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LDR Couple’s Guide to Finding Cheap Flights

Every LDR couples must agree that traveling is an inevitable part of a long distance relationship. Based on my observation, most LDR couples at least travel twice a year to see each other. Of course, with traveling comes the expenses. Hence, in this LDR couples guide to finding cheap flights, I will share some tips based on my own experience.

No doubt, traveling is expensive. The cost can get lower if you travel by car or ground public transportation. However, some of us don’t actually have the luxury to choose our method of traveling because the only way possible is traveling by air. I’m one of them. Because my man and I are separated by oceans and continents, there’s no other possible way to travel except by air.

Ever since the beginning of our relationship, we have agreed to take it easy. We understand that it’s not easy for us to meet, so we did not force each other to hop on that flight every long weekend or so. Instead, we always carefully plan our meetings, so when we travel to meet each other, it can be memorable and hassle free. By doing careful planning, we also managed to learn some trick or two in finding cheap flights, and I’m going to share it with you!

Don’t rely on a single sour​​​​ce

When searching for a cheap flights, we normally rely on a search engine to find it. However, relying on a single search engine is not the best way to find the cheapest way possible! Do a careful research and search the cheapest fare in a combination of different search engines, such as Google Flights, Kayak, Skyscanner, and others. That way you can get a various range of prices and choose the base fare for you

Sign up for a frequent flyer program

Because I am originally not a traveler, at first I did not know the benefits of joining a frequent flyer program. However, being in a long distance relationship sort of forces me to become a traveler. That’s when I learned the benefits of joining a frequent flyer program.

By signing up for a frequent flyer program, you can start the path to get free flights. Apart from that, you can also get free upgrades and other rewarding perks. I know it usually will take some time to build up your miles, but some airlines even have special perks for their frequent flyer program members regardless of the amount of miles you got.

I still have quite a long way to go in collecting some miles, but at least I have enjoyed the benefit of a getting my flight upgraded once.  Plus, with my frequent flyer membership, I can enjoy the comfort of waiting in airport lounges during my transit, that way I can relax during my flights and arrive feeling refreshed. You know how tiring long-distance flights can get, right?

Keep an eye for those promotions

Nowadays, I believe that promotions are everywhere, it’s just a matter of how we can find it. I would suggest for you to sign up for airlines’ mailing list so that you won’t miss whenever the airline of your choice is having a big sale. There is also no harm in following travel-related social media accounts, or more specifically those of your preferred airline. They usually post regular updates on their service and also any promotions that they are doing. That way, you will always be updated and won’t miss a good deal.

Book early, but not that early

Based on my experience, I found that booking as early as possible may not be the best way to find cheap flights, especially if you are not traveling during peak season. There was this one time where I thought I found a cheap ticket to the US (where my man lives) even though it was still more than 6 months before my traveling dates, so I booked it immediately. I thought the price was the best, but then I found out that the same flight got discounted to an even cheaper rate later on!

After I did some more research and also did some trial and error, I have found out that the best time to book cheap flights is around 3 months before your travel dates. This means if you made any plans to travel in less than 3 months, just buy the cheapest rate that you can find. But if you still have more than 3 months until your travel dates, I would suggest to wait and spend more time to check out the promotions out there. You don’t want to miss out a good deal, do you?

Those are my tips to find cheap flights. Over time, I have found those tips to be useful in finding cheap flights for me to meet my LDR love. Don’t forget to also check out a useful tip about traveling here. As always, I welcome your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy cheap flights hunting!


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