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Each blog post should be at least 800 words. Don’t submit a post you’ve already written. If you use a previous post as a jumping-off point, rewrite the introduction, add new content, etc. When appropriate, include subheads to break the piece into digestible sections. Include an open­-ended question at the end of the post to get our readers engaging with you and one another. Include an attention-grabbing headline. Include your byline, which includes your name and where you live. Also include any links to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, books, etc.


Posts must include a header image as well as one image in the body of the post. With your draft, please include at least one photo of you and your significant other. However, if you don’t have an image you’d like to share, find an image from an open-­source website, such as Pixabay or Wiki Commons. Send us the link to the image source when you submit your post. All images must be royalty­-free. Photos should be at least 480 x 240 pixels.

Voice & Tone Considerations

Blog posts should be positive and encouraging but also real about the challenges associated with long­-distance relationships. Posts combine personal experiences with sound relationship advice. The writing is punchy and authentic. Ideas are clear and flow logically and smoothly. The post should sound natural, human and engaging. The post uses language that is interesting, colorful and authentic. Cliches and grandiose, empty statements are to be avoided.


Our editor will be reading and editing all posts for basic content and formatting. We reserve the right to change things slightly on your post without letting you know. However, we won’t make any major changes without asking you.


When your post is published, please share the post with your own communities. Write a short introduction about your own that directs to your guest post on, and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.


We accept submissions through email. Send your submission as a Word document and the photos to our editor at [email protected]

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