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You’re Engaged to Your LDR Lover … What’s Next?

Congratulations! You are now one step ahead as you are now engaged to your significant other. It seems like you have proved that distance is nothing but a small obstacle that you both managed to overcome. However, this is not the end of your journey just yet. You still have to deal with the distance, […]

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long distance movie night

Feel Closer in Your LDR with a Long Distance Movie Night

A long distance relationship sees a myriad of emotions come and go, one of those is the feeling of missing your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend? A long distance relationship (LDR) is tough on both parties. But when you care about each other, you find ways to make it work. One of these is a […]

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What Happens After Closing the Distance

Congratulations! You now have successfully passed all the hurdles of a long distance relationship and managed to close the distance. I understand that closing the distance is nowhere easy, but I have to tell you that closing the distance is actually just the beginning of another important stage of your relationship. After Closing the Distance […]

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8 Things to Consider Before Making a Difficult Decision with Your Partner

Every relationship usually progresses with different stages. Normally, it will start with honeymoon period. This is when the relationship is new and the couple is just trying to enjoy the chemistry between them. However, there must come a time when the honeymoon period is over and there are more serious issues to settle with your […]

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Celebrate New Year as LDR Couple

Starting a Fresh New Year for the Long – Distance Relationship

2016 seemed to fly by so fast and we are now in the first month of 2017 already. To most people, the New Year often means change. Often it also means a fresh start. To me, I like to take the New Year as a moment to reflect and have a fresh start for my […]

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Melding Traditions – Sharing Holiday Celebrations

Being apart during the holiday season is the absolute worst. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. This year is different for me: I will be spending Christmas and New Year with my partner in person! I would like to give some tips on how to celebrate the holidays so that nobody feels left out of […]

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Planning a Long-Distance Engagement Party

After three years of being in a long-distance relationship with my amazing man, our engagement became official last month. A proposal happened (but that’s a story for another day…), and then we decided to have an engagement party in my hometown. This was to introduce us as a couple to our closest family and friends. […]

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Ideal Christmas Gifts for Your Long Distance Relationship

The Christmas season is extremely dependent upon time spent with family, friends and loved ones for special events and other holiday celebrations. Therefore, being in a long distance relationship during the holidays is horribly lonely. Being out of town and alone make the holidays stressful on your long distance relationship, with frustrations often expressed against one […]

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Don’t Mask Your Feelings: How to Be Truthful in an LDR without Hurting

Have you ever been in a situation where you are really feeling all the feelings in the world, but you just can’t let them out because you are afraid you’ll be judged or that your feelings will hurt somebody else’s? I’m sure you have, at some point in your life. An LDR poses a bigger […]

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Fun Things To Do Online With Your Long-Distance Partner

Being in a long-distance relationship, I can only meet my man in person once a year. That being said, there are a lot of common couple things that we are yet to do while being separated. Going to the movies is a luxury for us, so does having a nice meal together. So how do […]

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