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Hey Armband


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Hey is the first wearable that mimics human touch by producing a gentle squeeze. Hey sends touch over distance so that you can feel your loved one, wherever they are.

How does Hey work?
Hey uses a clever layout of sensors to detect when you touch your bracelet. This touch is sent via Bluetooth to your smartphone and the Hey app, which then sends the touch to the other connected phone and Hey bracelet via the Internet. Hey uses a small but powerful motor to pull part of the wristband into the casing, producing a gentle squeeze.

What does the squeeze feel like?
Like someone gently squeezing your wrist with thumb and index finger.

Is there a distance limit on Hey?
The bracelet is supported by an internet connection, therefore there’s no distance limit between two bracelets. As long as your smartphone is connected to the internet and the bracelet (by Bluetooth).

As for the distance between smartphone and bracelet: that depends on the Bluetooth connection. On average Hey’s Bluetooth range will be about 5 meters. Please be aware that objects within the range between your phone and bracelet, or other Bluetooth connection may have an impact on the signal.

How long will the battery last?
Full charge takes 2h. Battery life is 3 days max. Battery life with use is 1-2 days.

What is Hey made out of?
ABS plastic and Silicon.


Black & White, Black & Black, White & White


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