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Long distance relationship gifts are a great way to remind your partner how much you love him, even when you’re far away. Regardless of the occasion, getting him a gift will put a smile on his face.

You don’t have to just pick romantic LDR gifts, you could go for funny gifts, sexy gifts, or practical gifts for everyday use. Remember, it's the gesture that counts!


Want him to always feel you’re with him? Pulseras de distancia do just that! You can also get one for yourself, and you carry them with you throughout your day. Every time he sees the bracelet, he’s reminded of you, and you of him! If your partner isn’t a bracelet wearer, don’t worry, he can attach it to his bag or jacket instead!

If your partner isn’t a big jewelry wearer, you can opt for something a little more low-key (pun intended) by giving him an LDR keychain. They look fairly inconspicuous but can have deep meaning for you both! These keychains have a sweet message on them.


Write your own bestseller with LoveBook by creating a custom book praising your relationship. It can be your very own fairytale where you write about how you met, how you kept in touch in spite of the distance, and what you love about him. It’ll be a great addition to his bookshelf, and a reminder of how much you mean to each other! If you’re unsure, check out our LoveBook review.

Tellinga specializes in creating customized greeting cards that feature hand-drawn love storyboards. Customers submit their love story, and Tellinga's team of talented illustrators churn out greeting-card size postcards, which are placed in a 6" x 9" brown grocery bag style envelope with the customer's address used as the return address. Before your card is shipped to its desired location, a heart stamp, and custom wax seal are applied. 

I'll be back necklace

Normally the girl gets the necklace, but sometimes your man needs to be treated too! LDR necklaces have special phrases on them which might be a bit strange, until you put them together with their other half. For example these LDR necklaces are a romantic gift idea for those times you want to show him exactly how special he is.

LDR Wooden Postcard

Wooden postcards are so much better than the original kind, and they last a lot longer too. These postcards make a great long distance relationship gift that he can keep on his shelf. The engraving can be personalized and you can keep the plane cut-out in your purse as your own little reminder!

Cartoon couple

Who doesn’t love cartoons? Hire an artist to create a cartoon or caricature of you and your boyfriend from a photo in fun or silly activities that you can show off! Turn it into an illustration or get a digital copy and use it on social media, cards, or other gifts you can personalize.

Datevitation coupon book

Take the coupon idea up a notch by creating a coupon book for your partner!  You can find a bunch of drawings to choose from on DateVitation, so whether you’re making an adult book with foreplay or X-rated activities, or something a bit more innocent, it’s got everything you need! If you want to make it even more personalized, at LoveCoups.com you can create and personalize the characters that will appear on your coupons to make them look like you and your boyfriend.

Message in a bottle

This is a more romantic and elegant gift for your lover. Send him a timeless message in a bottle that will blow him away. Whether it’s your anniversary or if you just want to write him a declaration of you love, this unique delivery method is impressive, as well as long lasting

LDR shirt

This is a winning T-shirt that glorifies your long-distance relationship that he can wear proudly. A simple, yet attention-grabbing design on a plain white T-shirt–what’s not to love about it? He can wear it around the house, when he goes out to grab a beer with his pals or maybe even while going out for a jog.


Lover with a sweet tooth? Send him a giant gummy bear that weighs around 5 pounds. A 5-pound gummy bear that is more than 1,000 times the original size of a gummy bear is pretty darn impressive. It’s unique, fun, and also still edible so he can enjoy chowing down whilst thinking of you!

Tiny letter - leaf cutter designs

Old-style letters take time and effort so are a real sign you’ve thought about this gift! But, taking one of the best long distance relationship gifts to a new level is the tiny letter from LeafcutterDesigns.com. It’s a tiny letter in a small envelope with a miniature stamp. The envelope has a red wax seal with your initial on it. Don’t worry: He will get a high-quality magnifying glass so he can actually read your letter too!

Countdown the time

Countdown calendar

Create suspense in your long distance relationship by counting down the minutes until you can see each other again! Whether that is a personalized hanging chalkboard, or a small flip calendar. Countdown gifts are reminders that you’ll see each other again soon.


Go to YourFonts.com to create a font based on your own handwriting. Send him the font to install in his instant messenger. Then he will see your handwriting every time you text him, adding a bit more “you” to the equation. You can create a custom font with his handwriting as well for yourself.

LD lamps

No matter your distance, you can let your partner know you’re thinking of him instantly with these LDR lamps. You each get a lamp, and as long as they are connected to the internet you can touch the lamp to change color, and it’s pair will do the same. When you get home, tap the lamp and change the color to let him know. He can change it back to show he’s here. It’s a cute communication tool that doesn’t require you to speak.

Girlfriend pillow

This is a fun and comfortable gift. Because you’re not there to cuddle with him every night, you can send him this pillow to comfort and keep him company. You can add your bra and shirt for a more personalized feel. But he can hold this breasted pillow in his arms, and you won’t need to feel jealous.


We all loved stuffed animals as kids. And because you’re so far away from each other, why not create a stuffed animal that looks just like you. It’s a funny gift, yet so full of meaning. A mini you that will keep him company until you’re able to be closer together.

Internet message clock

If your boyfriend loves technology, then he will most surely love the iXP3 Internet Message Clock. This clock needs an Internet connection to function, and it displays messages from you without requiring any sort of login. As long as the clock is plugged in and connected to the Internet, it will display your messages, together with the date, time and temperature

Heartbeat ring

Heartbeat rings are a fairly new invention, but they will allow him to see and feel your heartbeat in real-time no matter where you are. When real time isn’t available the ring stores the last record of the heartbeat to play you if you aren’t connected. It also has a surprise function that can pop up with your heartbeat!

Grow a girlfriend

If you want to make him laugh, then make him grow his own girlfriend by just adding water! Since you’re so far away it’s a great stand in, and is a hilarious Valentine’s Day gift for the boyfriend with a sense of humor. You can also buy a “Grow a Boyfriend” for yourself, and you can grow these at the same time to see who gets the biggest!


This is one of the most useful long distance relationship gifts out there, particularly if you’re both in separate time zones. This dual dial watch has two dials: one that shows the time at your boyfriend’s location and the other displays what time it is in your time zone.

It stops him having to work out the time distance and lets him know exactly when the right time to call you is. Plus, it’s a sweet reminder that there are two of you every time he checks his watch.

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  1. Very good ideas! I never seen one of them tape USBs! I am tempted to get one. I got my lover a necklace with two rings on it that says “the world looks better when I am with you”. I may be back here for ideas real soon for my next gift 🙂

  2. I find this post positive and useful! These ideas are marvelous! Of course, all your suggestions for the gifts ideas will be followed!

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