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Limited Access: What Distance Can’t Give You

Distance — what a memory! Not my fondest one, but definitely one I would never trade a second for. Jared and I met 11 years ago when he would come up to my hometown in western New York to visit his grandparents for the summer. He was 14, and I was 15. Raised in Louisiana, Jared […]

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Eight Things to Talk About and Consider Before Moving for Love

Are you and your long-distance lover about to take that final step? Are you closing the gap? For good? Well, congratulations! You’ve made it! You’ve made it through the miles, the late-night texts, the mail packages, the too-short visits and the Skype dates. You did it. You’re finally going to close that gap and be […]

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How to Plan a Stress-free Vacation with Your Long-distance Love

My long-distance love and I recently got married. It was a magical weekend with family, good food and lots of love. The official date of us closing the distance will be January 2017 (that’s eight months away!), but I in the next coming months, I am slowly moving to Australia where my husband, Don, lives. […]

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Six Tips For Making The Most Of Your Visit

The time has finally come. You’re finally jumping on the plane to see your loved one. One of the greatest things about being in a long-distance relationship is the anticipation of making the trip to see your significant other. Truth be told, sometimes these trips don’t happen for months, or even years, but counting down […]

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Six Packing Tips for a Memorable Long-distance Visit

After all of those text messages, phone calls and emails, it’s finally time to go. The six countdown apps on your phone and the widget that counts down the seconds on your computer’s home screen have finally hit zero. You thought the moment would never arrive, but it’s here. It’s time. But what do you wear? […]

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Travel Tips for Long-distance Relationships

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, you learn a thing or two about traveling. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that it is expensive. I usually have to save a couple months worth of paychecks before I can even think about going to see my significant other. But when you are in a long-distance relationship, […]

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Four Tips for Having the Perfect Homecoming

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost four years. It’s the longest relationship both one of us has ever been in, and honestly, we are still madly in love with each other. My friends often wonder how we are managing, and my answer is always the same: “We just do it.” I often don’t […]

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