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Fun Things To Do Online With Your Long-Distance Partner

Being in a long-distance relationship, I can only meet my man in person once a year. That being said, there are a lot of common couple things that we are yet to do while being separated. Going to the movies is a luxury for us, so does having a nice meal together. So how do we keep our relationship exciting?

Lucky for us, the internet has made it a lot easier to do activities together nowadays. This month, I will share some of my favorite online activities that my man and I like to do.

Watch a movie together

A movie night, without doubt, is one of the most common couple activities. There are a lot of ways to actually watch a movie together. All you need is a fast and stable internet connection, and then you can choose a service that you like. I’m not sure of how many services are there that you can use to watch a movie online together with your significant other, but to me, the most common ones are Rabbit and Watch2Gether. Both offer free service to share your screen with another person so you can use it to stream your favorite TV show or movie together with your significant other.

Ever since I discovered those services, movie nights have become a routine for me and my man. We like to watch our favorite TV shows together at least once a week on the weekend, and if we happen to have more time, we can use the time to watch a longer movie.

Take a tour together

I think it is important to open up my world to my man. That includes showing him my neighborhood, or the places that I often go in the city where I live. Before he visited my city, I used to take him on a tour around my neighborhood with the help of Google Maps.

Yes, it is really simple and you can actually do it with your smart phones if you have Google Map installed. What I did was just type in the address of the place that I wanted to show him, turn on street view and you can navigate through, as if both of you were walking together. Ask your significant other to do it for you too, this way both of you can get a glimpse of each other’s neighborhood before finally being there when you make that visit. Call me a hopeless romantic but I found this activity very sweet and fun at the same time!

Play games together

There are a lot of games that can be fun for you to play with your significant other. I am originally not a gamer, but we tried to play games together once and I loved it. Playing games together can definitely kill boredom and both of you can have fun together.

Be creative together

One of the things that my man and I like to do is singing. None of us are professional singers and we’re far from auditioning for a talent show, but singing happens to be an activity that we both love. Recently, I found that there are a lot of websites for you to do online karaoke together. We tried it before and think that it was so fun. Some websites even offer a battle session so you can unleash your competitive side with your significant other.

Another way to be creative is to draw together. Google Hangout has a feature to create doodles during a hangout. There are also websites like Flockdraw where you can draw together in real time. Perhaps this is worth to try and you can create your own piece of art!

Last but not least, you can also try to keep a blog together. Start a website and use it to document your journey. Take turns in writing the post and you’ll be amazed of the interesting stories that come out! Or even better, you can try video blogging and share each other a glimpse of your daily lives.

Learn more about each other

Don’t let distance keep you from reaching a deeper connection. Take the time apart to actually get to know each other better, use the resources online to do so. You can take fun quizzes together, or take turns in asking some questions, ranging from silly ones to the more serious and deep ones.

Use the quizzes or questions as a starting point to tell each other stories. For example, you can take a quiz about 90s music and then share stories about your childhood or life during that era. Just be prepared to have an open mind, don’t be shy, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to explore and elaborate!

Those are 5 fun things that I like to do with my man on our online dates. Have you done any of the activities before? Feel free to share your thoughts and also your recommendations in the comment box below! 

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