting.

It Gives Your LDR Lover Something To Hold On To 

Can you imagine how couples did long-distance relationship back in the days before the internet? They had limited options to communicate with each other, and writing a letter is one of them. Sometimes they had to go through an extended period of time before they could receive another news from their LDR lover. Hence, it was common for them to keep their love letters to each other, something that they could easily turn to when they miss their LDR lover. I know that you still can keep your emails or text messages these days, but the feeling is so much different than keeping your hand-written letters.

So, are you ready to write a letter to your LDR lover? If you have never done this before, this is the perfect moment to start. You can write them your first letter on September 1 during the world letter writing day, and start to write to each other regularly afterwards. There are many ways to make your letter writing activity more exciting. You can start by writing daily notes to each other, just a short and simple one in between your daily activities. This can help you to practice your writing skills, and make the both of you more comfortable in writing letters. Once you are more used to sending these letters, you can try to write a more meaningful letter. Tell them how you feel, let them know your deepest thoughts. A letter can help you to communicate your thoughts better because you will be able to think it through before you say it. Last but not least, try to add a simple surprise to your letters, such as spraying your perfume to your letter, which can bring you closer to your long-distance partner. 

If you are looking for more ideas on what to add in your letter, read our article on conversation starters in LDR. This should help you think of creative ways on how to start your letter. 

Why Celebrating Letter Writing Day is Good For Your LDR
Why Celebrating Letter Writing Day is Good For Your LDR
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