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It’s February, the month when pink products line the shelves and love songs hit the airwaves. Valentine’s Day is an exciting time for lovers. But what if your significant other is thousands of miles away and you can’t be together on this special day? Don’t be sad. I have some tips for you to fight those Valentine’s Day blues.

Be creative

Despite the distance, there are a lot of creative ways for you and your significant other to celebrate love. Really, I think the possibilities are endless! Send your significant other a gift as a token of your love. Forget flowers and chocolate; get out of your comfort zone and make it special. Do something handmade. Even something as simple as a card or love letter is meaningful and will remind your significant other of you.

This past Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend sent me a piece of art that he made. He’s no artist at all, so it was touching that he was willing to put forth the effort to make our Valentine’s Day special. Channel your inner artist, and make something special for your significant other. If sending something via mail is not realistic, go online and explore ideas for a virtual gift. Whatever you end up sending, even if it’s only a simple message, will be appreciated by your significant other.

Spend time together

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, so there should be plenty of time for you to spend with your significant other. Distance usually means big time differences, which often makes it difficult to find time to talk. This Valentine’s Day, why don’t you spend a little more time getting to know each other better? Talk about special topics, things outside your daily routine. Share your dreams, or talk a walk down the memory lane and share stories about your childhood.

You can also make this Valentine’s Day memorable by organizing a special date. Prepare a nice meal that you both like, and decorate your room. Don’t forget to dress up as if you are going to an offline date! Once everything is ready, turn on your video chat, and enjoy the meal together. Afterwards, you can watch a movie online together. Thanks to technology, there are several window-sharing applications you can use to watch movies together. Choose a movie you both like, and you will have a memorable—virtual—Valentine’s Day date.

Spend time with your loved ones

If you can’t spend time with your significant other this Valentine’s Day, why don’t you spend it with your loved ones? After all, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, and it does not always have to be only with a significant other. Take this opportunity to spend time with your family or friends. We are all busy, and sometimes we forget to appreciate the company of the ones we love. You can have Sunday brunch with your family or have a ladies’ night with your besties. It will make your day meaningful, despite being separated from your significant other.

Although love should really be celebrated every day, it’s no harm to embrace Valentine’s Day and do something special. Do the things that you make you happy, and don’t make room for those Valentine’s Day blues. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you keep yourself busy. That way, you won’t have time to be sad about the fact that you can’t spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other. If you’re still feeling down, remember that distance is only temporary, and there will be more occasions to celebrate love with your significant other. Look forward to a bright future, one that involves no distance.

How do you fight the Valentine’s Day blues?

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