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How to Spend Valentines Day: Long Distance Relationship Edition

Long-distance couples don’t often get to pick when they see each other. They have to wait until their schedules match up, and that usually doesn’t coincide with special days like birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. So what are long-distance couples to do when that day—the one day that is made for lovers, the one day that couples spend with their arms around each other—rolls around every year? Look no further because here are long distance valentines day ideas for you!

No one wants to celebrate a long-distance Valentine’s Day. I used to cry my eyes out when I spent Valentine’s Day without my love. It can make us feel sad, depressed, defeated, heartbroken, and in some cases, it can make us want to give up completely and look for a partner that doesn’t live far away. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Now, how to spend valentine day long distance relationship? I’ve come to the understanding that Valentine’s Day isn’t about celebrating the love in our relationship only one day each year. Love is worth celebrating every day. You can celebrate V-Day a million different ways. Here are seven ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day even when you’re miles away from your loved one.

Cry into a pint of ice cream


I’m not the girl who is going to tell you to keep your chin up. Have a good cry if you’re feeling like it. Let it out because yes, it hurts. Eat your emotions away with a pint—just a pint—but then dry your eyes, get up and go on. Put on some makeup, fix your hair and video chat your lover!

Go in to eat


Schedule a video chat and order your favorite takeout. Light candles, and play slow jams in the background.

Call yourself cupid


Be the first voice your lover hears when they wake up in the morning and the last voice they hear when they go to bed at night. You might be doing this most days already, but maybe your voice isn’t always the first or the last they hear each day. On Valentine’s Day, make it a point to be the first and last.

Send a surprise


Surprise your special someone with wine and chocolate. Find a reliable delivery service or ask a trusted friend or family member to deliver your lover’s favorite wine and a box of delectable of chocolates.

Make a movie


Make a collection of “sweet nothing” videos to give to your man to watch. Think of them as the modern day handwritten love letter. Handwritten notes are amazing, but nothing beats seeing your face and hearing your voice. Give the videos to your partner to watch in the days leading up to the holiday or at specific times throughout Valentine’s Day.

Watch a movie


Queue up your favorite romantic comedy, and watch it together. There are many services that allow you to watch videos together in real time, such as CyTube, InstaSynch and MyCircle TV.

Pick a different day


Make any day Valentine’s Day. With long-distance relationships, we have to become masters of fitting things into schedules and making the best of the time we do have with our partner. Valentine’s Day is no different. Postpone the holiday, and pick another day to celebrate.

No matter how you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, forget about the distance, and enjoy what you do have. Express to your partner what he means to you, and love each other however possible.

How do you celebrate V-Day when you can’t be with your significant other?  What have you found to be the most rewarding ways to spend special days when you can’t be together? Give us your insights on how to spend valentine day long distance relationship.

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