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Why Celebrating Letter Writing Day is Good For Your LDR

This year, world letter writing day is celebrated globally on September 1st. It is a day where people around the world send hand-written letters to their loved ones or even strangers! When was the last time you send a hand-written letter to someone? I know that we are so used to technology and we think […]

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8 Things That Make Your Long Distance Relationship Special

A lot of people think that a long-distance relationship is a waste of time, and they also think that it brings more disappointment than happiness. Of course, I have to agree to disagree with them. As someone who has been in a long-distance relationship for more than a year now, I truly believe that long-distance […]

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5 Amazing Apps For Long Distance Couples to Download Right Now

I seriously can’t imagine how people did long-distance relationship before the internet. I remember the early days of my LDR, back in 2011. At that time, we didn’t have smartphones and the only way we could send messages was through Blackberry phone. We had our laptops and internet in our homes, but still, without smartphones, […]

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Celebrating Milestones in a Long-Distance Relationship

It was a bright day, I was on my way to a work event, sitting in a taxi. It was a busy day, but I managed to keep in contact with my long-distance boyfriend. We were exchanging texts and were in a middle of a conversation about happiness. I told him my work makes me […]

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Conversation Starters for LDR Chats

Being in a long-distance relationship means that you spend most of your time just talking to each other. Of course, it’s only understandable if you sometimes found yourself having nothing to talk about! This situation can be irritating and lead to more problems. I’ve been in a situation with my significant other where we ran out […]

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long distance movie night

Feel Closer in Your LDR with a Long Distance Movie Night

A long distance relationship sees a myriad of emotions come and go, one of those is the feeling of missing your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend? A long distance relationship (LDR) is tough on both parties. But when you care about each other, you find ways to make it work. One of these is a […]

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LDR holiday

Planning an Unforgettable Holiday with Your LDR Partner

Who doesn’t love going on a holiday? It’s just the perfect time to rest and relax, away from your daily routine. Holidays are even more special if you are going to spend it with your LDR partner because that’s probably the only time you got to meet after spending some time apart. In this article, […]

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Inspirational Quotes About How to Make a Long-distance Relationship Work

There is a lot of stigma associated with being with someone who doesn’t live in the same city as you. One of the worst parts of being involved with someone who lives far away is that the relationship is often looked at negatively, as people often question and doubt the longevity. Long-distance relationships aren’t meant for […]

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Three Great Long Distance Relationship Movies

I don’t know why, but when I’m sad or going through a breakup, instead of listening to happy music, I actually like listening to sad music, especially if I can find one that makes me feel as if it’s specifically written about what I’m going through. The sadder the better! Some might think that if you’re […]

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Best Apps for LDR Couples to Watch Videos in Sync

Don’t miss out on the ability to watch movies together online because of distance. Apps for long-distance movie night exist! Do stuff via your WiFi connection and be together even when you’re not. Technology is amazing, and there are services out there that make long-distance relationships a little simpler. Whether you want to watchtogether online, streamogether, […]

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