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A Couple’s Guide to Long Distance Relationships

Course Structure

5 Chapters

Part 1: The Start of Something New

It is not an uncommon story: Boy meets girl, only it was during a summer vacation. They fall in love, and they fall hard. Soon, both realize they're not in it for just one summer--they want more, and a lot longer than a couple of summer months. But they have different lives in different parts of the world. Now what?

Long distance relationships, like every other relationship, start out hopeful. You embark on a romance with a promise that distance will not become too much of a problem for you, if at all. Like every other relationship, it requires effort and hard work. This book aims to help you in keeping that special romance and cultivate it as you wait to turn it into the happily-ever-after you deserve.

B. Three Tips for How to Make a Long-distance Relationship Work 1 Lesson

C. Communication is Key 2 Lessons

D. Beating the Long Distance Blues: Things you need to know when going into Long Distance Relationships 4 Lessons

E. Trust That You Can Make This Work 3 Lessons

7 Chapters

Part 2: Sustaining Your Long Distance Relationship

You can't stay in the honeymoon stage of your relationship forever, and the end of the honeymoon stage is when real work begins.

Now that you have established the groundwork for your long distance relationship, it is important to acknowledge that keeping the romance alive requires constant effort and hard work from both sides of the relationship. The following chapters will tackle the daily grind of long distance romances from the mundane to the intimate to the difficult. All aiming to help you go through the days away from each other, These chapters will prepare you for the real life ahead.

A. Ways to Show Appreciation in a Long Distance Relationship 1 Lesson

C. How to Cope with Long Distance Relationship Depression 1 Lesson

D. Now What: The Real Work Begins Now 4 Lessons

E. Life-Saving Tips for How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship 1 Lesson

F. Showing Support to your Long Distance Partner 4 Lessons

4 Chapters

Part 3: Challenges, Pitfalls, and Cautionary Tales

Despite the best efforts, sometimes relationships fail. It is an unfortunate and painful part of anyone's life. However, it is just as important to recognize challenges if you are to avoid them.

The following chapters will help you recognize the challenges of a long distance relationship and identify the pitfalls that most long distance romances fall into. By tackling these difficult topics, this book hopes to help you avoid the pitfalls that many long distance relationships have gone through.

A. Why Long-Distance Relationships Fail 1 Lesson

B. Long distance relationship sucks? How to cope with anxiety in an LDR 1 Lesson

D. How to End a Long-distance Relationship 1 Lesson

How to End a Long-distance Relationship

/ Advice/ By Jennifer Craig

5 Chapters

Part 4: Your Happy Ever After

You have gone through the tough times, made difficult decisions along the way, and put in the hard work to sustain your long distance romance. Now what?.


Despite the unconventional setting, a lot of long distance relationships actually succeed and couples move on to start a different part of their lives together. This part of the book celebrates this success as it represents all the challenges you faced and overcame as a couple. As this book ends, let the chapters guide you through that happy end of long distances and on to a hopeful beginning of a new life together, finally as one.

What Distance Can’t Give You 1 Lesson

What Distance Can’t Give You

Closing the distance/ By Brittany Davies

Eight Things to Talk About and Consider Before Moving for Love 1 Lesson

What Happens After Closing the Distance 1 Lesson

What Happens After Closing the Distance

Advice / Closing the distance/ By Christa

That Big Decision 2 Lessons

Planning a Long-Distance Engagement Party

Advice / Closing the distance/ By Christa

You’re Engaged to Your LDR Lover … What’s Next? 1 Lesson

You’re Engaged to Your LDR Lover … What’s Next?

Closing the distance/ By Amanda Maria